Statement of Interest Consulting Services Lake Mitchell Dredging Project City of Mitchell Objective Statements of Interest are requested for an engineering and planning consultant to provide professional services to the City of Mitchell (City) for designing a soft sediment dredging project for Lake Mitchell within the City limits of (and proximity to) the City of Mitchell SD.

Statement of Interest Consulting Services
Lake Mitchell Dredging Project
City of Mitchell
Statements of Interest are requested for an engineering and planning consultant to provide professional services to the City of Mitchell (City) for designing a soft sediment dredging project for Lake Mitchell within the City limits of (and proximity to) the City of Mitchell SD.
Scope of Work and Intent
To develop an engineering design for a soft sediment dredging project at Lake Mitchell, Mitchell, SD. For location purposes, the closest City site is located at Parcel ID: 15800-0050-051-00, but is to include dredging of the entire Lake Mitchell shoreline, the lake channel between the RR Bridge and West End Bridge, Kippes Bay, and the City Campground Bay. The selected firm will utilize all previous technical reports provided to the City of Mitchell, SD. The scope of work would involve pre and post mapping bathymetry (soft sediments/hardpan) and identification of a best dredging approach and designed spoil site. The spoil site design should include estimated costs for hauling, as well as site preparation for pre and post dredging operations.
Elements include:
•Complete a bathymetry map (soft sediments/hardpan) for Lake Mitchell. (Pre and Post Bathymetric Survey).
•Complete a dredging design (approach) for Lake Mitchell.
oMechanical or hydraulic or a combination of both.
oGive opinion on utilizing and not duplicating previous project design work.
•Select and design a spoil site. Provide a design to include site preparation for pre and post dredging operations as well as;
oEstimated costs for material management and hauling.
oCapping and sealing organic materials
oPre-dredging spoil site design should include removing material for marina jetty (jetty design already complete).
oPost-dredging spoil site design should include areas for a sledding hill and hiking and biking trails.
•Meet all applicable federal, state and local requirements and standards, including review of land use plan, zoning, and permitting (USACE, and DENR).
Submittal Information
Statements of Interest will be accepted at the City of Mitchell Public Works Department located at City Hall, 612 N. Main St, Mitchell, South Dakota 57301. Copies of the Statement of Interest (SOI) must be submitted by 5:00 PM CT on December 4, 2020. Interested consultants shall submit five (5) copies of the document on 8 ½" x 11" size paper along with an electronic copy.
Minimum Proposal Requirements
Please present your firm's statements/responses to the following items in the same order as listed below to facilitate proposal reviews.
oFirm Profile, Qualifications, and Experience (40 Points)
Briefly describe your firm indicating the size, structure, location of offices and years in business. Indicate the location of the office(s) from which the work on this project will be performed. Identify the company principals, managers, supervisory staff, and other professional staff members that will be assigned to this project. Include the firm's resumes for individual that would be involved in the project, as well as any sub-contractors providing services. Indicate the primary individual who will interact with the City staff. Include information regarding relevant education, experience, training and continuing professional education of each staff member to be assigned to the project, and highlight specific experience where team members worked together on pervious similar projects. If aspects of this proposal are beyond your scope of knowledge, identify sources with whom you may subcontract
oPast Performance and Experience. (40 Points)
Describe your firm's recent experience (10 years) related to lake dredging. Indicate how your firm has assisted other communities in this area. Include the names and locations of projects of similar size. Include names, addresses, and telephone numbers of client contact persons on those projects. Provide the estimated and actual costs for the dredging projects, and any reason for change orders or use of contingency funds. Provide detail on the method of dredging and the year the project was designed, the start of dredging, and completion dates.
oProject Approach, Methodology and Schedule of Events
(10 Points)
Describe how your firm will approach this project and include a task plan or calendar of events with responsibilities for the tasks identified. Identify and discuss other issues that may be encountered with this type of work. Include completion dates, the party or parties responsible to complete each step/activity, all necessary meetings for public input and acceptance, status updates and decision-making. Discuss what the City's role will be in this effort. Outline the scope of work, the schedule, and anticipated general cost for design and construction (for the City's planning and budgeting process).
oFamiliarity, Availability and Compensation(10 Points)
Describe your firm's specific knowledge of the area and location of the project, Lake Mitchell and the City of Mitchell, SD. Provide your firm's availability to perform the design work and other projects currently under design (firm's work load). Your proposal should indicate and quantify all estimated costs for your work (unit rates, fees, expenses, travel, etc.) for which the City will be responsible. It is the City's intent to enter into a contract with the firm selected under which there will be a unit rate cost maximum limiting or "not-to-exceed" amount. At that time the City will enter into a separate negotiated agreement with a specifically identified scope, fee, and service.
Include any other information that you feel is appropriate to assist the committee in understanding how you will successfully complete this project.
Selection Process
All written proposals received in accordance with the above instructions will be evaluated for the purpose of making a qualifications-based selection recommendation to the Mitchell Parks Department, Board and City Council. The following criteria will be used to evaluate the Statements of Interest for the purpose of ranking them in relative position based on how fully each proposal meets the requirements of this request.
Evaluation CriteriaPercentage Value
Firm Profile, Qualifications, and Experience40%
Past Performance and Experience40%
Project Approach, Methodology and Schedule of Events 10%
Familiarity, Availability and Compensation10%
General Terms
A.The City of Mitchell reserves the right to reject any or all offers and to select the offer that it determines to be in the best interest of, and the most advantageous for, the City of Mitchell.
B.Revisions may be permitted after a statement of interest is submitted and prior to any award for the purpose of obtaining the best and final offer.
C.Any contract that results from this request for a statement of interest is subject to the recommendations of the committee and approval of the Mitchell City Council.
D.The submitting firm is encouraged to add to, modify or clarify any scope of work items it deems appropriate to develop a high quality plan at the lowest possible cost. All changes should be listed and explained. However, the scope of work proposed must accomplish the goals and work stated above, or clarify a value engineered alternative to be considered.
E.The successful consultant will execute a written contract with the City of Mitchell within thirty (30) days of award, which shall include all applicable terms and conditions outlined in this SOI request.
F.The City of Mitchell will not be liable in any way for any cost incurred by firms in replying to this SOI request.
Thank you for your interest in this project, we look forward to working with you. For additional information, questions, comments, or concerns, contact:
Nathan Powell - Parks and Recreation Director
City of Mitchell
1300 N Main St.
Mitchell, SD 57301
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