NOTICE OF HEARING TO REVIEW FUTURE USE WATER PERMIT NOS. 4456-3 and 4456A-3 Notice is given that the Water Management Board will review Future Use Permit Nos. 4456-3 and 4456A-3 held by the Aurora-Brule Rural Water System Inc, Wade Blasius, Manager, PO Box 140, Kimball SD 57355 for progress made in the development of the water reserved by the permits and future plans for development of the water reserved by the permits. Permit No. 4456-3 was approved in 1979 and currently reserves 621 acre-feet from the Missouri River. Permit No. 4456A-3 corrected the location of the Missouri River diversion point which is in the NW 1/4 SW 1/4 Section 21-T104N-R71W. The rural water system serves users in Aurora, Buffalo, Brule, Davison, Douglas, and Jerauld Counties. Pursuant to SDCL 46-2A-2 the Chief Engineer of the Water Rights Program recommends that Permit Nos. 4456-3 and 4456A-3 REMAIN in EFFECT for 621 acre-feet annually because 1) the reserved water may be developed, 2) there is need for the reserved water 3) the proposed use will be a beneficial use and 4) it is in the public interest. The Chief Engineer’s recommendation with qualifications is available at or contact Ron Duvall for this information, or other information, at the Water Rights Program address provided below. The Water Management Board will conduct the hearing to review Future Use Permit Nos. 4456-3 and 4456A-3 on July 6, 2022 at 9:30 am (Central Time), Floyd Matthew Training Center, Joe Foss Bldg, 523 E Capitol Ave., Pierre SD. The recommendation of the Chief Engineer is not final or binding upon the Board and the Board is authorized to 1) allow the permits to remain in effect, 2) amend the permits by adding qualifications, 3) cancel the permits for no development or no planned future development, or 4) take no action after it reaches a conclusion based upon facts presented at the public hearing. Any person who intends to participate in the hearing before the Board and present evidence or cross-examine witnesses according to SDCL 1-26, shall allege that the renewal of the future use permits, upon approval, will cause injury to the person that is unique from any injury suffered by the public in general. The injury must concern a matter either within the regulatory authority found in SDCL 46-2A-9 for approval or denial of the renewal, or other matter concerning the renewal within the regulatory authority of the board to act upon as defined by SDCL 46-2-9 and 46-2-11, or both. Any person meeting the petitioner requirements and wishing to be a party of record in a contested case hearing shall file a written petition with BOTH the permit owner and the Chief Engineer. A petition opposing the renewal shall be filed on a form provided by the Chief Engineer. The petition form is available online at or by contacting the Chief Engineer. The Chief Engineer’s address is “Water Rights Program”, Joe Foss Building, 523 E Capitol Ave, Pierre SD 57501” or call (605) 773-3352. The permit holder’s mailing address is given above. If contesting the Chief Engineer’s recommendation, the permit owner shall also file a petition. A petition filed by either an interested person or the permit owner must be filed by June 6, 2022. The petition shall be in writing and shall include a statement describing the unique injury upon renewal of the future use permits on the petitioner, the reasons for petitioner’s opposition to renewal of the future use permits, and the name and mailing address of the petitioner or his legal counsel if legal counsel is obtained. The hearing to review Future Use Permit Nos. 4456-3 and 4456A-3 will be conducted pursuant to the provisions of SDCL 46-1-14, 46-2-5, 46-2-9, 46-2-11, 46-5-38.1; Board Rules ARSD 74:02:01:25.01 thru 74:02:01:25.03; and contested case procedures contained in SDCL 1-26. This hearing is an adversary proceeding. The permit owner or any person, after filing a petition, has the right to be present or to be represented by a lawyer. These and other due process rights will be forfeited if they are not exercised. Decisions of the Board may be appealed to the Circuit Court and State Supreme Court as provided by law. The time of the hearing will be automatically delayed for at least 20 days upon written request of the permit owner or any person who has filed a petition to oppose renewal of the Future Use Permits. The request for a delay must be filed with the Chief Engineer by June 6, 2022. Any interested person may file a comment on the future use permits renewal with the Chief Engineer. The comment shall be filed on a form provided by the Chief Engineer and is available online at or by calling (605) 773-3352 or writing the Chief Engineer at the address provided above. Filing a comment does not make the commenter a party of record or a participant in any hearing that may be held. Any comment must be filed by June 6, 2022. Notice is given to individuals with disabilities that this hearing is being held in a physically accessible place. Please notify the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources at least 48 hours before the hearing if you have a disability for which special arrangements must be made at the hearing. The telephone number for making arrangements is (605) 773-3352. Under SDCL 1-26-17(7) notices must state that “if the amount in controversy exceeds $2,500.00 or if a property right may be terminated, any party to the contested case may require the agency to use the Office of Hearing Examiners by giving notice of the request to the agency no later than ten days after service of a notice of hearing issued pursuant to SDCL 1-26-17.” This is a Notice of Hearing, service is being provided by publication, and the applicable date to give notice to the Chief Engineer is June 6, 2022. However, since this particular matter is a future use permit renewal and not a monetary controversy in excess of $2,500.00 or termination of a property right the Chief Engineer disputes the applicability of this provision and maintains that the hearing must be conducted by the Board. Published once at the total approximate cost of $62.93. (May 25, 2022) 66472