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DWU students sing to raise funds

A group of smiling, festively bedecked Dakota Wesleyan University students visited The Daily Republic on Friday, and they weren't here to buy a paper. They came to sing.

The student members of The Third Freedom, DWU's chapter of Universities Fighting World Hunger, visited Adam Kaus, circulation manager for the paper, to serenade him with "bad" -- by their definition -- covers of popular songs until he paid them to stop. Ariana Arampatzis, the chapter president, said it's part of an effort to come up with more creative fundraising ideas. She said the group is raising funds to send students to Africa to work with Livestock for Life, a project supported by the McGovern Center that works with local leaders to identify families that qualify for a goat or cow. They raise the animal until it produces then give the first born back to the community for redistribution. The program helps with food and can generate small incomes for families.

Arampatzis said the group is also raising funds to send students to a conference in Canada, in addition to the local programs students help with, like the Love Feast, canned food drives, Mitchell Food Pantry and the Snack Pack Program.

To donate, contact Alisha Vincent, adviser for the program and director of the McGovern Center, at