RESOLUTION NO. R2022-65 PROPOSED RESOLUTION DECLARING THE NECESSITY FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF EXCAVATION, STORM SEWER, GRAVEL BASE, ASPHALT SURFACING, TOPSOIL, SEEDING, OTHER ITEMS TO CONSTRUCT ROADWAY, MISC ITEMS, ENGINEERING FEES, MISCELLANEOUS EXPENSES ON CERTAIN STREETS IN THE CITY OF MITCHELL, SOUTH DAKOTA BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF MITCHELL, SOUTH DAKOTA SECTION 1. That it is deemed necessary to improve certain streets in the City of Mitchell, South Dakota as follows: THE PROPERTY OWNER WILL HAVE 30 DAYS AFTER THE COLLECTION HEARING TO PAY FOR THEIR ASSESMENT WITHOUT INTEREST. AFTER 30 DAYS, INTEREST WILL BE ADDED AT A RATE OF 8% OR AS DETERMINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL. IN NOVEMBER THE BALANCE DUE ON THE ASSESMENT GETS SENT TO THE COUNTY AUDITOR AND SPLIT INTO 10 ANNUAL EQUAL PAYMENTS THAT WILL BE TAKEN OUT OF FIRST HALF OF THE TAX PAYMENT FOR THAT PROPERTY. Segment 2022-01: 800 Block of Quince Street Construction of a 4” thick Asphalt Concrete Mat and 12” Gravel Base with Storm Sewer Engineering Fees, Miscellaneous Expenses and Accessories. LOT BLK. ADDITION ESTIMATED ASSESSMENT 1* Block 12, Ex. S 396’ of N 490’ of W 231’ 12 Morningview $46,483.75 2* Block 11, Less Lots 2 and 3 but including 11 Morningview $23,149.41 the S 70’ of Lot 2 3* Lot 3 11 Morningview $21,536.34 4* That area on North Side of Quince Street Morningview $74,089.00 6 6 MLC Addition TOTAL ASSESSMENT AMOUNT $165,258.50 * Lots assessed for FRONT YARD according to Section 2d. # Lots assessed for INTERSECTION according to Section 2B and 2c. ^ Lots assessed for BENEFIT according to Section 2e. SECTION 2. That it is deemed necessary to levy a special assessment to defray the expense thereof, and that the cost thereof shall be proportioned as follows: That the method of apportioning or assessing the cost of the said improvements or payment against all assessable lots, tracts and parcels of land shall be according to the following schedules: a. The total Cost of the street, alley or utility improvements shall be assessed according to the front footage of the property fronting on the improvements. b. The Total Cost of the street or alley improvements shall be divided equally between all lots benefiting from the improvements. c. shall be to all lots, tracts, or parcels of land according to the area of each to include 1/2 of the property between the street improvement and the next street, whether or not such property abut such street or not, but in no case shall any property situated more than 300’ from such intersection be assessed. d. footage of the property fronting or abutting on the improvements. The estimated cost for the street portion is estimated at $65.89 a lineal foot, this does not include intersection, benefit or corner lot costs. Per side BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Engineering Department prepare and file in the office of the Finance Officer for the examination of all interested parties, plans, and specifications to be used in the construction thereof; and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a hearing will be held upon such construction of proposed street and alley improvements, as provided by statue and notice thereof be given as provided by law. Passed and approved this 17th day of October, 2022. ______________________________________ Mayor Attest: ______________________________________ Finance Officer [SEAL] Published 1 time at the total approximate cost of $72.16 and may be viewed free of charge at (Oct. 22, 2022) 113699