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Mitchell School District, MTI and JPII starting two hours late

Mitchell marching band wins class, places fifth overall in competition

The Mitchell High School Marching Band performed at Marshall High School on Saturday evening. (Photo courtesy of Ryan Stahle)

MARSHALL, Minn.— Third time's another charm.

For the third consecutive year, the Mitchell High School marching band earned first place in the Crimson Class of the Pursuit of Excellence Marching Competition.

On Saturday, bands from Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota performed at the Southwest Minnesota State University's Mattke Field in Marshall, Minnesota.

Mitchell won first place in its class division and received the fifth-highest score of the 20 bands competing.

"They played their hearts out," said Ryan Stahle, Mitchell High School band director. "I think what people do not see is the training and practice these kids do. This was the best run they had all season."

The Mitchell marching band also earned awards for best brass, best woodwinds and best general effect. The band's next performance will be at the Big Sioux Review on Saturday at the Brandon Valley Athletic Complex.