MT. VERNON CITY COUNCIL Council Minutes May 8, 2023 The regular meeting of the Mt. Vernon City Council was called to order at 7:00 pm by Mayor Weston Frank, with the following council members present: D. Anderson, D. Renken, C. Powell, S. Kayser, D. Moke and R. DeKok. Also present: Maint. Officers G. Deinert and R. Stahl, and Fin. Officer L. Mayclin. Attending for public participation were: Becky Muhs, Hagan Tlam, Allyson Espedal and Lane Espedal (4-H Club,) Steve Harr (Davison County Sheriff’s office,) and John Fraser. Pledge of Allegiance was recited to begin the meeting. All motions are unanimously approved unless otherwise stated. Motion by Kayser, second by Moke to approve the agenda. Muhs, Tlam, and the Espedals came to the meeting representing the Up and Get It 4-H Club. They would like to donate a piece of equipment called a “digger” for the park. Deinert says we have a location already selected for placement. The city gives a special thanks to the Up and Get It 4-H Club for this generous donation. Fraser approached the council with a concern about dogs running loose in the city. He is concerned for the safety of the citizens, as well as the dogs themselves. He inquired about the possibility of the city offering dog registration. The registration could serve to help identify loose dogs to get them back to their rightful owner. Council is looking into the viability of this type of program. Council spoke with Sheriff Harr regarding a report made by Theresa Hetland that a L&L Sanitation vehicle cut her off in traffic. L&L Sanitation is the city’s garbage collection company. It was determined that the report was incorrect, and L&L Sanitation was not in the area at the time, so they did not cut her off in traffic. Motion by Renken, second by Moke to approve the following consent items for April: Financial Statement, Council Minutes, General Fund Balances, Credits Report/Bank Statement and Payment of Bills. Bills: OLD BUSINESS 1. Frank is looking into changing the lock at The Hall, so it can be operated remotely. He is also looking into a way to handle the transactions for The Hall through an app called Honey Book. This will keep us from having to collect a deposit, which would have to be returned to the renters, but still allow us to easily charge someone who would not get his/her full deposit back after use. Frank will be contacting Cory from Mitchell Roofing about the siding repair done last year. 2. We have had a complaint about one of our alleys being blocked. Frank is contacting the resident. Renken will talk to the City of Mitchell regarding their Code Enforcement officer to see if we can possibly contract his service for a few hours per week. 3. We are getting closer to having the welcome information ready for new residents. 4. We are still waiting for the Conservation District to come help with the plan for replanting the trees at the park. 5. Frank will be riding along with L&L Sanitation this Friday to observe. He plans to do a write-up of his experience. 6. The state of Northview Road is very bad. Deinert is checking with a company for the price of resetting gate valve risers and catch basins to improve drainage. This is the first step to fixing the potholes and cracking. 7. The work continues at the baseball field. The baseball association needs money for grass seed. The city will pay for the seed, and the association will keep it properly watered. 8. District III meeting will be held May 24th from 4-6 at the Davison County Ag Building. NEW BUSINESS 1. Deinert and Stahl will be keeping an abandoned property in the city mowed this summer, and council wants a lien to be placed on the property to be collected upon selling of the property. The old fire department building, which the city has purchased, has the old siren switch in it. The fire department wondered if the city wanted to move it. Council does not, as they understand there will be a new controller, so the old switch wouldn’t be necessary. Mayclin will be getting a list of all current water services to Deinert and Stahl so they can address those homes with lead pipes. 2. Mayclin asked council about a company being interested in obtaining a peddlers license. Council says as long as a company goes through proper channels, there is no ordinance against it. Frank will be getting the information ready, including fees for the licenses. 3. The Oath of Office was recited for returning councilman Renken. 4. Council Officers will remain the same: President: Anderson and Vice President: Powell 5. Council committees will remain the same. 6. Motion by Anderson, second by DeKok to approve the Annual Report as presented by Mayclin. 7. Motion by DeKok, second by Anderson to approve Westy’s Liquor License. 8. Council will not be applying for the West Nile Grant, as we still have chemical from previous years. 9. Council is working on building permits, deciding how to handle. 10. Executive Session for personnel and legal SDCL 1-25-2.1 and 2.3 was not necessary. Motion by Kayser, second by Moke to adjourn at 9:42 p.m. Weston Frank Mayor Laura Mayclin Finance Officer GENERAL Weston Frank 46.17 wages David Anderson 46.17 wages Connor Powell 46.17 wages Dave Renken 46.17 wages Roger DeKok 46.17 wages Darin Moke 106.20 wages Ardis Overweg 589.79 wages Gene Deinert 3,728.11 wages Ryan Stahl 3,244.42 wages Laura Mayclin 1,181.48 wages MV School 75.00 rent Verizon 61.15 util SD Retirement 1,179.11 retire Santel 236.13 util Northwestern Energy 1,842.65 util Petrik 5,150.00 garb Forum Communication 86.95 publ SD State Treasurer (DOR) 292.61 sales tax CorTrust 2,805.57 941 Menards 123.36 supplies Westy’s 202.61 Fuel J&W Marketing 337.50 mgmt Carquest 546.18 Repairs American Legion 1,000.00 Donation Senior Citizens 1,000.00 Donation Muth Electric 105.51 Repairs MVG&Oil 331.48 Fuel Nepstads 230.05 Repairs Runnings 21.98 Repairs Ryan Stahl - Exp 269.28 Conference M&L Repair 341.50 Repairs L&L Sanitation 4,992.00 Garb Cortrust Visa 905.11 Postage Scott Supply 171.03 Equip Avera Occ. Med.140.00 Testing WATER Gene Deinert 230.87 wages Davison Rural Water 7,133.75 water Northwestern Energy 327.40 util CorTrust 38.26 941 Menards 104.35 supplies Cortrust Visa 96.00 Postage Northwest Pipe 668.72 Maint CITY TAX Northwestern Energy 23.33 util Hohbach 938.78 Repairs SEWER Santel 45.56 util Northwestern Energy 169.19 util Cortrust Visa 96.00 Postage Benders 528.00 Maint Published 1 time at the total approximate cost of $67.31 and may be viewed free of charge at (May 20, 2023) 224731