Mount Vernon School District 17-3 Board

Mount Vernon School District 17-3 Board of Education Minutes December 12, 2022 The regular meeting of the Mount Vernon School District 17-3 Board of Education was held on Monday, December 12th, 2022, in the Mount Vernon School at 5:30 p.m. in the Afterschool Program room. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Dale Larsch, Board Chairman, called the meeting to order with the following present: Craig Pickart, Jeff Miiller, Mike Deinert and Justin Klumb. Also present were Superintendent/PK-5 Principal Clint Nelson and Allison Sandland, Business Manager. All motions are to be considered unanimous unless otherwise stated. Open Forum was held. Jeff Miiller made a motion to move new business item D: Approve Surplus Items to 4a on the agenda with no other changes. Justin Klumb seconded. Motion carried 12-22-1 Justin Klumb made a motion to approve the following consent agenda items: Minutes of the Nov 14, 2022, regular meeting, and acknowledge minutes of Core meeting. Jeff Miiller seconded. Motion carried 12-22-02 Craig Pickart made a motion to approve the following November 2022 financial reports: 11/01/22 General Capital Special Food Enterprise Trust & Fund Outlay Fund Education Service Fund Fund Agency Fund Fund Cash 642723.16 833553.77 -81990.59 67321.68 6622.50 76499.47 Savings 343996.76 107389.13 Local Rev. 231404.13 207561.52 119724.18 10881.25 10187.53 County Rev. 935.68 State Rev. 141983 3145 Transfer/Fed 7795.18 Total Rev. 374322.81 207561.52 122869.18 18676.43 0 10187.53 Accts. Pay. 42382.70 9401.60 29296.08 11534.48 5611.73 Payroll 176797.40 30282.61 9751.37 Total Exp. 219190.10 9401.60 59578.69 21285.85 5611.73 Adjust/Due 19.54 235.25 174.16 11/30/2022 Cash 797836.33 1031713.69 -18700.10 64947.51 6796.66 81075.27 Savings 343996.76 107389.13 Justin Klumb seconded. Motion carried 12-22-3 Justin Klumb made a motion to approve the November 2022 monthly claims. Jeff Miiller seconded. Motion carried 12-22-4 A discussion was held on a disclosure of conflict of interest (SDCL 3-23-6) Clint Nelson, Supt. and PK-5 Principal, reported on the following topics: December in service plans, Christmas staff recognition and gave an update on the Superintendents legislative meeting. No Principal-Grades 6-12/Athletic Director, reported at this time. Craig Pickart made a motion to approve extra duty contracts for Shay Johnson head wrestling coach $4000, Hayden Schmidt JH Football Coach $1700 and MacKenzie Zell JH GBB coach $1700. Jeff Miiller seconded. Motion carried 12-22-5 New Business: The 1st reading of the following policies was discussed: JEA, JFCL, JFG, JFGA and JHG. Craig Pickart made a motion to approve the 2nd reading of the following policies: JED and JEDB. Justin Klumb seconded. Motion carried 12-22-6 Justin Klumb made a motion to approve the updated ARP plan. Jeff Miiller seconded. Motion carried 12-22-7 Craig Pickart made a motion to approve the purchase of the 2020 Dodge Grand Caravan from Vern Eide of Mitchell. Mike Deinert seconded. Motion carried 12-22-8 Jeff Miiller made a motion to approve Open enrollment application 22-23-21. Justin Klumb seconded. Motion carried 12-22-9 Craig Pickart made a motion to approve the review of the Safe Return Plan. Mike Deinert seconded. 12-22-10 The Mount Vernon School District would like to recognize Brad & Peggy Greenway and the Davison County Pork Council for their donations made to student needs. At 6:28 pm Mike Deinert made a motion to enter into executive session for Personnel 1-25-2-(1). Justin Klumb seconded the motion. Motion carried 12-22-11 Board Chair Dale Larsch declared the Board out of executive session at 6:42pm. No action required. Jeff Miiller made a motion to adjourn at 6:44 p.m. Justin Klumb seconded. The next meeting will be Monday, January 10th, 2022 starting @ 6:00 pm with executive session for the board to prepare and discuss the Superintendent evaluation. Regular meeting will be @ 7:00pm in the Afterschool program room. Upon completion of the meeting the board will resume executive session to perform the Superintendent evaluation. 12-22-12 _________________________________ Chairman Date _________________________________ Business Manager Date PAYROLL 11-22 GENERAL FUND-1111-ELEM-$31489.48; 1121-MS-$14068.40, 1131-HS-$24333.58, 1111 993-ESSER 4016, 1111-999-REAP-$1460.46, 1141-PreSchool- $2400, 1273 Title-$2965.20, 2122-GUIDANCE-$4536.84, 2222-LIBRARY-$1855.94, 2227-TECHNOLOGY-$2132.26, 2321-SUPT.-$6176.93, 2410-PRIN.-$10722.84, 2529-BUS.MGR.-$4836.66, 2549-CUST.-$14067.40, 2552-TRANS.-$8375, 6900-CO. CURR.-$10595.23. SPECIAL EDUCATION-1221-$12193.73, 1222-$12402.96, 1226-$566.24. FOOD SERVICE-2562-$7941.14, 3500-ASP-$371.88. BENEFITS 11-22 GENERAL FUND-SO. SEC./MED-$10478.25, RETIREMENT-$7803.02, INSURANCE-$13351.82, SUPP. RETIREMENT-$800.00 SPECIAL EDUCATION-SO.SEC/MED-$1789.96, RETIREMENT-$1509.27, INSURANCE-$2571.37, FOOD SERVICE-SO. SEC./MED-$556.76, RETIREMENT-$466.09, INSURANCE-$783.98. Approved Bills for 12/12/2022. General Fund : Amazon-Supplies 675.38; Aramark-Supplies 231.03; A&G Diesel-Repairs 6144.33; Chris Bosma-supplies 42.55; Walmart-Supplies 8.27; City of Mt Vernon-Water 898.35; G&R Control- labor 303.75; Innovative Office Sol- Supplies 811.62; JW Pepper-Music 9.80; Chase Jamison-Membership 122; Jenna Jamison-Membership 122; Jaymar-tax forms 58.38; JCL Solutions-Supplies 1507.59; Menards-Supplies 153.16; Midwest Fire & Safety-Supplies 654; Mt Vernon Gas and Oil- Fuel 1916.47; Northwestern Energy- Electric/Gas 5354.18; Runnings-Supplies 272.97; Santel Communications- Phone 131.19; School Specialty- Supplies 2.56; SDHSAA-Fees 4145; SDMEA-Elem Fest Choir fees 320; SESD-Dues 350; Teachers Created Resource- Supplies 18.98; Tech Solutions-Service 3031; Tessiers-Supplies 1145.84; Kevin Thurman-Fertilize FB fields 1800; USPS-box rent 108; Westy’s-Fuel 1597.59; MacKenzie Zell-First Aid Cert 70. Capital Outlay Access Systems-lease 5314.43; Band Shoppe-MB uniforms 659.45; Cortrust Bank-Certificate 27266.67; Hauff- GBB Uniform replacements 922; First Dakota National Bank-Bond 27266.67; Jr Library Guild-books 234.92; Mid States Audio- Sound system 4142.50; Saafe-Bleacher upgrade 58940; Vern Eide- Dodge Van 20909. Special Education: Career Connections-Day programs 694.49; CORE- Fees 15545.13; Children’s Care Hospital- Tuition 5200; SD Dept of Human Services-Residential 7386.32; Parent-Mileage 149.76. Food Service: County Fair- Foods 211.42; CWD- Foods 3796.37; East Side Dairy- Milk 1010.11; Kari Helma-Clothing Allowance 74.43; Performance Foods- Foods 3745.43; Walmart-Milk/food 60.66, Westy’s- Foods 9.96. Imprest Trust & Agency: 11/2022 Bon Homme School- XC entry 30; Dan Aaker-Reg VB 50, James Bridge-Reg VB 50; Frank Cutler-Reg VB 100; Josh Davies- Reg VB 100; Eric Denning-Reg VB 300; Cherilyn Dykstra-VB Official 512.78; Matt Dykstra-Reg VB 50; Adam Fischer-Reg VB 50; Jason Helling-coaching fee 50; Bill Kurtz-Reg VB 50; Tim McCain-Reg VB 50; Bridgette Mueller-VB Official 530.78; Annika Russel-Manke-VB Official 389.36; Jenna Jamison-Fuel 49.41; Petty Cash-all state chorus meals 288; Platte-Geddes-JH music festival 75; Parkston School District-xc fee 40; Bob Schroeder-Reg VB 50; Shane Thill-VB Official 587.90; Rod Weber-Reg VB 50. Published once at the total approximate cost of $107.26 and may be viewed free of charge at (Dec. 28, 2022) 138337