NOTICE OF INTENT TO OPERATE UNDER THE GENERAL PERMIT FOR RESTRICTED USE SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL FACILITIES UNDER THE SOUTH DAKOTA SOLID WASTE PROGRAM The town of Ethan, PO Box 25, Ethan, SD 57334, Phone 605-227-4230 has applied for renewal of a general permit to operate a restricted use solid waste facility authorized by the South Dakota Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Waste Management Program. The facility is comprised of less than 10 acres located in the SE ¼ in Section 2, Township 101N, Range 60W, Davison County, South Dakota. The Town of Ethan is the operator and landowner of the facility located 1.5 miles north & .5 miles west of the Town of Ethan. Waste to be accepted at the facility includes trees, compost yard waste materials, construction & demolition debris, concrete and scrap metal. Estimated annual tonnage of waste to be accepted and managed is less than 132 ton per year. Additional information about the facility may be obtained by contacting City Hall. BY THE ORDER OF THE TOWN BOARD /s/ Michele Pollreisz Finance Officer Published 1 time at the total approximate cost of $14.29 and may be viewed free of charge at (Feb. 22, 2023)