September 22, 2020 CALL TO ORDER Chairperson Bode called the regular meeting of the Davison County Board of Commissioners to order at 9:00 a.

September 22, 2020
Chairperson Bode called the regular meeting of the Davison County Board of Commissioners to order at 9:00 a.m. All members of the Board were present. Also present was Auditor Kiepke.
PLEDGE The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Chairperson Bode. APPROVE MINUTES
Motion by Claggett, second by Kiner to approve the minutes from the September 8, 2020 meeting. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
Claggett reported the County Convention was very good. He particularly liked the final speaker which talked about culture.
Chairperson Bode reported she felt it was a very good convention as well. RECESS COMMISSIONERS/CONVENE BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT
At 9:17 a.m., motion by Claggett, second by Kiner to recess Board of Commissioners and convene Board of Adjustment. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
At 9:40 a.m., motion by Reider, second by Kiner to adjourn Board of Adjustment and reconvene Board of Commissioners. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
Motion by Reider, second by Kiner to approve a Plat of Lots 2A and 3, of L. Robinson's First Addition, a Subdivision of the Southerly 936 Feet of the Easterly 932.2 Feet of the SE ¼ of Section 24, T104N, R61W of the 5th P.M., Davison County, South Dakota. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
Motion by Reider, second by Kiner to approve a Plat of DRJ's First Addition in the NW ¼ of Section 12, T102N, R61W of the 5th P.M., Davison County, South Dakota. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
Highway Superintendent Weinberg explained why his budget is so high. They have had to install culverts after the flooding that FEMA didn't cover the cost of. However, they are saving money by doing the work themselves. Also, some of the bridges in Davison County have been repaired. Sometimes, to get money, they have to spend money.
As Commissioner Reider put it, the highway budget kind of puts a pinch on every other department.
Corrections Officer Radel reported that inmate numbers are back up to "normal" after dropping off drastically for about three months due to COVID.
The jail has to remodel and refurbish some areas so that is why their budget was a bit higher.
States Attorney Miskimins reported the legal services budget will be hit hard the next twelve to eighteen months. He said this budget is very difficult to explain to the public.
VSO Bennett shared some exciting news in that there is now a VA doctor in Mitchell that will be doing home visits.
Chairperson Bode asked the department heads to think about what needs would best suit the basement in the courthouse.
Bode would also like to see the bandstand spruced up and add some outdoor furniture to it.
She also discussed a software user group that will include Harry Redman from District III and Patti Guthrie, the auditor, treasurer and ROD's current software provider.
Commissioner Weitala would like to see a full-time HR director hired. She said that for every 100 employees somebody has said they should have one full-time HR director. She said a job description is forth coming.
At the request of Highway Superintendent Weinberg, motion by Reider, second by Claggett to accept the lone fuel quote from Meyers Oil for 3,000 gallons of unleaded fuel at a cost of $1.64 per gallon. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
States Attorney Miskimins and Diversion Coordinator Katie Buschbach presented information regarding the Diversion Program.
Miskimins stated that the statewide advisory group he is a part of met recently. Coordinators from across the state presented updates and ideas. It was apparent there have been many young people making bad choices during the pandemic. He further stated that Davison County may have spent more money in July than ever before on juveniles.
Miskimins said Davison County is doing it right. They're not locking kids up because they are mad at them. The kids that are at JDC are those that have messed up three or four times.
Miskimins also reported that Davison County has never submitted for reimbursement for juvenile diversion. He said we should be getting about $14,000 reimbursed.
Buschbach reported there is a conditional release which presents an opportunity to stay in the community with possibly an ankle monitor. This is quite a cost savings as JDC costs the county $236 per day, while the monitor costs $7.50 per day and we get $3.25 of that reimbursed.
There will be a program at the Davison County Fairgrounds on September 29th & 30th, 2020 entitled Positive Youth Development, Re-Imaging Juvenile Justice. This training opportunity is for individuals that work with at risk youth.
At 11:25 a.m., motion by Weitala, second by Kiner to move into executive session to discuss personnel as per SDCL 1-25-2. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
At 12:00 p.m., motion by Claggett, second by Weitala to move out of executive session. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
As per the recommendation of Welfare Intake Administrative Assistant Emme, motion by Claggett, second by Kiner to deny claim #20-7550 pursuant to SDCL 28-13-3 residency required for assistance. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
Motion by Weitala, second by Claggett to approve the following bills for payment. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
COMM: Prof Fees/SD Retirement System-45.00, Utilities/Mitchell Telecom-59.66; JUD: Jury Fees/Jurors-446.20; AUD: Utilities/Mitchell Telecom-59.68; TREAS: Utilities/Mitchell Telecom-115.96; STATES ATTY: Prof Fees/James D Taylor PC-4,211.70, Diversion/First Bankcard-142.98, A & B Business Solutions-51.39, Utilities/Mitchell Telecom-123.02; CRT APPTED ATTY: Crt Appted Atty/Douglas Papendick-281.30; CRTHOUSE: Cable TV/Mitchell Telecom-91.43; DOE: Utilities/Mitchell Telecom-124.45; ROD: Utilities/Mitchell Telecom-135.20; NORTH OFF: Phones/Mitchell Telecom-93.66; VET: Utilities/Mitchell Telecom-121.17; SHERIFF: Utilities/Mitchell Telecom-648.00; JAIL: Cable TV/Mitchell Telecom-91.43; WELFARE: Ofc Utilities/Midcontinent-37.50, Mitchell Telecom-57.18; FAIR: Repairs & Maint/Santel Communications-40.00, Water & Sewer/Davison Rural Water-59.25; CO EXTENSION: Utilities/Bureau of Administration-18.00, Midcontinent-37.50, Mitchell Telecom-61.24; WEED: Utilities/Mitchell Telecom-110.88; HIWAY: Supplies & Materials/Dept of Revenue-908.16, Utilities/City of Mt Vernon-90.00, Mitchell Telecom-202.31; EM: Utilities/Mitchell Telecom-81.51
COMM: Publishing/Daily Republic Forum Comm-388.16, Trvl & Conf/Best Western Ramkota SF-99.00, John Claggett-271.70, Cultural Endeavors/County Fair Food Store-50.75, Prof Fees/SD Retirment System-45.00; ELECT: Supplies/Alphagraphics of SF-495.00, Bureau of Administration-14.62, Elections Systems & Software-4,060.58, McLeod's Printing-293.32, Verizon Wireless-41.98; JUD: Prof Fees/carol Johnson-404.60; AUD: Supplies/Alphagraphics of SF-330.00, Trvl & Conf/Susan Kiepke-166.36; TREAS: Supplies/Alphagraphics of SF-990.00, McLeod's Printing-4.48, State MV Supplies/McLeod's Printing-4.48, Utilities/Tonya Ford-50.00, Rachel Soulek-50.00, Mainframe Support/Bruce Mastel-35.00; STATES ATTY: Prof Fees/Van Buren Court Services-60.80, Medical Prof Fees/Avera Queen of Peace-936.00, State of SD Public Health Lab-770.00, Repairs & Maint/Dakota Data Shred-48.00; CRT APPTED ATTY: Public Def Exp/Alvine Weidenaar-42.21; A & N: A & N Child/Keith Goehring-8,452.47; PUB SFTY BLDG: Repairs/James Valley Nursery-269.95, Menards-17.47, Supplies/Jones Supplies-233.31, Water & Sewer/City of Mitchell-885.70, Pest Control/Premier Pest Control-70.00, Phone/Verizon Wireless-41.98, Elevator Service/Schumacher Elevator-401.58; CRTHOUSE: Gas & Electric/Northwestern Energy-3,513.24, Pest Control/Premier Pest Control-50.00; DOE: Supplies/Al's Engraving-22.90, County Fair Food Store-76.15; ROD: Rentals/Bureau of Administration-14.63, Supplies/Alphagraphics of SF-195.00, Preserve Proj/US Records Midwest-1,331.30; NORTH OFF: Gas & Electric/Northwestern Energy-1,358.34, Water & Sewer/City of Mitchell-29.45, Pest Control/Premier Pest Control-50.00; COORD: Postage/Qualified Presort-122.93, Postage Meter Fees/Qualified Presort-566.13; SHERIFF: Prof Serv/Davison Co Sheriff's Ofc-73.49, Radio & Equip Repair/B & L Comm-735.00, Repairs Patrol Car/Big E Auto-160.01, Charles's Shoe Repair-20.00, Iverson Chrysler Center-365.06, Vern Eide Ford Lincoln-365.06, Oil Changes/Lube Rangers-114.86, Car Wash/Mega Wash-40.00, Office Supplies/Dakota Data Shred-59.04, Innovative Office-769.14, McLeod's Printing-69.9, Field Supplies/Lewis Drug Stores-48.93, Prisoner Transport/Pennington Co Jail-120.45, Jacob Verry-140.00, Cellular Service-Verizon Wireless-573.93; JAIL: Medicine/Avera Queen of Peace Hosp-398.02, Lewis Drug Stores-1,062.36, Mitchell Clinic-187.34, Sanford Health-416.72, Fed Inmate Med-Lewis Drug Stores-69.98, Equip Repair-SGTS Inc-680.39, Office Supplies/Innovative Office-83.21, Laundry Supplies/Buhl's Drycleaners-33.84, Kitchen Supplies/Cash-Wa Distributing-176.65, Jones Supplies-249.18, Prisoner Food/Summit Food Service-9,117.90, Water Softener/Darrington Water-45.00, Contracts/Office Advantage-84.71, Minor Equip/Global Equipment Co-160.94, Inmate Serv/Swanson Services-4.27; JUV DET: Medicine/Minnehaha Co Regional-45.4, Detention/Minnehaha Co Regional-3,079.70; WELFARE: Supplies/Qualified Presort-8.26, Travel/Debra Emme-74.34, Equip/McLeod's Printing-464.50; NURSE: State Pmt/Office of Child & Family Services-3,472.37; DOM ABUSE: Dom Abuse/Mitchell Area Safehouse-625.00, Safehouse/Mitchell Area Safehouse-800.00; MENTAL ILL: Committals/Patrick Kiner-485.00, Douglas Papendick-194.00, Hearings/Lewis & Clark BHS-184.00, Minnehaha Co Auditor-38.00; FAIR: Pest Control/Premier Pest Control-50.00, Phone/Verizon Wireless-41.98; CO EXTENSION: Postage/Qualified Presort-8.25, Trvl & Conf/Debra Emme-28.56, Caroline Hansen-270.00, Utilities/CenturyLink-27.04, Minor Equip/McLeod's Printing-464.50; WEED: Utilities/Verizon Wireless-41.98; HIWAY: Repairs & Maint/A & G Diesel-85.00, Butler Machinery-210.00, Carquest of Mitchell-178.05, Dick's Towing-770.00, CHS Farmers Alliance-237.00, Graham Tire Co-168.00, Mitchell Iron & Supply-120.51, Runnings Supply-86.73, Transource-400.39, Spencer Quarries-3,945.26, Sturdevant's Auto Parts-121.02, T & A Service & Supply-48.49, Supplies & Materials/A-OX Welding-229.76, Ameripride Services-142.16, Carquest of Mitchell-638.76, Elite Business Systems-45.00, Truenorth Steel-17,419.96, Jones Supplies-164.98, McLeod's Printing-25.99, Runnings Supply-357.78, Sturdevant's Auto Parts-27.07, Utilities/Northwestern Energy-605.49, Verizon Wireless-108.79, Signage & Materials/Runnings Supply-22.99, Bridge Repair/North Central Seed-38.50, Runnings Supply-822.28, Projects/Civil Design Inc-28,137.00, Hollaway Construction-23,867.39, Other Projects/SD Dept of Transportation-4,809.81; EM: Supplies/Menards-41.51, Travel & Conf/Holiday Inn Spearfish-231.00, Mark Jenniges-219.20, Utilities/CenturyLink-13.52, City of Mitchell-15.75, Northwestern Energy-61.54, Verizon Wireless-72.04, Em Accuml/Verizon Wireless-117.82; DOM ABUSE 229: Dom Abuse/Mitchell Area Safehouse-2,750.00; LIABILITIES: Fairgrounds Rent/Mitchell School District-250.00, Fair Dep/Treasure Town-200.00.
Commissioner-$6,964.40, Election-$737.92, Auditor-$14,190.13, Treasurer-$9,922.45, State’s Attorney-$27,565.14, Public Safety Building-$9,050.44, Gen. Government Building-$2,886.40, Director of Equalization-$20,672.84, Register of Deeds-$10,885.33, North Offices-$3,914.18, Veterans’ Services-$3,271.86, County Coordinator-$484.20, 24/7 Program-$2,039.06, Sheriff-$38,286.52, County Jail-$87,469.52, Coroner-$625.00, Juvenile Detention-$285.39, Emergency Management-$5,400.46, County Road & Bridge-$42,332.96, Welfare-$1,665.63, Community Health Nurses-$2,665.60, WIC-$2,705.61, Fairgrounds-$3,087.38, Extension-$921.03, Weed Control-$1,344.00, Planning/Zoning-$3,674.90.
Motion by Claggett, second by Weitala to authorize chairperson to sign department head timesheets as supervisor. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
Motion by Claggett, second by Weitala to approve the low quote of $15,500.00 from Du-All Construction for the repair of the basement in the courthouse. All members voted aye. Motion carried.
At 12:35 a.m., Chairperson Bode adjourned the meeting and set the next regular Board of Commissioners meeting for September 29th at 9:00 a.m.
Susan Kiepke, Auditor
Brenda Bode, Chairperson
Published 1 time at the total approx. cost of $146.02.
(Sept. 30, 2020)