MT. VERNON CITY COUNCIL Council Minutes April 10, 2023 The regular meeting of the Mt. Vernon City Council was called to order at 7:00 pm by Mayor Weston Frank, with the following council members present: D. Anderson, D. Renken, C. Powell, S. Kayser, and R. DeKok. Also present: Maint. Officers G. Deinert and R. Stahl, and Fin. Officer L. Mayclin. Ryan Yanez (Railroad,) Travis Peterson, Skylar Peterson (Petrik Sanitation,) Eric Prunty (Brosz Engineering,) and Darcy Deinert (MV Baseball) attended for public participation. Pledge of Allegiance was recited to begin the meeting. All motions are unanimously approved unless otherwise stated. Motion by Kayser, second by Powell to approve the agenda. Council decided to donate their checks for March to D. Moke, in memory of Katie Moke. During the public participation segment, S. Peterson explained details of the upcoming sale of his business for council to determine a course of action. The buyer is purchasing the roll-off side of the business, but not the totes portion. His plan is to sell at end of April, but he is willing to continue helping the city while we work to find another provider. After much discussion about bidding out the job, council decided to seek counsel from the city attorney about bidding out the job, since we currently have a contract with Petrik, prior to going any further. Yanez spoke on upcoming repairs and maintenance for the railroad tracks in Mt. Vernon, which is planned for July. During the repairs, the road will be closed for approximately two days. The city plans to post notice for those closures when the time arrives. Weed chemical application will be provided around May 2. Prunty addressed the two worst areas for streets in Mt. Vernon: Northview and Wallace. Wallace hasn’t gotten too much worse, but Northview has deteriorated quite a bit and is in need of major repairs. The approximate cost for the repairs is $120,000, which the city hasn’t budgeted for 2023. Council will have potholes and cracking patched while they decide where money can come from and when. D. Deinert gave report on Little League, which has a large number of participants this year. They have raised fees to assist with costs. Mayclin will contact Hohbach to see what portion of a recent bill is for the city and which portion should be paid by the Baseball League. Motion by Renken, second by Kayser to approve the following consent items for March: Financial Statement, Council Minutes, General Fund Balances, Credits Report/Bank Statement and Payment of Bills. Bills: OLD BUSINESS 1. Frank mentioned that he had been approached about the possibility of using The Hall for voting next year. Council will consider this or voting at our new facilities at the old Fire Department, which will be converted into City Hall. We plan to have a drop box at the new office for water bills and/or keys, etc. that people occasionally need to drop off. Frank has had a few issues with the coded lock not working properly from a remote location. Renken has someone lined up to polish the floors at The Hall. Frank and Mayclin are working on a checklist for cleaning The Hall after renting. 2. We recently had need for the dart gun to safely subdue a dog in town. It worked well. The syringes store for a very long time, negating the need to purchase often. There was a brief discussion about the need for a volunteer “quick reaction force” in town to respond to emergencies, such as school shootings or dog attacks. Council questioned the additional liability for the city, as well as proper training. The council decided it wasn’t something that the city should further investigate at this time. Frank is looking into a text alert system for the city for various types of emergencies. 3. Mayclin will be getting the welcome information for new residents and council will be greeting them with contacts and “things to know” for those moving into our city. 4. Powell is contacting the Conservation District to get help with a plan for replanting the trees at the park. He will get the information to Deinert and Stahl. 5. FEMA is working on a complete new flood map, which will include changes that benefit the city. They will be contacting us for another town meeting after the maps are final. Mayclin will add the new information to the website when received. NEW BUSINESS 1. Council is working on a plan for repairs on the elevator road, as it seems we will not be receiving a grant for the project, since they require a portion of the project be water/sewer to qualify. 2. Mayclin will be signing Ryan up for random drug testing per our hiring guidelines. 3. Photos were taken for our new government IDs. 4. Motion by Renken, second by Kayser for $1,000 donations to Baseball Association, Senior Citizens and American Legion. 5. Kayser reported that a local 4H club is interested in donating a piece of equipment for the park. 6. Spring Cleanup is scheduled for May 6, with a rain delay date being May 20. 7. Executive Session for personnel and legal SDCL 1-25-2.1 and 2.3 was not necessary. Motion by Kayser, second by Renken to adjourn at 9:30 p.m. Weston Frank Mayor Laura Mayclin Finance Officer GENERAL Weston Frank 170.85 wages David Anderson 60.03 wages Connor Powell 60.03 wages Dave Renken 60.03 wages Sherri Kayser 60.03 wages Roger DeKok 60.03 wages Darin Moke 60.03 wages Ardis Overweg 589.79 wages Gene Deinert 3,728.11 wages Ryan Stahl 3,244.42 wages Laura Mayclin 1,002.12 wages MV School 75.00 rent SD Retirement 1,121.40 retire Verizon 61.18 util Santel 236.81 util Northwestern Energy 1,785.39 util Petrik 3,505.49 garb Forum Communication 49.80 publ SD State Treasurer (DOR) 224.06 sales tax CorTrust 2,782.51 941 SD Unempl Ins 173.73 Unempl Ins Menards 263.98 supplies Westy’s 519.12 Fuel Ardis Overweg 148.25 supplies Mother Earth News 28.00 supplies SD Fed Prop 51.00 Repairs Henke Tractor 137.98 Repairs Scott Supply 60.45 supplies Ryan Stahl Exp 483.36 Travel Carquest 38.65 Supplies C&B 147.62 Maint Cortrust Visa 15.20 supplies WATER Gene Deinert 230.87 wages Davison Rural Water 6,190.25 water Northwestern Energy 430.42 util SD-DOH 15.00 Lab CorTrust 38.26 941 Menards 41.35 supplies CITY TAX Northwestern Energy 23.81 util SEWER Santel 45.56 util Northwestern Energy 155.08 util Published 1 time at the total approximate cost of $75.70 and may be viewed free of charge at (April 22, 2023 ) 214893