It’s snowing in South Dakota. A lot of snow.

Western and northwestern parts of the state are in Winter Weather Warnings from the National Weather Service. One report said Deadwood has already received 22.5 inches of snow.

The South Dakota Department of Transportation announced the closure of Interstate 90 on Tuesday night. It opened back up at 2 p.m. Mountain time Wednesday. Officials are reminding any motorist traveling in western South Dakota to wear your seat belt; drive with headlights on; not to use cruise control and keep a winter weather survival kit on your car.

Luckily no snow in Mitchell on Wednesday, when the town saw a 43 mph wind gust.

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So when is snow going to eastern South Dakota? Let’s hope it stays off for a while. The National Weather Service in Sioux Falls shows no snow in the seven-day forecast for Mitchell, with highs in the 70s on Sunday and Monday. Get outside, enjoy the weather!

SD Education secretary visiting Mitchell

Tiffany Sanderson will be visiting Mitchell next week.

Sanderson, the South Dakota Department of Education secretary, will be the guest speaker during noon Lions Club meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 19 on the campus of Dakota Wesleyan University.

The Mitchell Republic will be livestreaming the meeting for those who cannot attend.

On Wednesday, the Department of Education said South Dakota’s average ACT composite score for 2021 was 21.6, compared to the national average of 20.3. The composite score reflects sub-scores across the subjects of English, math, reading and science. ACT is a commonly recognized college entrance exam.

“It goes without saying how challenging the 2020-21 school year was, as schools and students navigated the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Secretary of Education Tiffany Sanderson. “Despite those challenges, South Dakota’s 2021 graduates stayed focused on their postsecondary goals, took the ACT in impressive numbers, and continued to earn good scores.”

A look ‘Back in Time’

Back in Time
Back in Time

This 1937 picture of Second and Main Streets shows two interesting additions on the roof of the building at 200 N. Main St. (the northeast corner of Second and Main). In those days, it was called the Essex Building and was owned by the Logan family. When Nelson Logan built the Roxy Theatre on Lawler Street, he was competing with the Paramount and Time theaters both located on Main Street. To give the Roxy a Main Street presence, Logan built the roof sign spelling ROXY in neon letters with a neon arrow pointing toward the Roxy. The sign went up in the mid-30s and stayed until the mid-1960s when the wood framework became weak with age.

The glass structure was an announcing booth for a public address system to announce the show at the Roxy to the crowds on Main Street and lure them to the Roxy. This was especially effective during Corn Palace Week when thousands of people crowded the midway each day.

Joe Martin was a high school age usher working at the Roxy. Logan put him in the booth one Corn Palace Week to do the announcing. Joe Martin always credited this as his first announcing job. He went on to work for WNAX Radio in Yankton where he became known as Jolly Joe Martin. His radio career continued well into the 1980s in Omaha. Martin also appeared in the television mini-series “Amerika.” Roxy assistant manager and sign painter Cliff “Bubby” Knoll would also announce in the booth doing an impression of national radio commentator Walter Winchell.

The booth was damaged by a windstorm and came down a few years after this picture was taken. The P.A. system on the building was revived in the early 1960s with the announcer sitting in the second floor offices. It was replaced by a larger system of six stadium speakers on a 50-foot tower on the top of the Roxy building. Today the top of the building appears clean of all speakers. (Photo courtesy of the Mitchell Area Historical Society)

Today in South Dakota history

On Oct. 13, 1804, the Lewis and Clark Expedition left what is now South Dakota after spending 54 days in the state.

Brookings special education teacher honored

Stephanie Ballard, a special education teacher at George S. Mickelson Middle School in Brookings, has been named the 2022 South Dakota Teacher of the Year. Secretary of Education Tiffany Sanderson made the announcement Tuesday evening at a banquet at the Drifters Event Center in Fort Pierre.

“The Teacher of the Year recognition is much more than an award,” said Secretary of Education Tiffany Sanderson. “Over the coming year, Stephanie will become South Dakota’s ‘teacher ambassador,’ advocating for the profession and for students. At the national level, she will network with colleagues, sharing her expertise and bringing back valuable insights to South Dakota.”

Ballard succeeds Amanda Hargreaves, a sixth-grade science and English teacher for the Mitchell School District.

And, last but not least …

In celebration of our annual Hunting Guide's release in today’s print edition, here are a couple outdoors photos shot by Mitchell Republic Editor Luke Hagen.

A golden eagle swoops over a crane. (Luke Hagen / Republic)
A golden eagle swoops over a crane. (Luke Hagen / Republic)


The South Dakota sunrise on duck opener. (Luke Hagen / Republic)
The South Dakota sunrise on duck opener. (Luke Hagen / Republic)


Scout, the editor's black lab, retrieves a Canada goose in a chopped corn field.
Scout, the editor's black lab, retrieves a Canada goose in a chopped corn field.