NOTICE OF HEARING FOR ORDINANCE CODIFYING AND AMENDING PROVISIONS RELATING TO BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. 2 WITHIN THE CITY OF MITCHELL To: All motel/hotel occupants/operators and owners of the real estate upon which all such motel/hotel(s) are situated. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the City Council of the City of Mitchell, SD, did pass Resolution R2022-07, A Resolution of Intent to Codify and Amend Business Improvement District 2 (BID 2), on March 7, 2022. In relation thereto, the City Council shall hold a hearing relating to such proposed ordinance (Ordinance O2022-05) on April 18, 2022 at 6:00 P.M. at the City Council Chambers in City Hall, 612 N Main Street, Mitchell, SD 57301, to consider the codification of provisions relating to BID 2, to provide such further changes as may be contained within the proposed ordinance, including an increase of the occupational tax rate from $1.50 per rented room per night to $2.00 per rented room per night. A copy of the Resolution of Intent (Resolution R2022-07) relating to this matter is attached to this notice and hereby incorporated by reference. The amendments proposed, if enacted via Ordinance O2022-05, shall be in accordance with the terms, provisions, and limitations of such Resolution of Intent. At such hearing, the City Council shall: 1. Hear any protests and receive evidence for or against the proposed action; 2. Rule upon written protests received prior to the close of the hearing, which ruling shall be final. 3. Continue the hearing from time to time as the Governing Body deems necessary. The proceedings shall terminate if written protest is made prior to the close of the hearing by a majority of owners of hotels and motels affected by the proposed amendments to City of Mitchell BID No. 2. Dated this ____ day of March, 2022. CITY OF MITCHELL, SD (seal) ______________________________________ Michelle Bathke – City Finance Officer Enclosure: Copy of Resolution R2022-07 Published twice at the approximate cost of $41.59. (March 12 & 19, 2022) 40335