The second segment of construction on South Burr Street is nearing completion as scheduled, and traffic in both directions is expected to open up Monday despite recent low temperatures delaying the pouring of concrete.

According to Project Manager Dave Harms of T&R Contracting, the Sioux Falls-based company working with the South Dakota Department of Transportation on the project, one northbound and one southbound lane will be open to traffic from Interstate 90 to just past Spruce Street.

One of the final steps in this stage of the project is to put in curb and gutter along the road. Once that has been completed, the additional north- and southbound lanes will be opened to traffic. In the coming weeks, traffic signals will be added.

Before next week, painting will be done on the southbound lanes.

Harms said that weather conditions at both the beginning and now the end of the second stage of Burr Street construction made working as planned difficult, but the project is still on schedule.

"April and May was tough. Then last week, being 20 degrees below normal, it was tough for us to pour concrete," Harms said.

Construction workers were unable to work on days when the temperature was less than 30 degrees, losing the equivalent of a week in total.

"We tried to do whatever we could that didn't involve pouring concrete," Harms said of the especially cold days in recent weeks.

This stage of the $15 million Burr Street renovations is the second of three. The reconstruction of the street from Interstate 90 north to Havens Avenue was completed last year, and next year, permanent striping of the paving done in the first two stages will be completed.