MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING MITCHELL SCHOOL DISTRICT 17-2 May 9, 2022 The regular meeting of the Board of Education was called to order by President Deb Olson at 5:00 PM at the Mitchell Career & Technical Education Academy 821 North Capital Street, Mitchell South Dakota, Davison County. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Roll call of members present: Deb Olson, Matthew Christiansen, Shawn Ruml, and Brittni Flood. Absent: Kevin Kenkel. Others present: Dr. Joseph Graves Superintendent, Steve Culhane, Business Manager, and Student representatives Sarah Sebert & Claire Hegg. Motion #3551636 Motion by Christiansen, seconded by Flood to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried. Motion #3551637 Motion by Flood, seconded by Ruml to approve the consent agenda which includes the minutes of the regular board meeting on April 25, 2022. These minutes had been furnished to the Daily Republic in unapproved form all in accordance as per SDCL 13-8-35. Also on the consent agenda that was approved were the claims, one open enrollment request and the personnel items. New Certified Hire: Mercia Schroeder, Spanish Teacher/MS & 6th Class Assignment, $49,653, 6th Class Assignment, $4,966, effective 2022-2023 school year. Madison Miller, MS Oral Interp., $495, effective 2022-2023 school year. New Classified Hire: Connor DeRouchey, CCC/Computer Aide, $12.75/hr., 7.25/hrs./day, effective August 17, 2022. Transfer: Taramee Paulson, Paraeducator/LBW to Paraeducator/GBR, effective 2022-2023 school year. Charlene Hilkemeier, Paraeducator/LO, 7 hrs./day to Paraeducator/LBW, effective 2022-2023 school year. Resignation: Kari White, Food Service/LBW, effective April 25, 2022. Nicole Hohn, RN/MS, effective May 2, 2022. Brooke Brummett, Paraeducator/SH, effective end of the 2021-2022. MTC New Hires: Amy Gough, Adjunct ACCT 221, Summer 2022, $2,250, effective May 16, 2022. Julie Gross, Adjunct, ENGL, 110 Summer 2022, $2,250, effective May 16, 2022. Julie Hart-Schutte, Adjunct, SOC 100, Summer 2022, $2,250, effective May 16, 2022. Sarah Ellis, Adjunct, COMM 210, SPCM 101, Summer 2022, $4,500, effective May 16, 2022. Anne Kelly, PSYC 101, Summer 2022, $2,250, effective May 16, 2022. Scott Kortan, Adjunt, MATH 104, Summer 2022, $2,250, effective May 16, 2022. Annika Russell-Manke, Adjunct, BUS 122, Summer 2022, $2,250, effective May 16, 2022. Ryan VanZee, Adjunct, BUS 170, Summer 2022, $3,000, effective May 16, 2022. Shirlyce Weisser, Adjunct MOP 221, MOP 230, Summer 2022, $4,500, effective May 16, 2022. MTC Resignation: Connie Schroeder, Director, effective June 30, 2022. Motion carried. Motion #3551638 Motion by Flood, seconded by Ruml to approve on second and final reading the minor changes to Mitchell Technical College Policy Series 1000-1200. Motion carried. Motion #3551639 Motion by Flood, seconded by Christiansen to approve minor wording changes to the Elementary School Handbook for the 2022-2023 school year. Motion carried. At this time, the school board reviewed the K-12 & MTC preliminary budgets for the 22-23 school year. No action was taken. School Board members reported on the meetings they had attended since the last meeting. During the Superintendent’s report, Dr. Graves indicated that all teaching openings have been filled. Also, a student who will be graduating from Mitchell High School this year also graduated from Mitchell Technical Institute this past weekend. Motion #3551640 Motion by Flood, seconded by Ruml to adjourn the school board meeting at 5:50 pm. Motion carried. Cash Balance as of April 30, 2022 Beginning Balance, $25,104,831 General Fund Balance $7,242,767 Capital Outlay Balance $4,571,816, Special Education Balance $440,101, Mitchell Tech Balance $9,490,116, Food Service Balance $1,310,474, Driver’s Ed Balance $4,541, T/A Balance $2,195,106, James Valley Coop Balance $(79,153), Capital Projects Fund Balance ($70,938) Total Revenue, $3,869,068 General Fund $1,583,246, Capital Outlay $322,929, Special Education $654,042, Mitchell Tech $494,103, Food Service $288,568, Driver’s Ed $-0-, T/A $455,242, James Valley Coop $-0-, Capital Projects Fund $70,938 Total Expenditures, $4,132,776 General Fund $1,638,559, Capital Outlay $45,280, Special Education $437,310, Mitchell Tech $1,278,248, Food Service $173,715, Driver’s Ed $-0-, T/A $434,023, James Valley Coop $42,964, Capital Projects Fund $82,677. Ending Balance, $24,841,123 General Fund $7,187,454, Capital Outlay $4,849,465, Special Education $656,833, Mitchell Tech $8,705,971, Food Service $1,425,327, Driver’s Ed $4,541, T/A $2,216,325, James Valley Coop $(122,117), Capital Projects Fund $(82,677) General Fund A T & T Mobility Cell Phone Usage 512.09 Aadland, Cory 2021-22 Travel 809.79 ACCO Brands USA Covers 508.25 AED Superstore Classroom Supplies 511.65 Al’s Engraving Signs 50.65 Arctic Refrigeration Equipment Repairs 984.98 Automatic Building Controls O/M Supplies 7,087.84 Avera Queen Of Peace Sports Med Services 4,211.00 Bauder, Kyler Wrestling Official 200.00 Baum, Tina Track Official 150.00 Best Western Lodging 4,139.55 Best Western Ramkota Lodging 879.92 Big E Auto Vehicle Service 3,128.21 Bio Corporation Science Supplies 709.68 Carpenter, Cade Wrestling Worker 185.00 Carpenter, Travis Wrestling Worker 620.00 Century Link Telephone Lines 75.17 Child 1st Publications Classroom Supplies 82.57 CK Bicycles/Locks Service Calls/Key Blanks 165.00 Comfort Suites Lodging 94.00 County Fair Food Supplies 835.88 Daily Republic Minutes/Advertising 234.38 Dakota Potters Supply Art Supplies 228.80 Dakota Two Way Radio Tower Rent 600.00 Darrington Water Conditioning Water Conditioning 112.20 Daylight Donuts Baked Goods 61.19 Days Inn Facility Rental 75.00 De Boer, Bob Track Official 196.20 Demco Book Truck 1,113.13 EAI Education Classroom Supplies 88.85 Eau Claire Jazz Registration 200.00 Ellingson, Donna Baccalaureate Programs 34.05 Fed Ex Shipping Service 13.43 First Book Market Place Library Books 250.89 First Nat’l Bank Omaha Travel/Program Expenses 1,934.52 Flinn Scientific Classroom Supplies 1,096.11 Foreman Student Transportation 109,597.26 Graham Tire Company Vehicle Repair 723.43 Grainger O/M Supplies 63.44 Gubbrud, Chris Clay 85.12 Havlik, Brent Wrestling Worker 100.00 Havlik, Stratton Wrestling Worker 160.00 Hillyard/Sioux Falls Custodial Supplies 7,160.80 Hoffman, Michael Supplies 168.47 Huber, Lloyd Piano Tuning 215.00 Innovative Office Solutions Program/Office Supplies 318.04 Instrumentalist Awards Music 334.00 Interstate All Battery Center I/Pad Repair 285.00 J & P Roofing Roof Repairs 1,127.55 Jones Supplies Custodial Supplies 8,240.60 KONE Elevator Maintenance 2,324.85 Lakeshore Learning Materials Program Supplies 244.87 Lakeview Golf Course Golf Supplies 480.00 Lifequest Shredding 41.82 Loecker, Roger Track Official 300.00 Mcleods Office Supply Printed Material/Supplies 1,124.25 Mega Wash Vehicle Washes 48.00 Menards O/M/Program Supplies 182.69 Midco Business Long Distance Service 2,045.94 Miller, Cheryl Subscription 29.88 Mitchell Iron & Supply O/M Supplies/Repairs 193.81 Mitchell Plumbing & Heating Service Calls 253.86 Mitchell Schools/Food Service Food Supplies 47.59 Mitchell Tech Corp Ed AD Meeting 114.00 Moody, Walter Wrestling Worker 100.00 Morgan, Teresa Meals, Class Supplies 186.65 Mount Vernon School District Entry Fee/Greenway Relays 150.00 Muth Electric Electrical Service/Supplies 5,871.90 Nebraska Air Filter Air Filters 444.30 Neugebauer, Lakin Wrestling Official 200.00 O’Gorman High School Track Entry Fees 150.00 Office Advantage Staples 509.94 Palmer, Alyson Program Supplies 114.62 Palmer, Eric Wrestling Worker 40.00 Parks, Bill PAC Supplies 1,168.80 Pepper Music 474.74 Performance Foodservice Food 9,136.43 Pioneer Field Paint 1,699.60 PMB Telephone Service 492.00 Popplers Music Store Music Supplies 199.80 Porta Phone Co Service Plan 449.00 Principals’ Conference Registration Fees 150.00 Qualified Presort Service Postage 1,315.47 Rieck, Beverly Nat’l FCCLA Conference Lodging 413.44 Riverside Technologies Managed Services 505.00 Runnings O&M/Program Supplies 158.41 S & M Printing Printing 105.00 Schmitt Music Music 63.87 School Specialty Classroom Supplies 3,768.06 Schulte, Barb Baked Goods 36.00 Shannon, Marica Classroom Supplies 49.03 Sherwin Williams Paint Supplies 8.11 Siemsen, Christina Driver Ed Certification 3,436.40 Sivik, Carolyn Frames/Hangers 48.75 Skinner, Suzanne Air Fare 537.20 Stahle, Ryan All State Band 68.00 Steckel, Sara Program Supplies 41.49 Subway Meals 59.94 Sun Gold Sports Program Supplies 360.00 Tessier’s Service Call/MCTEA 548.02 Thunes True Value O/M Supplies 157.93 Total Fire Protection Annual Inspection/PAC 888.00 Triotel Communications Telephone/Colonies 84.93 Tru By Hilton Lodging 388.00 Voyager Fleet Systems Fuel 1,624.72 Walmart Program Supplies 977.18 Wendelgass, Mark Track Official 196.20 General Fund Total 205,567.18 Capital Outlay Learning Sciences Int’l Textbooks 3,015.75 Lynx System Developers Automatic Timer/Track,CC 14,000.00 Office Advantage Printing Contract 2,090.34 Parks, Bill PAC Projectors 1,744.80 Unclaimed Freight Counter Stools 339.95 Xerox Financial Services Copiers Lease 2,091.92 Midwest Boiler 47,900.00 Steel Boiler Tubes Total Capital Outlay Fund 71,182.76 Special Education Aba E Care Tuition 3,330.83 Career Connections Contracted Services 1,492.86 Children’s Care Hospital Tuition 24,582.50 ISI Interpreter Services 1,108.40 Johnson, Vicki Parent Mileage 67.20 Larson, Karin Professional Services 3,637.50 Lightspeed Technologies Battery 7.00 Maeschen, Rachel Mileage 18.98 Mitchell Tech Corp Ed SLP Day 303.00 Palace Transit Student Transportation 3,640.98 School Specialty Classroom Supplies 201.50 SD Dept/Human Services Tuition 13,119.05 Tanya’s Interpreting Services Sign Language Interpreter 5,586.00 Voyager Fleet Systems Fuel 449.27 Total Special Education 57,545.07 Post Secondary Fund 44 Interactive Advertising 39,475.14 A Ox Welding Supply Welding 456.88 A To Z Promotions Promotional Items 971.01 Advance Auto Parts Powerline/Oil, Filters 201.05 Aramark Rugs/Tech Center 728.18 Bailey Metal Fabricators Supplies 461.37 Basin Electric Monthly Lease 2,290.07 Beheler, John Eagle Feather Ceremony 600.00 Beyond Trust Corporation Support Software 1,691.36 Bierschbach Equipment Boom Lift Repairs 3,173.83 Big E Auto Truck repairs 604.20 Border States Electric Bare Tie Wire 3,870.44 Brookings Area CPR CTC Cards 1,197.00 Buhl’s Drycleaning Culinary Linens 150.55 Builders First Source Home Guard House Wrap 180.00 Cambria Suites Ldoging 69.00 CK Bicycles/Locks Keys 9.00 Cole Papers Key Switch Windsor 201.89 County Fair Snack Pack Return 2,220.63 Crazy Lady Consuling Consulting Services/April 3,337.00 Daily Republic Advertising 454.72 Dakota Data Shred Document Shredding 66.50 Dakota Supply Group Hct 119.45 Darrington Water Conditioning Salt 31.65 Davison Rural Water Water Usage 26.00 Deinert, Jessica Fingerprint/Background Check 43.25 Dell Marketing It Cares Act 8,331.95 Ditch Witch Undercon Chain 2,205.74 Division Of Motor Vehicles Lund Boat 20.00 ELO Prof LLC Foundation Fees 260.00 Farmers Alliance Forklift Fuel 4,077.85 Fastenal Company Hand Tap Plug 18.20 Fenski, Dezarae National Nurse Educator Summit 1,043.42 Florida State University College Student Wellbeing 1,396.00 Foreman Charter 725.00 Freeman, Paula Clinical Visits 157.00 Golden West Technologies Tele Answering Services 25.00 Graber, Michelle Cccc Registration 250.00 Grode-Hanks, Carol Bor/ Bote Meeting 55.00 Heckel Photography Travel/Setup 2,546.85 Highland Conference Center BOTE Social/Wine Glass Rental 18.75 Hillyard/Sioux Falls Custodial Supplies 7,007.73 Innovative Nonprofit Consulting Services 5,750.00 Innovative Office Solutions Double Door Tall Cabinet 9,538.09 Interstate Tire/Auto New Tires 1,109.00 James Valley Landscape Sprinkler Repairs 3,812.43 Jarding, Carena Baskets For Clinical Agency 13.31 JCL Solutions Clean By Peroxy 456.48 Jenzabar Project Management 92.50 Jimmy Johns Foundation Meeting 146.36 Johnson Controls CDL Boiler Repipe 13,016.06 Johnstone Supply Superheat Head 835.26 Jones Supplies Custodial Supplies 3,672.44 Jrcert Recognition Of Clinical Setting 750.00 Juhnke, Jason Hvac Conference 107.75 Koppers Utility & Industrial Class 4 Rea Poles 28,555.00 Kulm, Heather Fingerprint/Background Check 43.25 Larson, Lisa Mlt Framed Wood Sign 25.00 Lawson Products Hardware 430.86 Lindell, Aleta Sdla Speaker 490.71 Matheson Tri-Gas Welding/Nozzle/Valve 704.89 Mckesson Medical-Surgical Hemacytometer 711.37 Medialab Exam Simulator 420.00 Mega Wash Cdl Bay Rental 73.50 Menards Simple Green/Soap/Tire Valve 2,749.05 Mettler Implement Valve 33.99 Miedema Sanitation Trash Removal 1,230.04 Mirion Technologies Rad Therapy Instadose 50.00 Mitchell Chamber Of Commerce Mitchell Money 345.00 Motor Market Advertising 1,950.00 Muth Electric Installed Outlets 12,465.64 Nedved Media Advertising 2,774.50 North Central Seed Gold Star Tough Turf Mix 187.50 O’Reilly Auto Parts Diesel Power/Oil 120.77 Oes Industries Scada Parts 3,086.80 Office Advantage Printing Contract 2,729.03 Playposit Software 4,835.00 Ponderosa Rentals Storage Unit Rent/April 160.00 Popp, Nicole Sdasfaa Spring Conference 34.10 Premier Pest Control Pest Control 675.00 Proctor Free Hosting Fee Monthly/Proctored Exams 1,170.00 Puetz, Michael Meal Reimbursement 62.10 Riverside Industries Materials 4,545.00 Runnings Spray Paint 1,450.27 Hardware S & M Printing Programs 49.00 Saga Communications SD Advertising 296.00 Saga Communications FFA State Convention Advertising 600.00 Scott Supply Co Repairs 464.56 SD Electrical Commission License Renewal 480.00 SD Federal Property Agency Diesel Power 2,564.00 SD FIT Principal payments/Wind Tower 136,184.22 SD Skills USA State Leadership Conference 1,605.00 SD Trucking Association Membership Dues 250.00 Sdcte Dues/Registration 220.00 Shi International Azure Backup 83.00 Sisson Printing Business Cards 225.36 Sun Gold Sports Spirit Of Mtc Awards 786.00 Swenson Bros. Marine Supplies 209.65 Swett, Amya State FFA Convention 32.00 Tischler, Lisa Fingerprint/Background Check 43.25 Two Elks, Claude Speaker For Eagle Feather 500.00 Unisa Payment Center/Perkins Loan 431.14 US Bank Interest Payment/Wind Tower 47,437.50 US Dept/Veteran Affairs VA Refund 6,162.73 Vavra, Jenna Clinical Visit/Rapid City 43.00 Voyager Fleet Systems Fuel 7,577.76 Walmart Program Supplies 589.96 Wheelco Truck & Trailer Parts Battery Return 10.68 Xerox Financial Services Copiers Lease 1,004.48 Total Post Secondary Fund 410,026.00 MTC Enterprise Fund Aramark Culinary Laundry 1,103.16 Builders First Source House Materials 11,271.27 Cash-WA Distributing Food Supplies 5,179.82 Chesterman Company Culinary Supplies 1,238.00 County Fair Culinary 527.33 Daily Republic Advertising 1,831.50 Dakota Icf House Materials 9,258.14 Dakota Supply Group 4” Lights 252.66 Happy Hydros Fresh Food Product 31.36 Interstate Glass & Door House Materials 2,767.61 JC Construction House Sidewalk 10,713.21 Johnstone Supply House Materials 1232.68 Jones Supplies Culinary Supplies 1,646.82 Menards House Sanding Belts 679.95 Northwestern Energy House utilities 219.31 Patzer Woodworking House materials 2,670.63 Pella Windows And Doors House Sliding Doors 1,636.85 Performance Foodservice Food Supplies 2,018.37 Plumbing And Heating Wholesale House Galv Sheet Metal 1,263.20 Runnings House Adaptor 91.15 Sherwin Williams House materials 257.28 Walmart Program Supplies 215.40 Winsupply Of Sioux Falls House Return 856.43 Total MTC Enterprise Fund 55,962.13 MCTEA Academy A Ox Welding Supply Supplies 185.61 Advance Auto Parts Program Supplies 91.05 Builders First Source Program Supplies 774.02 Carquest Auto Parts Program O/M Supplies 296.98 Napa Central Program O/M Supplies 294.01 Runnings O&M/Program Supplies 14.97 Total MCTEA Academy 1,656.64 MTC Corporate Training Axsom,Kaden Welding Support 168.50 County Fair Ce Events 887.91 Elo Prof Corp Ed Fees 75.00 James River Special Education Slp Day Refund 29.00 Pepsi Mitchell Vending/Water 206.80 Peterson, Travis Corp Ed Training Reimbursement 11.00 Schroeder, Connie Mileage/Corp Ed 43.68 Subway Slp Day/Ce Events 656.65 Voyager Fleet Systems Fuel 28.58 Walmart Program Supplies 74.36 Whiskey Creek Woodfire Grill Ce Events 633.62 Total MTC Corporate Training Fund 2,815.10 Capital Projects-New Senior High School Meierhenry Sargent Bond Counsel Service 27,890.00 Puetz Design/Build Construction Meeting Fees 5,000.00 S & P Global Ratings Analytical Services 23,750.00 Schemmer Associates Professional Services 14,836.58 SDHEFA Credit Enhancement Program 10,000.00 US Bank Pay Agent Fee 1,200.00 Total Capital Projects Fund 82,676.58 Food Service Aramark Laundry Service 446.46 Chesterman Company Food Supplies 2,455.50 Darrington Water Conditioning Water Conditioning 366.37 East Side Jersey Dairy Food Supplies 17,028.49 Jones Supplies Custodial Supplies 3,536.78 Mealtime Software Annual Subscription 3,175.76 Pepsi Mitchell Vending/Water 1,587.75 Performance Foodservice Food Supplies 170,222.70 Porter Distributing Co. Juices 195.00 Total Food Service Fund 199,014.81 MTC Bookstore Fund Akademos Books 2,601.30 Excel Images Campus Store Spirit Apparel 106.63 Ihs Global Welding Books 2,912.47 Pepsi Mitchell Vending 210.33 Sun Gold Sports Campus Store Apparel 1,726.00 United Parcel Service Freight 144.00 Total MTC Bookstore Fund 7,700.73 Published once at the total approximate cost of $169.63 (May 18, 2022) 64088