School lunch costs could go up in the Mitchell School District.

In the Mitchell Board of Education meeting agenda, Superintendent Joe Graves recommends a 15-cent increase in student meal prices to combat a drop in school lunch participation rates and the continued rise of food prices.

The increase would bring the cost of breakfast up to $1.85 for elementary students, $2 for middle school and high school students and $2.30 for adults. For lunch, the price would rise to $2.80 for elementary, $3 for middle school/high school and $3.90 for adults.

Graves said new federal regulations have "dampened" participation rates in the National School Lunch Program, pulling them down by 7 to 9 percentage points at the district's five relevant attendance centers. Coupled with a jump in food costs-which Graves also attributed to federal mandates-have caused ongoing deficits in the meals program.

Board members will consider the proposed increases during their regular meeting at 5 p.m. today at the Mitchell Career and Technical Education Academy.

Consent agenda

As part of a consent agenda that includes board minutes, claims and open enrollment requests, the following personnel changes are subject to board approval:

• New hire (classified): Wendy Anderson, general food service worker at Mitchell Middle School at $10.25 per hour, effective Aug. 1; Dawn Nolz-Olsen, food service supervisor at L.B. Williams Elementary at $12.39 per hour, effective Aug. 1; Diane Ortmeier, NSLP cook at $11.38 per hour, effective Aug. 17; and Kullene Freeborn, general food service worker at L.B. Williams at $10.25 per hour, effective Aug. 1.

• Transfers: Dianne Mack, L.B. Williams cook to senior high cook, effective June 22; JoAnn Moeller, L.B. Williams food service to middle school food service, effective June 22; and Leah Christensen, MS senior meals to SH kitchen manager, effective June 22.

• MTI new hire: Kaylynn Schutte, temporary bookstore assistant at $9 per hour, effective June 11; Christine Bosma, career coach (CTE grant funding) at $39,000, effective Aug. 1; and Donene Kirkegaard, custodian, at $13 per hour, effective June 23.

Other business

During its regular meeting today, the board will consider the following agenda items:

• Approve a bid from L-3 Driver Training Solutions for two CDL simulators totaling $311,720. Funds will be reimbursed from a grant. Other bids received were from Virage Simulation for $350,880, and Doron Precision Systems Inc. for $369,372.

• Approve, on first reading, a review of board policies 100 (foundations and basic commitments), 200 (board governance and operations) and 300 (general school administration).

• Approve, on first reading, Mitchell Technical Institute policies 991 (grad requirements), 992 (credit hour system), 996 (received transferred credit), 997 (academic probation/suspension) and 998 (satisfactory academic progress).

• Approve, on second reading, MTI policies 1000 (students), 1100 (school-community relations) and 1200 (education agency relations), including revisions and reviews, but not including 1143.

• Review, on second reading, MTI policy 1143, which is the institution's policy on facility usage-possession, use and distribution of alcohol. There are no revisions to the policy recommended, only that the board consider it as part of the quadrennial review of all board policies. Board member Neil Putnam requested at the last meeting that this policy be considered separately from the other MTI policies.

• Approve K-12 budget supplements, which will be provided at the meeting by Business Manager Steve Culhane.

• Hear reports from board members and the superintendent and provide time for public commentary.