In the final District 20 cracker barrel of the year, Reps. Lance Carson and Tona Rozum offered their final goodbyes as state legislators.

Carson kicked off the forum Friday at Mitchell City Hall by announcing he won't run for re-election. The Mitchell Republican has served 10 non-consecutive years in the S.D. House of Representatives and is often looked to for his appropriations insight.

"I think I've done a nice job - I didn't say I did an excellent job - but I think I did a nice job," Carson joked.

Also a Mitchell Republican, Rozum is term-limited out of the House. Like Carson, she took some time following her eight years of public service to express her appreciation for the people of Aurora, Davison and Jerauld counties.

"I do want to say thank you to everybody," Rozum said. "It's been wonderful serving you."

State Sen. Joshua Klumb, a Mount Vernon Republican who is on track to be the only continuing legislator for the district, also expressed his appreciation for the duo's work for the state.

"I just also, I want to reiterate my profound respect for my colleagues here that I've had the privilege of serving with," Klumb said.

But it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows on Friday, as the trio discussed their priorities as they wrap up the session this month.

One of Rozum's priorities is finding additional support for community service providers (CSP) like LifeQuest in Mitchell. And she's hoping to reserve a large chunk of the possible $18 million available to put toward CSPs.

"You all know that my push has been for $5.87 million for our community support providers, being LifeQuest," Rozum said. "I'm hoping on Sunday night I'll see a breakdown of actual numbers rather than just one group of community based providers."

Carson, a member of the Appropriations Committee, was the one who threw out the $18 million figure as legislators wrap up budget talks. And he expects some long nights ahead at the Capitol in Pierre.

Klumb said he's interested to see if or how a multi-million precision agriculture project at South Dakota State University in Brookings would be funded. But he's uncertain how it will all shake out.

Entering the weekend, only six more days remain on the legislative calendar to resolve these issues and more.