Supplements improve health and enhance performance

WM Nutrition sales associate April Farmer stocks supplements on Jan 6 at WM Nutrition in Mitchell. (Abbie Lambert / Republic)

The beginning of a new year is a time for fresh starts for many focusing on living a healthy lifestyle.

WM Nutrition has customers seeking supplements for a variety of different reasons from sickness to improving overall health.

WM Nutrition carries vitamins A to Z and specializes in herbal supplements and homeopathic products, according to business manager Chris Pollreisz.

“We look for the top manufacturers in the United States,” Pollreisz said. “We can tell you when our product was made, how it was stored in a climate controlled area and how aged the product was before it was shipped to us.”

With colds and flus running ramped this time of year, the store keeps a full stock of immune boosting supplements and vitamins including vitamin C, zinc and elderberry. The use of essential oils for aromatherapy is a popular home remedy for sinuses and colds.


In addition to fighting colds and flus, many people seek out products to help reset their bodies.

“Many people come to us looking for a way to reset their body and start with a clean slate for the new year,” Pollreisz said. “We recommend resetting your body first with a cleanse, and then we talk to them about what diet they’re geared toward.”

Different diets lack vitamins and minerals depending on what foods are included within the diet. Pollreisz said the supplements his team recommends are tailored toward the specific diet and exercise regimen the individual is following to help replace those nutrients they are not gaining in their diet.

For example, the popular ketogenic diet focuses on converting fat into energy by increasing the consumption of healthy fats and decreasing carbohydrates.

“We often recommend a protein, magnesium and calcium supplement as a replacement for those minerals they are not gaining through their diet depending on their intake,” Pollreisz said.

Throughout the year the store also sees steady sales of supplements geared towards enhancing physical performance and weight loss. The store stocks a wide variety of gym supplements aimed to support physical performance, muscle building, weight loss, stamina and recovery.

True Fitness athletic trainer Justin Greenway and Anytime Fitness owner Emily Hohn each said pre-workout supplements, protein, branched-chain amino acids, and thermogenics are common supplements they see used throughout the year.

“True Fitness encourages people to have a balanced diet which will usually provide the necessary nutrition for the average gym-goer,” Greenway said. “As people aim to cut calories and restrict their diets, especially this time of year, or begin to drastically increase their workload, we can start to see insufficient diets appear.”


True Fitness is a certified vendor for NG Nutra, a local supplement provider from Harrisburg, and provides a multitude of different supplement options aimed to support mood, boost metabolism, aid in recovery, aid in digestion, or promote healthy body function.

“We wanted to get behind a supplement line that our clients can trust, and NG Nutra definitely provides us that confidence,” Greenway said. “Our product line mirrors our clients’ needs. Some are looking to lose weight, others to build muscle, and some want more energy.”

Like Greenway, Hohn believes a balanced diet plays an important role in physical performance.

“Having a healthy diet can help you recover a lot faster but if you come to the gym and crush it for an hour and then you go through a drive-thru right after, that’s going to hinder your performance,” Hohn said.

She often recommends a whey protein supplement to her clients as she has seen most people don’t eat enough protein in a day to support their physical activity levels. A scoop of whey protein usually contains between 25 to 35 grams of protein and helps boost protein levels that aid with recovery and muscle building.

Even with the multitude of supplements on the market, they aren’t required to live a healthy lifestyle.

“You don’t have to use supplements,” Hohn said. “Everybody’s goals are going to be different, so that’s going to be the determining factor.”


WM Nutrition sales associates April Farmer, left, and Courtney Petersen, discuss the best vitamin supplement for a customer on Jan 6 at WM Nutrition in Mitchell. (Abbie Lambert / Republic)

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