MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL MEETING MITCHELL SCHOOL DISTRICT 17-2 January 31, 2023 The special meeting of the Board of Education was called to order by President Deb Olson at 5:30 PM at the Mitchell Career Technical Education Academy at 821 North Capital Street in Mitchell South Dakota, Davison County. Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Roll call of members present: Deb Olson, Brittni Flood, Matthew Christiansen, Terry Aslesen, and Shawn Ruml. Absent: None. Others present: Dr. Joseph Graves, Superintendent, Steve Culhane, Business Manager. Motion #355220 Motion by Christiansen, seconded by Flood to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried. At this time members of Puetz Design + Build and Schemmer Architect firm went over the bids received for the HS Construction project. Each of the 34 bid packages were looked at and discussed. The cost of the Base bid which is the building of the new High School is at $45,618,901.28. This cost does include Alternate #9 which was a deduct for Made in America option and Alternate #10 which was a deduct for waiving the cost of a Performance Bond. There were 5 bid packages whereby the low bidder was not awarded the bid as their bid did not meet the specifications called for in the documents. Each of the successful bidders will be entering into a contract with Puetz Design + Build as Puetz Design is the Construction Manager at Risk for the project. As discussion ended, a motion was made by Member Aslesen to reject all bids at this time and look for additional cost savings in design and rebid the project at a later date. This motion died for a lack of a second motion. Discussion was heard with regard to the total cost of the project and the need to look at asking the voters of Mitchell to pass a bond issue to complete the athletic portion of the High School. At this time, Board member Aslesen made the motion to defer the bids until the next regular scheduled board meeting and to have the Senior High Staff surveyed on what they want moving forward with the project and those results brought to the meeting. This motion died for a lack of a second motion. Motion #355221 Motion by Christiansen, seconded by Ruml to approve the Base bid, which included Alternate 9 & 10 for a cost of $45,618,901. Members voting yes are; Christiansen, Ruml, Flood, and Olson. Members voting no are; Aslesen. Motion passes 4 votes to 1. At the next meeting, discussion will be on to proceed with a Bond issue and to make a decision on Alternates 1 through 8 that were submitted as well. Motion #355222 There being no further business, motion by Flood, seconded by Christiansen to adjourn the meeting at 7:01 pm. Motion carried. Published once at the total approximate cost of $27.09 and may be viewed free of charge at (Feb. 11, 2023) 192668