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WATCH: Warm temperatures turn West Battle Lake from skating rink to 'chandelier ice'

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BATTLE LAKE, Minn. - The region's recent string of warmer temperatures has turned a Minnesota lake from pure glass into a loud, shattered mess.

Lisa Malmstrom, who lives on West Battle Lake, posted a video to her Facebook page Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 29, showing the shores of the lake filling up with what she refers to in her post as "millions of ice diamonds."

It was only a few days ago, Malmstrom says, that the lake was still holding onto its initial layer of ice, but that all changed on Wednesday with a combination of warmer weather and high winds. 

"It's been so loud on our shore all day," Malmstrom said. "Mother nature is a force."

In the video, you can clearly hear the sounds of shattering ice as waves force it towards the shoreline.

"We call it chandelier ice," Malmstrom said.

According to the National Weather Service, temperatures near Battle Lake are expected to be at or above the freezing mark for much of the next four days, with high temperatures reaching 43 degrees throughout the weekend.

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