NOTICE OF SURFACE WATER DISCHARGE APPLICATION AND RECOMMENDATION The South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources (DANR) has received an application for a Surface Water Discharge (SWD) permit from the following applicant: APPLICANT NAME: Rosedale Hutterian Brethren PERMIT NUMBER: SD0028177 FACILITY LOCATION: Approximately 9.5 miles southeast of Mitchell, SD in the northeast ¼ of Section 23, Township 102 North, Range 59 West, in Hanson County, South Dakota (Latitude 43.623889°, Longitude -97.869561°) MAILING ADDRESS: 25986 Rosedale Rd Mitchell, SD 57301 The proposed Surface Water Discharge permit will allow the discharge of pollutants from the Rosedale Hutterian Brethren’s wastewater treatment facility. Any discharge from this facility will enter the James River. The James River has been assigned the following beneficial uses: (5) Warmwater semipermanent fish life propagation waters; (8) Limited contact recreation waters; (9) Fish and wildlife propagation, recreation, and stock watering waters; and (10) Irrigation waters. An antidegradation review was conducted in accordance with ARSD Section 74:51:01:36. Results show an insignificant change in water quality and no further review is required. Tentative determinations regarding the water quality limits for any discharge and other conditions have been made by DANR. The Surface Water Discharge permit specifies the quality of water that can be discharged and still protect the uses of the receiving water. The draft discharge permit and supporting documents are available from DANR at the address listed below. In accordance with the Administrative Rules of South Dakota, Chapter 74:50:02, any person desiring to comment on the Department’s recommendation for the conditional issuance of this permit must submit written comments to the below address within the specified thirty (30) day comment period. Comments may be directed to the following address: South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Water Quality Program, Joe Foss Building, 523 East Capitol, Pierre, SD 57501. Comments may also be provided within the specified thirty (30) day comment period using the online comment form, accessible via the “Comment Deadline” links provided a Any person desiring a public hearing must file a petition which complies with the ARSD 74:50:02. If no objections are received within the specified 30-day period, the Secretary will issue final determinations within sixty days of the date of this notice. Additional information may be obtained by calling Evelyn Dalldorf, Engineer II, with DANR, at (605) 773-3351, or by writing to the address listed above. Hunter Roberts Secretary Published 1 time at the total approximate cost of $31.31 and may be viewed free of charge at (May 3, 2023) 219763