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Winner officer sustains concussion in altercation

A Winner Police Department vehicle. (Republic file photo)

WINNER — Several people were arrested after a Winner Police Officer sustained a concussion when a suspect struck him in the head.

On Dec. 30, Winner officers were dispatched to the Wagon Wheel trailer park for an assault, and upon arrival witnessed a woman with swelling in her face. When talking to the woman, she said Kaneisha Baugh struck her in the face because she told Baugh to feed her baby, according to court documents.

While talking to the women, the officer heard another officer raising his voice while speaking to a male in a different room. The officer went to help and observed Loren Running Horse throwing a punch at Officer Dan Furness. Furness dodged the punch, but was struck by a second punch in the shoulder and neck area.

Running Horse continued to disobey commands to stop resisting arrest, so he was Tased. Running Horse continued to fight and was Tased a second time, at which time he stopped fighting, according to court documents.

An ambulance then arrived and took the victim who was struck by Baugh to the hospital, and the Department of Social Services was called to remove the infant from the scene.

Officers also found marijuana joints in a bag possessed by Baugh.

While waiting for DSS, officers located Shawn Black Bear in a closet. Black Bear said his father, Running Horse, had locked him in the closet before police arrived so he wouldn't be arrested. He was arrested for a Tripp County warrant.

Running Horse was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and assaulting a law enforcement officer. Baugh was arrested for simple assault, trespassing, possession of less than 2 ounces of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

While working the scene, Officer Furness advised he was having fuzzy vision in his eye from being hit by Running Horse and went home to rest. He was later transported to the Winner hospital and diagnosed with a concussion.