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Medical helicopter has close encounter with drone 

SIOUX FALLS (AP) — A medical team transporting a patient on board a Sanford AirMed helicopter says it recently had a close encounter with a drone flying well above the 400-foot (121.92-meter) ceiling required by federal rules.

AirMed Safety Officer Josh Weiland says the 'near miss' was reported to Air Traffic Control in Sioux Falls. Weiland tells the Argus Leader a pilot, nurse and medic were transporting a patient Sunday over central Sioux Falls at about 700 feet (213.36 meters) when a team member saw the drone about 50 feet (15.24 meters) away.

Weiland says there are rules for a reason and drone operators need to be aware of what's going on 400 feet (121.92 meters) and up. The Federal Aviation Administration says the number of 'near misses' with aircraft is on the rise as is the number of drones.