Regular Meeting, Ethan Town Board, 9-9-2020 The Town of Ethan board met in regular session on September 9, 2020, at 6:00 pm in the Ethan City Hall.

Regular Meeting, Ethan Town Board, 9-9-2020
The Town of Ethan board met in regular session on September 9, 2020, at 6:00 pm in the Ethan City Hall. Trustees present were Lisa Hjellum, Gregg Thibodeau, Jason Koch, Megan Perry and Bob Riggs. City personnel present: Betty Raymond and Dave Duba. Others present: Jason and Arin Riggs and Duane Duba.
Chairman Thibodeau called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance. All motions were unanimously voted as aye unless stated otherwise.
APPROVAL OF AGENDA: The agenda was approved on motion by Hjellum, second by Riggs.
APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes from the August 10th meeting were corrected to read that Thibodeau was against hiring an outside contractor to assist in cleaning up private property due to liability concerns. Minutes were approved as corrected on motion by Hjellum, second by Riggs. There were no Community Center minutes.
APPROVAL OF CLAIMS: Motion by Perry, second by Koch, to approve claims. General, sewer, water, preservation and community center funds * employee and board wages - board wages $346.32, Finance wages $1189.11; Public Works wages, $2669.83; Hanson Rural Water System, $4881.50; Card Services, $76.43; Farmers Alliance, spray $85.45; Badger Meter, $70.95; Betty Raymond, mileage for August $46.20; Clark Paving, patching & repair $21,496.98; Daily Republic, publishing $55.29; Dakota Pump, backup pump $3788.11; Mike's Corner, fuel $139.75; NorthWestern Energy, utilities $1085.64; Santel, telephone $152.25; SD Assoc of Rural Water Systems, camera sewer $500.00; SD Department of Revenue, malt beverage license $150.00; SD Department of Health, water test $15.00; Weber Sanitation, garbage service $1422.00; John Deere Financial, tractor payment $640.51; SD Department of Revenue, sales tax $105.53; QuickBooks Payroll Services $3858.94; USDA, loan payment $1023.00.
FINANCIAL REPORTS: Finance Officer discussed current financials. Reviewed information from District III meeting. Informed council that the letter regarding the goat was sent.
PUBLIC WORKS REPORT: Discussed water loss report. Dave reported on the recent street work. He also presented the evaluation done on the lagoon from the recent training program. By doing the training here the evaluation was completed at a savings of $4250 to the town.
CITIZEN INPUT: Riggs asked about changing the city ordinances to allow bottle calves in town. This will be on the agenda for the next meeting.
Hydro-Klean: Dave presented the proposal for repairing 2 manholes. Approved on motion by Hjellum, second by Koch.
Budget - 1st reading: Discussed the budget and did make a change to allow purchase of office equipment.
Nuisance Report: Discussed the weed situation around town and how to get properties cleaned up. Riggs will do a follow up with property owners and present his findings next meeting.
Malt Beverage License: Jason and Arin Riggs dba Feedlot 42 requested a malt beverage license for the convenience store they will be opening within a few months. Approved on motion by Hjellum, second by Bob Riggs.
Building Permit: Scott Kirchhevel applied for a permit to build a new shed. Approved on motion by Riggs, second by Koch.
Ordinance Discussion: Discussed animal permits and the existing animal ordinance. Motion to table discussion to next meeting made by Hjellum, second by Perry. Finance Officer stated that District III is no longer doing ordinances and presented information from American Legal, a company recommended by SD Municipal League. After discussion motion was made by Hjellum, second by Koch, to proceed with American Legal.
COVID Relief Fund: Discussed possible reimbursement of additional expenses caused by the COVID pandemic. Resolution to participate in Cares Act was approved on motion by Perry, second by Riggs.
Amend 2019 Budget: Received FEMA funds for the first 2019 flood. Will review the budget for amendment at the next meeting.
Third Street Ditch Repair: Discussed reimbursing the school for part of the ditch repair work done. Motion by Hjellum, second by Riggs, to reimburse the school in the amount of $3000.
Office change: Finance Officer asked about changing the window between office and lobby to be a pass-through window so people wouldn't be in the office itself. Council asked for quotes on the cost.
Change Office Hours: Finance Officer requested reducing office hours to 9 am to 3 pm, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Council is okay with the change which will take effect November 1st. No motion was needed.
Ethan Lake: The land around Ethan Lake is being sold. City was asked if they would be interested in having the park area as city property. More information will be requested regarding maintenance, insurance and cost.
EXECUTIVE SESSION (per SDCL 1-25-2, 1): None
The next board meeting will be September 21st at 6:00 pm. Motion by Hjellum, second by Riggs, to adjourn at 7:38 pm.
Betty Raymond
Finance Officer
Gregg Thibodeau
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