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Post Bulletin Reporter Matthew Stolle

Matthew Stolle

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Rochester man retires after getting his last deer.
Lack of DNA evidence, the passage of time makes solving the 27-year-old mysterious disappearance more and more unlikely.
DNA analysis produces leads in at least in one of the cases.
Some aspects to the crime remain unsolved to this day.
'If I would not have taken the bill, this could have been avoided," Cup Foods cashier testified.
An emotional day of testimony ended Tuesday with Judge Peter Cahill scolding a witness for arguing with counsel and the court.
Three witnesses were called Monday on the first day of testimony in the trial of Chauvin, who faces murder charges stemming from the death of Floyd. Video of Floyd's death in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020, prompted demonstrations and violence to erupt across the country through the spring and summer of last year.
Gen Z was hit with three major events.
This holiday season, some 3 billion — yes, billion — packages will be shipped to homes, apartments and businesses, about $800 million more than delivered last year. And, according to CNBC, about 1.7 million packages are stolen or lost every day in the U.S.