Local fitness facilities helped gym goers shake off the rust over the weekend, during Mitchell's inaugural Community Wellness Day.

Anytime Fitness and True Fitness were among the local businesses that participated in the Community Wellness Day on Saturday, which was put on by the Mitchell Area Chamber of Commerce to encourage community members to stay active amid the COVID-19 crisis. The event also served as an opportunity for the fitness community to get a taste of the programs and workout classes that both gyms offer.

Emily Hohn, owner of Anytime Fitness, has been getting creative during the city shutdown that was in place for nearly a month. But after Mitchell Mayor Bob Everson lifted the shutdown that forced the closure of gyms and other businesses, Hohn said it was a relief to be back in the gym with her clients rather than hosting virtual workouts like she had to during the shutdown.

“It feels great to be back in action and see our people back in the club. It was difficult during the shutdown, but we got creative and used Zoom and Facetime for our workouts,” Hohn said. “Not being able to see people in the club takes a toll on you, so I’m very grateful to be back open. It was great to have this session over the weekend, because it helped us get exposure.”

The workouts that Anytime Fitness and True Fitness hosted for Saturday’s Community Wellness Day welcomed gym goers to take part in classes, but both gyms also kept the virtual option open.

Anytime Fitness kicked the event off with a one-hour workout that took place at 7 a.m. on Saturday, attracting early bird gym goers, while True Fitness held a one-hour workout at 9 a.m.

Hohn emphasized the importance of maintaining fitness during the pandemic, saying mental health goes hand-in-hand with physical activity and working out.

“Staying active is so vital for one’s mental and physical health, so I am grateful to help the community maintain that, especially during this stressful time,” Hohn said. “It was great to get our programs and workouts that we offer out to the public through another avenue, so I was overall happy with how it went.”