PUBLIC NOTICE The South Dakota Departmen

PUBLIC NOTICE The South Dakota Department of Transportation, Office of Air, Rail and Transit is accepting applications for rural public transportation funding (Section 5311), provided through financial assistance grants from the Federal Transit Administration, Palace Transit, 300 W 1st Ave, Mitchell, SD 57301 presents notification of intent to apply. This notice offers the opportunity for a public hearing, submittal of service proposals or comments regarding the project. Interested public or private transit or paratransit providers are invited to comment on this proposal or submit proposals to provide the service. Requests for a public hearing, comments, or request for a copy of the Section 5311 proposal should be directed to: Jessica Pickett, 300 W 1st Ave, Mitchell, SD 57301 by May 31, 2023. Published 2 times at the total approximate cost of $17.51 and may be viewed free of charge at (May 5 & 13, 2023) 221361