Regular Meeting, Ethan Town Board, 10-13-2021 The Town of Ethan board met in regular session on October 13th, 2021, at 6:03 pm in the Ethan City Hall.

Regular Meeting, Ethan Town Board, 10-13-2021
The Town of Ethan board met in regular session on October 13th, 2021, at 6:03 pm in the Ethan City Hall. Trustees present were Jason Koch, Gregg Thibodeau, Megan Perry, Bob Riggs, and Raquel Nesheim. City personnel present: Michele Pollreisz and Dave Duba. Also, present Betty Raymond.
Chairman Thibodeau called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance. All motions were unanimously voted as aye unless stated otherwise.
APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Agenda approved on motion by Nesheim, second by Riggs.
APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes from the September 13th meeting were approved on motion by Riggs, second by Perry. No Community Center minutes.
APPROVAL OF CLAIMS: Motion by Koch, second by Nesheim, to approve claims. General, sewer, water, preservation and community center funds * employee and board wages - board wages $738.81, Finance wages $2217.94; Public Works wages, $2793.99; SD Retirement System $38.05; Aaron Electric $400.00; Agland Coop, seed $500.00; American Legal, ordinances $391.40; Badger Meter $124.95; Betty Raymond, training fee $268.00; Card Services, various expenses $172.00; Drew Carroll, deposit refund $72.33; Frank Cutts, deposit refund $74.30; Daily Republic, publishing $46.29; Davison County Auditor $1800.00; Ethan FFA, community grant $500.00; Maxwell and Bowar, insurance $669.00; Mcleod's Printing, office supplies $25.94; Mebius Nursery, seeder rental $300.00; Menards, supplies $116.26; Mike's Corner, fuel $202.18; NorthWestern Energy, utilities $1016.65; Runnings, supplies $141.04; Santel, telephone $133.97; SD Department of Health, testing $15.00; Weber Sanitation, garbage service $1863.76; Century Business Products, copier lease $74.92; John Deere Financial, tractor payment $640.51; QuickBooks Payroll Services $5011.93; USDA, loan payment $1023.00. Zachary Webb, deposit refund $79.70.
FINANCIAL REPORTS: Finance Officer reviewed the financial reports from September.
PUBLIC WORKS REPORT: Discussed water loss report and noted that water loss was low this month. Skunk issue in town has been resolved the last couple weeks. Slide for the park has been delivered and will be installed.
Community Center: Hohn Construction has been contacted and will be repairing the awning and gutters on ECC. Betty Raymond has contacted ECL to get bids on automatic door closure for side door.
Security Cameras: Gregg, Dave and Jason will be installing them soon at the park and ECC.
Housing Project: Tabled until next meeting.
Lucas Device: Tabled until next meeting. Waiting to hear back from company,
Hazard Mitigation: Bypassed as already discussed in financial report.
Community Grant: Discussed grant for Ethan Development Corp to do landscaping around the apartments. Approved on motion by Perry, second by Nesheim.
New Courtesy Form: Will be sending out Courtesy Letters for unlicensed and abandoned vehicles. Fines will be assessed for non-compliance per ordinance. Approved on motion by Koch, second by Perry.
Fines for ordinance violation: Discussed the ordinance which allows fines for violation of any ordinance. Notice will be given for violations. If no action is taken, fines will be imposed per city ordinance.
Park updates: Broken up concrete along bike path will be getting fixed. Council approved purchasing a new volleyball net and tetherball. Motion by Nesheim, second by Riggs.
Executive Session: SDL 1-25-2 (1 & 4): None
Next regular board meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 8th at 6:00 pm.
Motion by Riggs, second by Perry, to adjourn at 7:01 pm.
Michele Pollreisz
Finance Officer
Gregg Thibodeau
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