BUFFALO, S.D. — The Silver Alert on an 87-year-old western South Dakota woman has been cancelled after authorities say she was found alive and in relatively good health.

According to Harding County Sheriff Wyatt Sabo, Clara Mae Braun was found Thursday, Sept. 19 around 9:20 a.m. by a farmer south of Mott, N.D., which is roughly 110 miles north from her home in Buffalo.

Sabo says Braun was found lying by her vehicle, which was stuck in a field, and he suspects she had likely been there since shortly after she had last been reported seen, which was at 6:30 a.m. Monday, Sept. 16.

"She had run out of gas," said Sabo, who was not only happy for her family but personally happy, as he's known Braun all his life.

"I knew she was a tough 'ol gal," said Sabo, who also knew well that as time went on and there was no activity on her credit cards and her cell phone was shut off, the situation became increasingly worrisome. "I knew she had to be somewhere where nobody really went or could see," he added.

Sabo credits the Silver Alert with saving Braun, as leads came in that helped authorities narrow down their search area significantly. He says a couple of tips had search crews re-routing their efforts closer to the city of Mott and the Hettinger County area, where a reverse 9-1-1 call was sent out to residents alerting them that Braun could be in their area, which turned out to be correct.

Sabo says Braun was likely very confused during her ordeal and remains confused, but is said to be doing okay.

"We can all finally sleep," he said. "It's been 24-7 since Monday, and we're all just happy she's been found."

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