MT. VERNON CITY COUNCIL Council Minutes February 6, 2023 The regular meeting of the Mt. Vernon City Council was called to order at 7:00 pm by Mayor Weston Frank, with the following council members present: D. Anderson, D. Renken, C. Powell, S. Kayser, R. DeKok and D. Moke. Also present: Maint. Officers G. Deinert and R. Stahl, and Fin. Officer L. Mayclin. Darin Maltsberger attended for public participation regarding alley lighting. Pledge of Allegiance was recited to begin the meeting. All motions are unanimously approved unless otherwise stated. Motion by Renken, second by Powell to approve the agenda. Motion by Anderson, second by Kayser to approve the following consent items for January: Financial Statement, Council Minutes, General Fund Balances, Credits Report/Bank Statement and Payment of Bills. Bills: OLD BUSINESS 1. The Hall is still being rented regularly. Hohbach Electric is working on electrical on the Museum side. Frank is still working on a smart thermostat. 2. Frank has been working on the ordinances for dog offenses. He is currently rewriting/adding to the existing ordinance, adding specific penalties for infractions. 3. There is no further information on the tree claim for the park at this time. 4. We have one petition out for filling the upcoming vacancy on council for Ward I. NEW BUSINESS 1. Deinert and Stahl reported: There are areas of pooling water with snow melt, which should soak into the ground over time. Stahl is signed up for water testing in March and will be going for pesticide licensing on Wednesday of this week. The Wastewater/Stabilization pond testing will be later. 2. Mayclin reported: According to Davison County officials the winter storm damage for 4 counties did not meet the threshold for FEMA assistance. 3. Motion by Powell, seconded by Kayser, to designate the Mitchell Republic as our official newspaper. 4. Anderson will be forwarding information to the city attorney for a PFAS legal claim. 5. Anderson is still working with FEMA for accurate flood plain maps. One party in town is waiting to see what those maps are before they purchase property. 6. A new light has been installed on a post in one of the alleys, causing concern for some in that area, as the light is very bright. It is believed that the light was installed at the request of a resident. Powell is speaking with Northwestern Energy to see if anything can be done to help the situation. Maltsberger was there to support his neighbors who are being affected by the light. 7. Executive Session for personnel and legal SDCL 1-25-2.1 and 2.3 was not necessary. Motion by Kayser, second by Renken to adjourn at 7:50 p.m. Weston Frank Mayor Laura Mayclin Finance Officer GENERAL Weston Frank 170.85 wages David Anderson 60.03 wages Connor Powell 60.03 wages Dave Renken 60.03 wages Sherri Kayser 60.03 wages Roger DeKok 60.03 wages Darin Moke 60.03 wages Ardis Overweg 589.79 wages Gene Deinert 3,728.11 wages Ryan Stahl 3,244.42 wages Laura Mayclin 881.23 wages MV School 75.00 rent Davison Rural Water 6,406.70 water SD Retirement 1,121.40 retire Verizon 61.18 util Santel 234.49 util Northwestern Energy 1,948.72 util Petrik 3,505.49 garb Forum Communication 70.58 publ Dept of Revenue 211.49 sales tax CorTrust 2,745.39 941 CorTrust Visa 98.92 Postage Menards 139.95 supplies Westy’s 1,003.78 Fuel Ardis Overweg 230.63 books Runnings 284.32 supplies Scott Supply 423.46 supplies Carquest 602.90 supplies USPS 80.00 Rent Morgan Theeler 57.00 Legal SD 811 11.20 Locates CES - Code Enforcement 1,053.60 Code Enf. A-OX Welding Supply 182.62 supplies WATER Gene Deinert 230.87 wages Northwestern Energy 498.76 util CorTrust 38.26 941 USA Blue Book 129.05 supplies SD DOH 15.00 Lab Schoenfelder 382.65 Repairs CITY TAX Northwestern Energy 28.79 util Scavengers Journey 100.00 Comm Dev SEWER Santel 46.00 util Northwestern Energy 187.14 util Published 1 time at the total approximate cost of $49.25 and may be viewed free of charge at (Feb. 18, 2023) 194994