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Sermonette: Find true hope in Christ

As followers of Jesus Christ, we have a reason to hope and look forward with anticipation whether or not our current plans succeed.

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It’s possible that just a few weeks ago, you were making resolutions to improve a part of your life or were at least looking forward with hope and expectation for a better new year. After all of the challenges of the last year many had looked with great anticipation to this new year that we find ourselves living in right now.

But just as a new calendar did not fix our habits, and new governmental administrations did not remove all of our challenges as a nation, and more debates and arguments will not answer our deepest questions, were our desires for a fresh start misguided?

Bill Parks
Bill Parks, Mitchell’s Life Church pastor

I believe there is great hope for you today! But it will not be found in the ways many advertisements, politicians or online influencers would lead us to believe. With all of the diets, exercise plans, self-help tips and will power that we can muster, the multitude of political promises made before elections, and our focused pursuit of one more article, video or post that will answer our questions (or at least prove that we were correct), many will still find themselves trying to satisfy this thirst for more or the desire for improvement at empty wells.

It’s possible that after just a few days or weeks of attempting to make changes or build something better, some have already given up and are settling back into yesterday’s routines and attitudes. Although it is wise to seek better choices, set healthy goals, and do our part to improve our communities, there is a true and satisfying hope to experience even when our efforts seem to be less than enough!

As followers of Jesus Christ, we have a reason to hope and look forward with anticipation whether or not our current plans succeed. This hope is not found through our religious efforts but in a gracious gift that God offers to us through faith in his resurrected Son.


Put your faith in Jesus! Seek to know Him! Find freedom and discover true purpose as you live for Him in the power of the Holy Spirit!

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