It appears the city of Mitchell and Puetz Corp. will be able to do business on the proposed second sheet of ice at the Mitchell Activities Center.

The Mitchell City Council is scheduled to consider a contract for architectural services between the city and Puetz Corp. for the MAC addition, project 2013-3, at its meeting tonight.

"Puetz has submitted a contract for the sheet of ice per our last meeting," Mayor Ken Tracy said Thursday. "And I'm confident that will be approved Monday night."

The Mitchell City Council offered Puetz a contract for architectural services, but not to serve as construction manager agent, during its Jan. 21 meeting. There was an ongoing debate over the legality of Puetz doing both roles, as well as a threat from some Mitchell construction businesses to sue the city if the firm was given both contracts.

At the time, Mark Puetz said Puetz still wanted both, and might consider withdrawing from the $2.5 million project entirely. But it decided to submit a plan for the second ice rink and Tracy said he was glad they did.

He said the city will have "contracts on books" for the MAC second sheet of ice, the Corn Palace renovation and the Mitchell Public Library expansion and remodel.

The council meets at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall Council Chambers, 612 N. Main St.

In other agenda items, the council will:

* Hear a report from the Finance Committee, which will meet at 7:20 p.m. to discuss the city's 2012 and 2013 debt capacity limits.

* Hear a report from the Finance Committee's Jan. 21 meeting.

* Set a Feb. 19 date to conduct a hearing on application for financing for the Norway lift station project.

The city is seeking up to $800,000, either as a grant or a loan. The amount and source will be determined by the state Board of Water and Natural Resources.

As part of this, the council will consider Resolution 3065, to authorize an application for financial assistance, authorizing the execution and s ubmittal of the application, and designating an authorized representative to certify and sign payment request s.

* Set a Feb. 25 date to receive and consider bids for recycled asphalt and concrete crushing, city project 2013-9; golf carts, city project 2013-19; two greens mowers, city project 2013-20; and a Soccer Complex mower, city project 2013-23. The bids will be opened at 1:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers.

* Award a bid for a combination dump truck body and sander, city project 2013-17, and a ladder truck for the Fire Division, city project 2013-21.

The low bid for the truck/sander is $26,968.11 from Sanitation Products, Inc., of Sioux Falls.

The low bid for the ladder truck is $749,000 from Heiman Inc., of Lyons.

* Consider Resolution 3064, which would amend the city's personnel policy and procedure manual on cell phone use while driving. It was tabled at the Jan. 21 meeting.

Under the proposed new rules, employees at the wheel of a city vehicle may not text and drive at any time, but would be allowed to talk on a hand-held phone in another jurisdiction. Violating this policy could lead to termination.

Palace Transit drivers could still use hand-held radios and hands-free communication would be permitted.

Employees may be designated by their supervisor as being required to carry a phone. If they use a personal phone, they will receive a $15 monthly stipend. The new rules also emphasize the need to minimize use of the phones and will allow city officials to examine phone records.

The new policy also will allow retired city employees to remain under the city health and dental insurance plan until they are eligible for other insurance programs if they pay all the premiums.

* Hold the second reading and consider adopting Ordinance 2425, rezoning property legally described Lot 10, Block 25, Rowley's Second Addition, from single-family residential district to high-density residential district, and amending the city zoning map.

* Consider adopting Resolution 3066, the Antech project, Tax Incremental Financing District 19 .

The Planning and Zoning Commission recommended approval of the TIF to improve a street for a new housing development.

* The council will consider designating two parcels of land as surplus.

It did this last year and sold some land to a local car dealer. The council will designate the same three people -- Councilman Randy Doescher and Realtors Stephen Peschong and Dennis Robinson -- to set a price for the land.

In Resolution 3067, it will declare as surplus the south half of Lot Eight, Block Two of E.B. Bracey's Addition, and in Resolution 3068, it will do the same to Lots 13-16 in Block Five of Rowley's Second Addition, including the portion of the adjoining vacated alley, which has become part of the property.

* Consider Ordinance 2426, a supplemental reappropriation of $350,000 for the ladder truck and $95,000 for building demolition.

* Consider Ordinance 2427, supplemental appropriations of $80,000 for the golf carts; $55,000 for building demolition; $40,000 for greens mowers; and $20,000 for water and sewer on Fifth Avenue.

* Hold the first reading of Ordinance 2428, 2013 supplemental appropriations of $851,000 for the Norway Avenue lift station, and $5,000 for computer hardware.

* Consider the Lake Mitchell shoreline restoration agreement for engineering services with SPN & Associates, city project 2013-27.

* Consider a utility easement agreement between the city and the state Department of Transportation for Norway Street lift station, project 2012-33.

* Consider a license agreement with Twin Strata for Cloud Array Computer backup services for the Public Safety Department in the amount of $1,800 annually.

* Automatic supplement to the General Fund, street and sidewalk construction, in the amount of $180,000 from Federal Transportation Enhancement Grant Funds for the bike path second historic bridge project. The city is bringing in another bridge from an area county and installing it on the path.

* Declare as surplus property a Medtronic Lifepak 12 Cardiac Monitor from the Fire Division to be traded toward the purchase of a Lifepak15 Cardiac Monitor.

* Consider these raffle requests: Mitchell Aquatic Club, with the drawing to be held on March 3; District 5610 of Rotary International, with the drawing to be held on April 5; Pheasants Forever, with the drawing to be held on Oct. 18.

* Approve these pay estimates:

Avera Queen of Peace storm drainage system, project 2012-2, contracted to SPN & Associates. Pay estimate 2 in the amount of $9,300.

Capital Street utilities and street, project 2013-6, contracted to SPN & Associates. Pay estimate 3 in the amount of $26,500.

* Hear an invocation from a Grace Baptist Church representative.