WATER RESOURCE ENHANCEMENT OR RESTORATION PROJECT 10-DAY PUBLIC NOTICE The South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources (DANR) has received an application for a Water Resource Enhancement or Restoration Project approval, pursuant to Administrative Rules of South Dakota 74:51:01:60. The City of Mitchell is proposing to construct and enhance wetlands along Firesteel Creek, at Latitude 43.7650o, Longitude -98.0930 o, in Section 36, Township 104 North, Range 61 West, Davison County, South Dakota. The proposed activities include construction and expansion of wetlands along Firesteel Creek upstream of Lake Mitchell. Four separate wetlands totaling 30.7 acres will be constructed in proximity to the stream. During runoff events that exceed base flow, water will disperse out of the stream channel and inundate the wetlands. A total of 120,000 cubic yards of sediment will be excavated from the wetland areas and deposited at three upland locations onsite. Disturbed areas will be seeded and erosion control measures that prevent material from reentering the wetlands or stream will be used. The project goal is to reduce sediment and nutrient loading into Lake Mitchell. The wetlands are intended to capture and filter runoff from Firesteel Creek before it enters the lake. This project is part of a series of efforts to improve the water quality in Lake Mitchell. Written comments regarding this proposed project must be received by the department on or before September 17, 2022. Questions and/or written comments concerning this project should be directed to Sean Kruger at Written comments may also be mailed to the following address: SD DANR SWQ, 523 E Capitol, Pierre, SD 57501 or provided using the online comment form, accessible via the “Comment Deadline” link provided at Additional project information, including the application and project report, is also available at this link. If no objections are received within the specified 10-day period, the Secretary will issue a project approval on or after September 20, 2022. Secretary Hunter Roberts Published once at the total approximate cost of $23.41 (Sept. 7, 2022)