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Wagner man gets no jail time for failing to stop at officers' signal

The Wagner Police Department. (Republic file photo)

WAGNER — A man who accused Wagner police officers of excessive force will not face jail time for failing to stop his vehicle at their command, according to officials.

On Tuesday, Raymond Cournoyer pleaded guilty to failure to stop at the signal of a law enforcement officer, stemming from a September 2017 incident in which he did not stop a vehicle he was driving in Wagner "when given a visual or audible signal to bring the vehicle to a stop," according to court documents.

Cournoyer claims he did not stop because he was in a rush to see his "dying mother," who resides at a Wagner nursing home. When he arrived at the nursing home, he failed to comply with commands and was Tased and pulled to the ground.

The case garnered statewide attention when Cournoyer claimed officers used excessive force while arresting him for the charge.

The incident was investigated, and no charges were filed against the officers involved in the arrest.

Cournoyer was sentenced to 10 days in jail with all 10 days suspended, and ordered to pay all court and attorney fees. He was also ordered to obey all laws and have no like offenses through August.

The maximum sentence for the crime, a misdemeanor, is up to 30 days in jail.