Mount Vernon School District 17-3 Board

Mount Vernon School District 17-3 Board of Education Minutes January 9, 2023 The regular meeting of the Mount Vernon School District 17-3 Board of Education was held on Monday, January 9, 2023in the Mount Vernon School at 7:00 p.m. in the Afterschool Program room. Dale Larsch Board Chairman, called the meeting to order with the following present: Craig Pickart, Jeff Miiller, Mike Deinert and Justin Klumb. Jeff Miiller made a motion to enter executive session under SDCL 1-25-2-1 for Superintendent’s evaluation at 6:00 p.m. Justin Klumb seconded. Motion 1-23-1 The Mount Vernon Board of Education exited executive session at 6:59 p.m. Superintendent/PK-5 Principal Clint Nelson, Eric Denning-Principal 6-12, and Allison Sandland- Business Manager were also present at the meeting with the regular meeting beginning at 7:00 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Open forum. No discussion held. All motions are to be considered unanimous unless otherwise stated. Mike Deinert made a motion to approve the agenda for the January 9th, 2023, meeting. Craig Pickart seconded. Motion 01-23-2 Craig Pickart made a motion to approve the following consent agenda items: Minutes of the December 12th, 2022 meeting. Justin Klumb seconded. Motion 01-23-3 Justin Klumb made a motion to approve the following December 2022 financial reports: 12/1/22 General Fund Capital Outlay Fund Special Education Fund Food Service Fund Enterprise Fund Trust & Agency Fund Cash 797836.33 1031713.69 -18700.10 64947.51 6796.66 81075.27 Savings 343996.76 107389.13 Local Rev. 34062.95 27214.51 15684.68 8047 46735.42 County Rev. 1107.27 State Rev. 141982 3147 Transfer/Fed 8487.03 Total Rev. 177292.22 27214.51 18831.68 16534.03 46735.42 Accts. Pay. 36088.20 137318.84 28975.70 8908.38 9661.59 Payroll 161801.17 24455.67 7943.99 Total Exp. 197889.37 137318.84 53431.37 16852.37 9661.59 Adjust/Due 144.54 12/31/22 Cash 777243.72 921609.36 -53299.79 64629.17 6796.66 118149.10 Savings 343996.76 107389.13 Jeff Miiller seconded. Motion 01-23-4 Jeff Miiller made a motion to approve the January 2023 monthly claims. Justin Klumb seconded. Motion 01-23-5 A discussion was held on a disclosure of conflict of interest(SDCL 3-23-6). Clint Nelson, Supt. and PK-5 Principal, reported on the following topics: Staff In-service scheduled for January 16th, 2023, Attendance averages for the 1st semester, student assembly update, and ADM report. Eric Denning, Principal-Grades 6-12/Athletic Director, reported on the following topics: On-line Dail Classes and Dual Credit Courses. The 1st reading of the following policies was discussed: JFH and JG. Craig Pickart made a motion to approve the 2nd reading of the following policies: JEA, JFCL, JFG, JFGA, and JHG. Jeff Miiller seconded. Motion 01-23-6 Craig Pickart made a motion to approve Tuesday April 11, 2023, for the school board election. Justin Klumb seconded. Motion 01-23-7 Jeff Miiller made a motion to make changes to the existing calendar to use the dates of February 17/20 and 24th, along with March 10th and 17th as days of instruction to recover lost education on the snow days that our district has already incurred. Justin Klumb seconded. Motion 1-23-8 Justin Klumb made a motion to approve members of the Aspiring Educators program be reimbursed for their time while tutoring students assigned by Mr Denning. Mike Deinert seconded. Motion 1-23-9 The Mt Vernon Board of Education would like to recognize the Travis and Mary Strand family for providing the staff with a wonderful soup lunch and delicious treats. Mike Deinert made a motion to enter Executive Session (SDCL 1-25-2-1) Superintendent Evaluation at 8:10pm. Craig Pickart seconded. Motion 01-23-10 Board Chair Dale Larsch declared the Board out of executive session at 8:41pm. No action items resulting from Executive session. Jeff Miiller made a motion to adjourn at 8:42 p.m. Mike Deinert seconded. Motion 01-23-11 The next meeting will be Monday, February 13th, 2023 starting @ 6:00 pm in the After School Program room. Chairman Date Business Manager Date PAYROLL 12-22 GENERAL FUND-1111-ELEM-$30404.48; 1121-MS-$14220.20, 1131-HS-$22668.58, 1111 993-ESSER 4016, 1111-999-REAP-$1460.46, 1141-PreSchool- $2400, 1273 Title-$2965.20, 2122-GUIDANCE-$4536.84, 2222-LIBRARY-$1059.86, 2227-TECHNOLOGY-$2132.26, 2321-SUPT.-$6394.66, 2410-PRIN.-$10801.78, 2529-BUS.MGR.-$5016.66, 2549-CUST.-$7946.05, 2552-TRANS.-$5850, 6900-CO. CURR.-$8738.36. SPECIAL EDUCATION-1221-$9626.82, 1222-$9761.22, 1226-$566.24. FOOD SERVICE-2562-$6335.11, 3500-ASP-$420.97. BENEFITS 12-22 GENERAL FUND-SO. SEC./MED-$9483.45, RETIREMENT-$7080.31, INSURANCE-$13374.01, SUPP. RETIREMENT-$800.00 SPECIAL EDUCATION-SO.SEC/MED-$1398.07, RETIREMENT-$1196.76, INSURANCE-$1898.74, FOOD SERVICE-SO. SEC./MED-$431.69, RETIREMENT-$369.31, INSURANCE-$804.42. Approved Bills for 01/09/2023. General Fund : Amazon-Supplies 305.64; Aramark-Supplies 231.03; A&G Diesel-Repairs 1425.57; Avera Occupational-Drug Tests 270; Walmart-Supplies 212.09; City of Mt Vernon-Water 828.53; Angela Eide-Classes 144.99; Kelly Engelland-Classes 144.99; Fischer Rounds-Premium change 927; Flinn Scientific-Supplies 455.53; Forum Communications-Ad 107.26; Mike Fox-Classes 144.99; Chipp Gerlach-Classes 144.99; Harves-Supplies 169.99; JW Pepper-Music 958.82; Menards-Supplies 51.37; Northwestern Energy- Electric/Gas 8003; NWEA-Testing Supplies 1980; Rons Market-Supplies 930; Santel Communications- Phone 124.08; School Specialty- Supplies 255.89; Sheraton-Rooms 270; Katie Stange-Classes 72.49; Tech Solutions-Service 3126; Tonia VanDrongelen-Classes 144.99; Westy’s-Fuel 1022.26. Capital Outlay Access Systems-lease 1095.30; Dakota Academic Consulting-Fees 3200. Special Education: Career Connections-Day programs 34.16; CORE- Fees 15545.13; Children’s Care Hospital- Tuition 6175; SD Dept of Human Services-Residential 7127.28; Utah State University-Fees 25. Food Service: Amazon-Supplies 40, Child and Adult Nutrition-Foods 665.84; CWD- Foods 3988.47; East Side Dairy- Milk 668.46; Performance Foods- Foods 1950.04; Westy’s- Foods 4.98. Imprest Trust & Agency: 12/2022 Logan Barnes-Clock 20; Darin Berg-Official 165; Dave Beronek-Official 177; Lawron Bohr-Official 170; Adam Dejong-Official 60; Sue Faulhaber-Clock 190; Brian Gerry-Official 177; Eric Grocott-Official 165; Zach Harter-Official/clock 280; Todd Karst-Official/Book 250; Kimball School-Wrestling fees 125; Cole Larsch-Official 120; Chad Larson-Official 223.94; Brent Olson-Official 250; Sam Olson-Clock/Book 95; Petty Cash-all state chorus meals 2500; Platte-Geddes-Reg VB 770.80; Vanderlae Podhrasky-Clock 20; Austin Rearick-Official 120; Aaron Vandeberg-Official 237.82; Verizon Wireless-Phone 40.01. Published 1 time at the total approximate cost of $78.25 and may be viewed free of charge at (Jan. 28, 2023) 176774