The National Geographic Kids YouTube channel will feature the World's Only Corn Palace in its "Wackiest Places Around the World" series, to be released on Feb. 22.

In January, the channel released a teaser video with clues about the various subjects to be featured. On Friday, the first episode will be available online. According to the website, the series aims to discover the "wildest, spookiest and wackiest places on earth." The video gives clues about the featured locations, encouraging viewers to see if they can figure out where and what the places are.

"This is a great way to engage kids in the excitement of travel," said Scott Schmidt, Corn Palace director. "This type of exposure via such a well-known media outlet is always good for the Corn Palace and for the community."

The video featuring Mitchell's iconic building will be available by searching for National Geographic Kids on YouTube. It is also possible to subscribe to the channel.