MT. VERNON CITY COUNCIL Council Minutes August 15, 2022 The regular meeting of the Mt. Vernon City Council was called to order at 7:00 pm by Council President Dave Anderson, with the following council members present: D. Renken, C. Powell, S. Kayser and D. Moke. Also present: Maint. Officer G. Deinert, Fin. Officer L. Mayclin and Mike Kluth, representing the Mt. Vernon Volunteer Fire Department. Pledge of Allegiance was recited to begin the meeting. All motions are unanimously approved unless otherwise stated. Motion by Renken, second by Powell to approve the agenda. Kluth needed verification that the city is in agreement to move forward with the purchase of the existing fire station. Council advised that Mayor Frank has been given the go ahead to sign the purchase documents. Motion by Kayser, second by Moke to adjust the 2022 budget as follows. Whereas, the City Council has determined that the 2022 budget requires adjustment. NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that the City Council of the City of Mt. Vernon hereby authorizes the following General Fund adjustments: Parks Department $8,000; Highway Dept. Drainage ($8,000) and The Hall $9,000; Highway Dept. Maintenance Help ($9,000.) Motion by Moke, second by Kayser to approve consent items for July. The following were approved: Financial Statement, Council Minutes, General Fund Balances, Credits Report/Bank Statement and Payment of Bills. BILLS: OLD BUSINESS 1. Council believes we need a smart thermostat at The Hall that can be adjusted off-site to try to save on electric bills and keep from being too low in winter, causing damage. 2. Moke is following up with code enforcement officer on violations. Anderson gave update on 312 E. 4th, saying the county is the holder of certificate for tax sale, and in order to be paid for mowing we would need to file a lien on the property. There would be no guarantee for payment upon property being sold, since it is owned by the county. The mowing season is almost over, so the plan is to continue to mow it and hope the property is sold to a new owner soon. 3. FEMA is requesting a form to show the 2019 disaster is closed and all work complete. Motion by Powell, second by Renken to authorize signing of form. Anderson will be sending same to them. According to projections from FEMA, there is little to no difference in the flood mapping with the gate open or closed. Mayclin will draft a letter to residents that will be affected. There will be a meeting with the community on September 21, and 90 days later the maps will be set. 4. Motion by Renken, second by Powell to approve the 2nd reading of the following amendments to Ordinance TITLE 1 – ADMINISTRATION, CHAPTER 4, ELECTED OFFICIALS. NOW THEREFORE BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF MT. VERNON TO BE AMENDED AS FOLLOWS: Section 1.4.9 Titled Regular Meetings. The regular meetings of the Mt. Vernon City Council shall be held on the first Monday after the first Wednesday of each month, unless changed by the city council. If the meeting date falls on a holiday a new meeting date will be set by motion. Special meetings may be called at any time by the Mayor to consider such matters as may be mentioned in the call for the meeting. Public notice will be posted 24 hours prior to meetings at the bulletin board by Post Office. AND Section 1.4.11 Titled Meeting Rules and Format. The rules and order of business for City Council meetings shall be determined by the City Council. 5. Powell will lead the committee to interview applicants for the Maintenance Supervisor position. The committee will consist of Powell, Moke and Renken. 6. The railroad crossing is much improved with the light repair that was recently completed. Council looks forward to additional repairs in the future. NEW BUSINESS 1. G. Deinert reported the water house pump went down, and wonders if we should file an insurance claim. He is looking to see about a different pump that pulls from a higher level, to avoid the bottom of the tank, which is less pure. Deinert will be gone August 25-27. 2. Mayclin reported that ARPA funds have been delayed, as only the state portion was received, not the cities’ portions. She also mentioned an upcoming District III meeting on August 31. 3. Council selected the salary rates for 2023, choosing to give increase of 4% to employees and keep the council and mayor salaries the same. 4. Council had the first reading of the 2023 budget. 5. Anderson described a program from ARPA funds and the state for housing loans. Applications are being accepted for anyone interested in the program. 6. Council is looking at the alcoholic beverage license fees to see if they need adjusting. We will research and look at it again at the September meeting. 7. Executive Session for personnel and legal SDCL 1-25-2.1 and 2.3. was not necessary. Motion by Powell, second by Renken to adjourn at 8:45 p.m. Dave Anderson Council President Laura Mayclin Finance Officer GENERAL Weston Frank 170.85 wages David Anderson 60.03 wages Connor Powell 60.03 wages Dave Renken 60.03 wages Sherri Kayser 60.03 wages Roger DeKok 60.03 wages Darin Moke 60.03 wages Ardis Overweg 566.06 wages Gene Deinert 3,300.16 wages Laura Mayclin 978.48 wages Chris Mayer 1,688.48 wages Glen Wentland 79.46 wages MV School 75.00 rent Davison Rural Water 10,684.00 water SD Retirement 554.64 retire Verizon 61.40 util Santel 236.24 util Northwestern Energy 1,342.38 util Petrik 3,505.49 garb SD State Treasurer (DOR) 210.37 sales tax CorTrust 1,935.62 941 Westy’s 1,053.99 Fuel J&W Marketing 160.00 mgmt Scott Supply 59.07 supplies Kalissa Mayclin 56.25 Maint Ardis Overweg 252.53 Books/Subs Cortrust Visa 32.30 supplies Runnings 17.98 supplies Carquest 41.95 supplies SDARWS 385.00 Dues North Central Seed 275.00 Maint Dustbusters Ent. 6,186.00 Maint Davison County 561.00 Maint Henke Tractor 704.78 Maint Overweg 992.24 Maint Code Enforcement Spec. 1,168.48 Code Enforcement SD Fed Prop 2,207.00 Maint WATER Gene Deinert 230.87 wages Northwestern Energy 235.81 util CorTrust 38.26 941 Menards 91.46 supplies Northwest Pipe Fittings 260.86 Maint Dakota Pump 459.18 Maint CITY TAX Northwestern Energy 18.77 util SEWER Santel 46.05 util Northwestern Energy 121.25 util Bender’s 528.00 Maint Central States Lab 1,826.62 Repair Published once at the approximate cost of $40.49 (Aug. 27, 2022) 94384