Regular Meeting, Ethan Town Board, 4-13-2020 The Town of Ethan board met in regular session on April 13, 2020, at 6:00 pm in the Ethan City Hall.

Regular Meeting,
Ethan Town Board, 4-13-2020

The Town of Ethan board met in regular session on April 13, 2020, at 6:00 pm in the Ethan City Hall. Trustees present were Lisa Hjellum and Nancy Schoenfelder with Gregg Thibodeau, Jason Koch and Megan Perry via phone conference. City personnel present: Betty Raymond in office and Dave Duba via phone.
Chairman Hjellum called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance.
All motions were unanimously voted as aye unless stated otherwise.
APPROVAL OF AGENDA: The chip seal contract was added to the agenda under Old Business and the amended agenda was approved on motion by Perry, second by Koch.
APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes from the March 9th, 19th, 27th and 31st meetings were approved on motion by Schoenfelder, second by Thibodeau. There were no Community Center minutes.
APPROVAL OF CLAIMS: Motion by Thibodeau, second by Perry, to approve claims.
General, sewer, water, preservation and community center funds * employee and board wages – board wages $1469.60, Finance wages $1225.18; Public Works wages, $2712.43; Daily Republic, publishing $134.91; Hanson Rural Water System, $4007.25; SD Retirement Systems $597.94; Myron Lippert Estate, refund $18.00; Allison Brink, meter refund $71.74; Badger Meter, monthly fee $124.95; Card Services, postage and supplies $693.07; Daily Republic, publishing $744.22; Davison County Auditor, patrol $1800.00; Electrical Engineering & Equipment, repair $439.26; Ethan Historical, matching grant $500.00; Menards, supplies $22.95; Mike’s Corner, fuel $144.00; NorthWestern Energy, utilities $1863.09; Santel, telephone $153.56; SD Department of Health, testing $276.00; USA Blue Book, testing supplies $68.25; Weber Sanitation, garbage service $1594.00; John Deere Financial, tractor payment $640.51; QuickBooks Payroll Services $3937.61; SD Dept of Revenue, sales tax $108.32; US Treasury, employment taxes $1262.62;; USDA, loan payment $1023.00.
FINANCIAL REPORTS: Finance Officer discussed current financials.
PUBLIC WORKS REPORT: Discussed water loss report. Discussed repairs done to 10 manholes stating that flow to lagoon is down somewhat. More repair needed. Second impeller at the lagoon has been repaired,
OLD BUSINESS: Ordinance Update: It was suggested at a previous meeting that the time be changed for the meetings. No time is listed in City Ordinances so therefore no change is necessary. The meeting time can be set by motion of the council if needed.
Internal Control Review: The report has not been returned as yet and probably will not be until pandemic restrictions are lifted.
COVID-19 Updates: Discussed current information from the state. Finance Officer said she may cut back on hours due to less office traffic and will work as needed in the office or from home.
Chip Seal Contract: Reviewed the contract for chip sealing the east/west streets this summer. Contract is for a little more than last time, but this new procedure should last at least twice as long therefore being more cost effective. Dave asked about places where the streets are breaking up and asked the council to advise him on which areas should be patched first. Finance Office indicated that nothing has been heard back from District III regarding grant applications. Contract approved on motion by Thibodeau, second by Koch.
NEW BUSINESS City Wide Clean Up: Date is tentatively set for May 14th and 15th with dumpsters picked up on Saturday the 16th. Finance Officer is to check on the availability of the dumpsters and put a notice on the water bill and by text message when the date is finalized. Discussed sending letters to property owners whose property is in violation of City Ordinance. A general letter of notice will go out to all individuals, and then after the clean up date, letters will be sent to those properties that still need attention. It was noted that the city is unable to take tires as there was no grant this year. All tires must be taken the Mitchell landfill at the expense of the individual.
EXECUTIVE SESSION (per SDCL 1-25-2, 1): None
The next board meeting will be May 11th at 6:00 pm.
Motion by Schoenfelder, second by Thibodeau, to adjourn at 6:50 pm.
Betty Raymond
Finance Officer

Lisa Hjellum
Published once at the approximate cost of $120.08.