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Emma, Jackson top baby names in Sanford Health system

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Emma was the most popular name for newborn girls at Sanford Health’s 44 hospitals in 2017, while Jackson topped the list for boys.

The other top four names were Lillian (Lily), Abigail (Abby), Nora (Norah) and Harper.

For boys, the other top four names were Grayson (Greyson), Henry, Liam and Theodore.

Emma and Jackson were also the most popular name across the health system in 2015.

Emma returns to the top spot after ranking third in 2016. Jackson, also commonly spelled Jaxon, did not rank in the top five in 2016. Harper and William were the most popular names last year.

Sanford Health is one of the largest health-care systems in the nation, with nearly 300 clinics in nine states and four countries in addition to the 44 hospitals, mostly in the upper Midwest.