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Hanson Co. bridge closed after tractor crash

ALEXANDRIA — Approximately $40,000 in damages were caused to a bridge on 255th Street last week in Hanson County and an unknown amount of manure spilled into the creek after a tractor trailer broke loose and landed in the ditch over a creek, according to the Hanson County Sheriff's Department.

The tractor operator was coming down the hill, traveling west on 255th between 423rd Avenue and 424th Avenue, when the tractor pulling a liquid manure spreader began to sway. The tractor went over the guardrail into the south side of the ditch, while the manure spreader landed in the creek on the north side, causing the bridge to partially collapse.

Hanson County Emergency Management responded to the crash, which occurred at about 5:45 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 31. An unknown amount of spilled manure was pumped out of the creek and spread on land, said Hanson County Emergency Manager Kevin Kayser.

The road could remain closed for repairs until the spring, said Kayser.

The driver of the tractor was insured and his insurance company is working with officials to fund the repair of the bridge, according to the sheriff's department. Because it was deemed accidental, the driver of the tractor will not be cited. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources was also on scene due to the manure leaking into the creek.

No one was injured, and officials are not naming the driver of the tractor because he was not cited.