The Transportation Security Administration made it official: The Friday before the long weekend (for some) ahead of Independence Day was the second-busiest day in the agency's history.

Airlines, tour groups and others have been predicting that record numbers of people would fly this year, and the TSA confirms that is so: 2.67 million air travelers passed through airport checkpoints on June 29, the highest number since more than 2.7 million passengers were screened on the Sunday after Thanksgiving in 2004. The agency also said that the week of June 24-30 was the busiest on record.

The record comes as the TSA has fully implemented a policy requiring passengers to remove all electronic devices bigger than a cellphone from their carry-on bags and - at least at some airports - their bags of Cheetos and other snacks. The TSA is also urging passengers to get to the airport at least two hours early to ensure they don't miss their flights.