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Mitchell School District, MTI and JPII starting two hours late

When's Burr construction going to end?

As summer turns to fall, Phase II of the Burr Street reconstruction project in Mitchell is also changing gears.

The northbound lanes in the project are scheduled to be completed Sunday, and the state Department of Transportation plans to switch the traffic from the southbound lanes over to the northbound lanes by Monday.

The project remains on time, according to officials, with the bulk of this year's construction is scheduled to be completed by Nov. 16. The work includes the reconstruction of Burr Street from Interstate 90 south past Spruce Street and expands about 500 feet beyond Walmart.

Burr Street is the connecting road for Interstate 90's Exit 332, one of the two exits into Mitchell, which makes clear communication for drivers and visitors a priority.

"There are a lot of different traffic movements and we try to make it less confusing in the problem areas," said Rick Brandner, a transportation project engineer at the South Dakota Department of Transportation. "It is never an ideal situation but we want to make it run as smooth as possible."

Construction is already being done on the southbound lanes south of East Spruce Street, along with water main work west of Burr Street on Spruce. Brandner's main focus is to get traffic on to the new concrete by mid-November. Phase I of the project was finished in 2017, with Burr being reconstructed from Havens Avenue to Interstate 90.

Crews will still be working on the green spaces and sidewalks, unless a snowstorm causes a shut down. Seeding of the green spaces is not scheduled until spring of next year and permanent striping will be finalized the spring of 2019.

The share of the city of Mitchell's cost is $1 million of the $15.7 million total cost for the project. The primary contractor is T&R Contracting of Sioux Falls, with some of the work starting in November 2017.

Reconstruction work for the Burr Street project includes grading, water main, storm sewer, concrete pavement with curb and gutter, sidewalks, roadway lighting and signal upgrades.

Brandner encourages drivers to be patient during this final stage of the construction process, to obey traffic signs, watch out for workers, and slow down.