PIERRE - State government used about the same amount of ethanol-blended fuels in 2017 as in previous years, the governor's director of policy and operations said Friday.

Nathan Sanderson said 2.3 million gallons were put in gas tanks of cars, pickups, SUVs and other passenger vehicles during calendar 2017.

They traveled nearly 38.2 million miles, he said.

Numbers for the prior three years were:

2.5 million gallons and nearly 38 million miles in 2014; 2.3 million gallons and more than 38.2 million miles in 2015; and 2.5 million gallons and more than 38.1 million miles in 2016.

The state Bureau of Administration issued a corrected news release Friday afternoon.

Ethanol is available at 95 different state fueling sites across South Dakota, according the Commissioner Scott Bollinger.

He said there are E-30 pumps at state fueling sites in Sioux Falls, Pierre and Brookings. Recent decreases in ethanol prices have made E-30 a viable cost-savings option, according to Bollinger.

Sixty-five percent of state vehicles use an ethanol-blended fuel.

"South Dakota is a national leader when it comes to utilizing ethanol in its state vehicle fleet," Bollinger said in the release. "Ethanol helps our agriculture community, burns cleaner and is saving us money."