In the aftermath of the mid-September flooding that struck Mitchell and much of eastern South Dakota, water damage has led to many local residences and homeowners scrambling to repair their home's interior.

Floor to Ceiling is one local business that been tasked with providing interior repairs in the wake of the two-day rainstorm that brought 7 to 10 inches of precipitation. Specializing in interior design and flooring services for over 40 years, Floor to Ceiling has been a popular choice for local residents seeking to repair the interior of their homes in a timely manner.

“We’ve seen a very large spike in homeowners looking for interior work to be done since the flooding occurred,” said Mitch Elfstrand, co-owner of Floor to Ceiling. “It’s been tough with the shortage of available installers, but we are helping everyone we can.”

Looking for ways to provide additional help for homeowners in a time of need, Floor to Ceiling began reducing its prices for customers seeking interior and flooring services to as low as 20 percent off.

Elfstrand said Floor to Ceiling utilizes subcontractors to go into the areas of the homes where the most water damage occurred. To no surprise, Elfstrand said basements are where the water damage is most prevalent.

“A lot of what is happening now is the replacement of existing interior areas such as flooded basements, and here in house we do everything from helping the customers pick out the best carpet, paint and hard surface flooring,” Elfstrand said, noting the installation of the products is the next step of the process. “We also lineup all of the subcontractors for the installation, and they can only do as much as they can during this time.”

Aside from keeping up with the increased volume of customers needing interior work complete, Elfstrand said homeowners should begin drying out their basements or water damaged areas as soon as possible.

Elfstrand emphasized the importance of residents drying out the damp areas in their homes, as he said it can create health hazardous mold growth and bacteria if it sits long enough. He said any interior areas of the home that are steeped in water for over 72-hours will almost automatically require replacement, noting floors and walls as the most common areas.

Factoring in how much of the interior work involves flooring replacement, Elfstrand said the discounted rates solely apply to in-stock flooring products.

“While we offer water resistant flooring, it’s not waterproof. And mold can still grow under the floor, especially in wet damp, dark places like basements,” Elfstrand said. “It’s ideal for customers to have the carpet cleaning and restoration companies attend to the areas of where we will install, so that way there isn’t any mold and bacteria hiding before the new carpet, flooring and walls are installed.”

Another local interior design company that’s been offering vital services throughout the flooding is Chuck’s Paint and Blinds. According to Mike Fox owner of Chuck’s Paint and Blinds, there are some new paint products designed to help resist water.

“We offer some water-stain primer to help with water damage, and that really helps. If there is a small area that’s been damaged, you can use a water-stain primer to repaint in those areas,” Fox said.