For Mitchell drivers who don't watch their speed, a set of new radar signs will watch it for them.

Seven LED radar signs will be installed this month around city parks and schools. Each sign displays two messages, "Thank you" when the driver is following the correct speed limit and "Slow down" when the driver is going too fast.

The signs are meant to be a reminder to drivers to be more cautious especially when driving in areas where children may be present.

"The hope is that positive reinforcement for the driver will result in safer driving practices," said Mitchell Chief of Public Safety Lyndon Overweg.

Five of the seven signs are solar-operated and moveable. During the summer months, the signs will be located by Pioneer Park, Hitchcock Park and Patton-Young Park. Two signs will be permanently located by Longfellow Elementary School and the L.B. Williams Elementary School. Other locations for the other signs will be determined later this month by the Mitchell Public Safety Center.

The Palace City Lions Club donated $15,000 and the Mitchell Elks Lodge donated $5,000 to help support the installation of the radar signs at Mitchell elementary school zones and city parks. Each sign costs $2,500.

"We had concerned citizens that expressed a need to have reminders of the correct speed limit," said Assistant Police Chief Mike Koster.

In 2016, three speeding tickets were issued in a school safety zone, according to Mitchell Public Safety Center.

Overweg said the goal is to eventually receive enough funding from other organizations to have a sign in the 18 school zones within the city, including at Mitchell Christian School and John Paul II Elementary.