Mount Vernon School District 17-3 Board

Mount Vernon School District 17-3 Board of Education Minutes March 13, 2023 The regular meeting of the Mount Vernon School District 17-3 Board of Education was held on Monday, March 13, 2023, in the Mount Vernon School at 6:00 p.m. in the Afterschool Program room. Dale Larsch, Board Chairman, called the meeting to order with the following present: Craig Pickart, Jeff Miiller, Mike Deinert and Justin Klumb. Also present were Superintendent/PK-5 Principal Clint Nelson, Eric Denning-Principal 6-12, and Allison Sandland- Business Manager. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Open forum. All motions are to be considered unanimous unless otherwise stated. Justin Klumb made a motion to approve the agenda for the March 13th, 2023, meeting. Jeff Miiller seconded. Motion 03-23-01 Craig Pickart made a motion to approve the following consent agenda items: Minutes of the February 13, 2023, meeting, and acknowledge minutes of Core. Mike Deinert seconded. Motion 03-23-02 Financial reports for February 2023 were tabled until the April 12th, 2023, meeting. Craig Pickart made a motion to approve payment of claims. Justin Klumb seconded. Motion 03-23-03 A discussion was held on a disclosure of conflict of interest (SDCL 3-23-6) Clint Nelson, Supt., and PK-5 Principal, reported on the following topics: Legislative update, 3rd quarter attendance, and STEM grant. Eric Denning, Principal-Grades 6-12/Athletic Director, shared the results from the CBH Academic Festival. The 1st reading of the following policies was discussed: KD, KG, BDDH-E. Mike Deinert made a motion to approve the 2nd reading of the following policies: KA and KC. Jeff Miiller seconded. Motion 03-23-04 The Mount Vernon Board of Education recognized MVEA negotiations committee for the 2023-2024 school term. The Mount Vernon Board of Education recognized Mount Vernon Administration negotiations committee for the 2023-2024 school term. Justin Klumb made a motion to approve the 23-24 school year calendar. Craig Pickart seconded. Motion 03-23-05 A discussion was held on possible capital outlay projects for the 23-24 school year. Jeff Miiller made a motion to approve election workers and compensation for the upcoming school board election on April 11th, 2023. Justin Klumb seconded. Motion 03-3-06 The Board of Education would like to recognize Max Schaffer and the student who participated in CBH Academic Festival on receiving first place for the 3rd year in a row. Congratulations go to students, Mr. Schaffer, staff, and parents for the success of all involved. Also, Congratulations to Mr Denning and coaches of the Titans Boys Basketball team for their success this season and qualifying for state. Mike Deinert made a motion to enter Executive Session (SDCL 1-25-2-1) Personnel matter at 6:59pm. Craig Pickart seconded. 03-23-07 Board Chair Dale Larsch declared the Board out of executive session at 8:21 pm. No Action items form executive session. The next regular board meeting will be held on Wednesday April 12, 2023 at 6pm in the After School Program room. Jeff Miiller made a motion to adjourn at 8:22 p.m. Justin Klumb seconded. Motion 03-23-08 Approved Bills for 03/13/2023. General Fund : Access-Supplies 70.17; Amazon-Supplies 724.77; Capital One-Supplies 69.06; City of Mt Vernon-Water 9536.34; Core Educational-Dial Classes 1315; Coyote Jazz- Fees 350; DCI-Finger Prints 43.25; Foreman Sales and Service-Service 915.76; Forum Communications- Ad 237.95; G&R Controls-Service 150; JCL Solutions-Supplies 1156.71; KO Pest Control-Service 293.50; Make It Mine-Supplies 162; Mcloeds-Supplies 319.80; Menards-Supplies 29.41; Mt Vernon Gas &Oil- Fuel 1539.02; Mustang Welding-Service 551.97; Muth Electric-Service 918.36; Northwestern Energy- Electric/Gas 9431.24; Rons Bike Shop-Supplies 18; Santel Communications- Phone 133.67; SD Dept of Public Safety-Scale testing 56; SDHSAA-Region Fees 10217; Tech Solutions-Service 3031; Tessiers-Service 377.68; Verizon-Phone 40.01; Wermers-Supplies 304.01; Westy’s-Fuel 1291.74. Capital Outlay Access Systems-lease 981.03; Sterling Computers-Staff Computer 868.71. Special Education: Capital One-Supplies 24.78; Career Connections-Day programs 45.54; CORE- Fees 15545.13; Children’s Care Hospital- Tuition 6500; SD Dept of Human Services-Residential 7386.32; Mileage to Parent-146.88. Food Service: Parent Reimbursement-Refund 40; Capital One-Supplies 24.75; Child and Adult Nutrition- Foods 516.88; County Fair-Foods 40.06; CWD- Foods 4105.21; East Side Dairy- Milk 811.86; Heather Fristad-Supplies 39.94; Performance Foods- Foods 4401.60; SNA-Dues 51. Imprest Trust & Agency: 02/2023 Athletic Event workers and Officials: Darin Berg 145.6; Cameron Deinert 50; Eric Denning 65; Eric Grocott 145.6; Todd Karst 65; Chad Larson 201.70; Mary Lawson 50; Brean Moke 25; Austin Rearick 50; Kyle Baker 65; Thomas Baker 65; Aiyden Feldhaus 305.56; Heather Fristad 40; Jeremy Gunkel 65; Cameron Deinert 60; Jim Haskamp 154; Todd Karst 60; Tucker Kingsbury 154; Mary Lawson 60; McCook Central 125; Brean Moke 20; Sam Olson 60; Koln Oppold 60; Austin Rearick 60; Tate Schoenfelder 170.5; Sue Faulhaber 50; Todd Karst 50; Mary Lawson 50; Brent Olson 70; Koln Oppold 70; Dori Anderson 50; Zach Harter 50; Kourtney Schamens 50; Howard Schools-Fees 150; Big East Conference-Fees 125.44; Petty Cash 960. PAYROLL 2-23 GENERAL FUND-1111-ELEM-$29469.48; 1121-MS-$14040.90, 1131-HS-$22613.58, 1111 993-ESSER 4023.20, 1111-999-REAP-$1460.46, 1141-PreSchool- $2400, 1273 Title-$2965.20, 2122-GUIDANCE- $4536.84, 2222-LIBRARY-$2274.16, 2227-TECHNOLOGY-$2132.26, 2321-SUPT.-$6100.40, 2410-PRIN.- $10551.19, 2529-BUS.MGR.-$4776.66, 2549-CUST.-$7857.32, 2552-TRANS.-$6850, 3500-ASP-$666; 6900-CO. CURR.-$11703.36. SPECIAL EDUCATION-1221-$10811.56, 1222-$12496.75, 1226-$566.24. FOOD SERVICE-2562-$7469.79. BENEFITS 2-23 GENERAL FUND-SO. SEC./MED-$9719.75, RETIREMENT-$7231.58, INSURANCE-$16657.89, SUPP. RETIREMENT-$880.00 SPECIAL EDUCATION-SO.SEC/MED-$1694.19, RETIREMENT-$1431.96, INSURANCE-$1973.17; FOOD SERVICE-SO. SEC./MED-$525.08, RETIREMENT-$437.82, INSURANCE- $793.81. Published 1 times at the total approximate cost of $68.40 and may be viewed free of charge at (April 5, 2023) 210059