Regular Meeting, Ethan Town Board, 4-10-

Regular Meeting, Ethan Town Board, 4-10-2023 The Town of Ethan board met in regular session on April 10th, 2023, at 6:00 pm in the Ethan City Hall. Trustees present were Gregg Thibodeau, Bob Riggs, Megan Perry, and Raquel Nesheim. City personnel present: Dave Duba and Michele Pollreisz. Trustees absent: Jason Koch Chairman Thibodeau called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance. All motions were unanimously voted as aye unless stated otherwise. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Motion made by Riggs, second by Perry to approve adding Ham Bingo under New Business. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes from the March 13th, 2023 meeting were approved on motion by Riggs, second by Nesheim. No Community Center minutes. FINANCIAL REPORTS: Finance Officer reviewed the financial reports from March 2023. PUBLIC WORKS REPORT: Discussed water loss report and upcoming road repairs. CITIZEN INPUT: None. APPROVAL OF CLAIMS: Motion by Perry, second by Riggs, to approve claims. General, sewer, water, preservation and community center funds * employee and board wages – board wages $369.39, Finance wages $2336.46; Public Works wages $3118.26; Card Services $105.56; Daily Republic $107.83; Davison County Auditor $1800.00; ELO Prof LLC $100.00; ELO Prof LLC $100.00; Hanson Rural Water; water services $3302.00; Mikes Corner $875.35 ; Northwestern Energy $2236.30; Santel Communications $141.87; SD Association of Rural Water $100.00; SD Dept of Health $15.00; SD Federal Property Agency $34.00; SD Workers Comp Fund $146.00; SD Retirement Systems $837.06; Weber Sanitation $1932.00; Weber Sanitation $1968.00; Century Business Products $76.53; John Deere Financial $640.51; John Deere Financial $640.51; QuickBooks Payroll Services $5454.72; SD Dept of Revenue $126.07; USDA-RD $1023.00; US Treasury $1648.68. OLD BUSINESS: Chickens- Tabled until the next meeting when all board members will be present. Shawn Jerke-New home- Discussed and tabled. Back taxes-Tabled NEW BUSINESS: Elect officials- Tabled until May meeting when all board members will be present. Ammo Box malt beverage license- Approved on motion by Nesheim, second by Perry. Annual Report: The 2022 Annual Report was presented by Finance Officer. After review, approved on motion by Riggs, second by Perry. Minutes adjustment- Removed Nuisance properties- Discussed and letters will be sent out. Badger meter credit- Payment was made at the end of 2022 to cover 2023 service charges. Michele Continuing education- Will be attending a leadership class in Mitchell on April 25th and plans to attend HR and FO school in Pierre in June 2023. Approved on motion by Riggs, second by Perry, CHS fuel credit-Discussed and tabled. Spring Cleanup- Planning to have dumpsters available by City Hall May 18th-21st for City wide cleanup. EXECUTIVE SESSION: SDL 1-25-2 (1 & 4): None Next regular board meeting is scheduled for May 8th, 2023 at 6:00 pm. Motion by Nesheim, second by Riggs, to adjourn at 6:50 pm. _____________ Michele Pollreisz Finance Officer _____________ Gregg Thibodeau Chairman Published once at the total approximate cost of $33.93 and may be viewed free of charge at (April 15, 2023) 213233