MT. VERNON CITY COUNCIL Special City Council Meeting Minutes March 22, 2021 A special meeting of the Mt.

MT. VERNON CITY COUNCIL Special City Council Meeting Minutes March 22, 2021
A special meeting of the Mt. Vernon City Council was called to order at 7:00 pm by Mayor Weston Frank, with the following other council members present: B. Hohbach, D. Anderson, D. Maltsberger, D. Renken, C. Powell, and D. London,. Also present: Maint. Officer G. Deinert and Fin. Officer L. Mayclin. In attendance for public participation were: Derek and Melinda Grohs and Jennifer Booth. Pledge of Allegiance was recited to begin the meeting. All motions are unanimously approved unless otherwise noted. Renken made motion to approve the payment of the following bills for recent snow removal, seconded by Powell:
The Grohs are looking to build on Lots 24 & 25 Northview Addition, of which Eric Denning is the current owner. In order to develop the Northview Addition, the sewer will need to be extended to serve those lots. Discussion included the cost to extend the sewer lines, and who should pay for these costs. The cost will need to be determined by SPN. Hohbach will contact them. The question of who pays the cost to develop the lots will depend on the cost determined by SPN. Council discussed the amount of time it would take to acquire additional tax revenue to pay for the cost of development. The City of Mitchell places the burden for these costs on the developer, but as a small town, we may not have the same luxury, as we want to encourage growth in the community. Motion by London, second by Renken to seek bid from SPN on the cost to extend sewer service to the six undeveloped lots of the Northview Addition. Booth was in attendance, because after reading recent minutes about the Fire Department seeking council approval for a fundraiser, she wondered if it was necessary to get council approval for same. Council advised her it isn't necessary for her to get approval for a fundraiser. Anderson mentioned a recent call he received, questioning if we would be turning in management costs for FEMA reimbursement. As we do not have enough management costs to qualify, we will not be submitting costs to FEMA. Anderson will let FEMA know. Motion to adjourn by London, seconded by Anderson at 7:40 pm.
Weston Frank
Laura Mayclin
Finance Officer
Wermers 60.00 Snow Removal
Weston Frank 420.00 Snow Removal
Dan London 140.00 Snow Removal
Frank Kobold 200.00 Snow Removal
Blake Miller 200.00 Snow Removal
Published 1 time at the total approximate cost of $27.26
(March 27, 2021)2881480