MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING MITCHELL SCHOOL DISTRICT 17-2 May 11, 2023 The regular meeting of the Board of Education was called to order by President Deb Olson at 5:30 PM at the Mitchell Career Technical Education Academy 821 North Capital Street, Mitchell South Dakota, Davison County. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Roll call of members present: Deb Olson, Matthew Christiansen, Shawn Ruml, Terry Aslesen and Brittni Flood. Absent: None. Others present: Dr. Joe Childs, Interim Superintendent, Steve Culhane, Business Manager, and Student representative Dawson Schroeder. Motion #355263 Motion by Aslesen, seconded by Christiansen to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried. Motion #355264 Motion by Flood, seconded by Ruml to approve the consent agenda items of the claims, personnel items, and the minutes of the April 26, 2023 meeting. These minutes had been sent to the Daily Republic in unapproved form all in accordance as per SDCL 13-8-35. New Certified Hires: Brooke Brummett, Special Education Teacher/MHS, $48,100, effective 2023-24 school year. Christian Fossum, 0.4 FTE Math Teacher/MHS, $20,721, effective 2023-24 school year. Kamden Miller, Social Studies/MHS, $62,900, effective 2023-24 school year. Bobby Reindl, Assistant Principal/MHS, $85,000, effective 2023-24 school year. Cheylee Nagel, Special Education Teacher/MHS and MMS, $33,000, 0.7 FTE, effective 2023-24 school year. Classified Hires: Becky Kurth, Accounts Receivable, $19.50/hr., effective May 15, 2023. Pat Larson, Head Football Coach, $6,288, effective 2023-24 school year. Transfers: Bridget Huber, 4/5 Multiage Teacher/GBR to 3rd Grade Teacher/GBR, effective 2023-24 school year. Ashley Sand, 4/5 Multiage Teacher/GBR to 3rd Grade Teacher/GBR, effective 2023-24 school year. Resignations: Sarah Timmer, 3rd Grade Teacher/GBR, effective end of 2022-23 school year. Sandy Sheets, Paraeducator/MMS, effective end of the 2022-23 school year. Bobby Reindl, Assistant Principal/MMS, effective end of the 2022-23 school year. Corey Flatten, 8th Grade ELA teacher/MMS, end of 2022-23 school year. Motion carried. During Public Commentary, Steve Sibson spoke about studies that showed mask mandates did not work. Motion #355265 Motion by Ruml, seconded by Flood to approve on 2nd reading the changes to School Board Policy 222 Open Meetings. Discussion was held on the policy and after calling the question, those board members for yes are Aslesen and Ruml. Those voting no are Olson, Christiansen and Flood. Motion fails, 2 votes yes and 3 votes no. With the defeat of this motion, the school board policy reverts back to its original wording. Jared Hofer and Steve Culhane reviewed the 2023-2024 budgets for Mitchell Technical College and Mitchell School District. Dr. Childs updated the School Board on the progress of the new High School. Motion #355266 Motion by Flood, seconded by Christiansen to approve the sale of the ADBC program Student-built house #109 to Sachin Chaudhary & Ravinaben Chaudhari for $525,000. The address of the property is 405 Doris Drive and the legal description is: Lot Thirteen (13) in Tract I, Wild Oak Golf Club Addition to the City of Mitchell, Davison County, South Dakota. Motion carried. School Board members reported on the meetings they had attended since the last meeting. Interim Superintendent Dr. Childs informed the school board that the Employee Recognition program was held May 3rd. Graduation is to be held May 21st. Motion #355267 There being no new business brought forward, Motion by Flood, seconded by Christiansen to adjourn the meeting at 6:57 p.m. Motion carried. Cash Balance as of April 30, 2023 Beginning Balance, $22,930,009 General Fund Balance $7,275,002, Capital Outlay Balance $5,113,613, Special Education Balance $907,400, Mitchell Tech Balance $4,779,019, Food Service Balance $1,608,652, Driver’s Ed Balance ($-2,180), T/A Balance $3,610,117, James Valley Coop Balance $(88,474), Capital Projects Fund Balance ($273,139) Total Revenue, $3,110,977 General Fund $1,561,766, Capital Outlay $256,948, Special Education $522,416, Mitchell Tech $500,630, Food Service $186,549, Driver’s Ed $29,401, T/A $48,721, James Valley Coop $4,546, Capital Projects Fund $-0- Total Expenditures, $3,938,537 General Fund $1,677,070, Capital Outlay $6,510, Special Education $413,457, Mitchell Tech $1,258,942, Food Service $138,090, Driver’s Ed $-0-, T/A $399,358, James Valley Coop $45,110, Capital Projects Fund $-0- Ending Balance, $22,102,449 General Fund $7,159,698, Capital Outlay $5,364,051, Special Education $1,016,359, Mitchell Tech $4,020,707, Food Service $1,657,111, Driver’s Ed $27,221, T/A $3,259,480, James Valley Coop $(129,038), Capital Projects Fund $(273,139) General Fund AT&T Mobility/First Net Cell Phone Usage 513.26 Advance Auto Parts Program Supplies 25.50 Ag Parts Workdwide Laptop Supplies 423.75 Al’s Engraving Signs 32.40 Arend, Deanna Track Official 215.30 Asbsd Registrations 50.00 Auto Body Specialties Repair Parts 39.05 Avera Heart Hospital Aed Supplies 213.00 Bailey Metal Fabricators Welding Supplies 18.36 Ban Koe Systems System Support 3,491.00 Best Western Ramkota Hotel Lodging 3,639.60 Big E Auto Service Vehicle Service 514.64 Brad’s Instrument Repair Instrument Maintenance 155.00 Charron, Steve Track Official 256.10 Cihak, John Softball Umpire 150.80 Ck Bicycles & Locks Service Calls,Key Blanks 698.00 County Fair Catering 312.63 Cubby’s Fuel/Program Supplies 867.43 Dakota Data Shred Document Shredding 77.64 Dakota Potters Supply Art Supplies 86.80 Dakota Pump Service Calls 68.88 Dakota Wesleyan University Property Insurance/LBW 10,253.00 Darrington Water Conditioning Water Conditioning 199.00 Days Inn Facility Rental 125.00 De Boer, Bob Track Official 256.10 Decker Equipment O/M Supplies 48.90 Deinert, Darcy Softball Umpire 146.52 Demco Library Supplies 90.42 Dick’s Body Shop Car Damage Repairs/Insurance 10,399.53 Domino’s/Mitchell Pizza 100.00 Ed’s Pet World Program Supplies 15.98 Ehlke, Courtney Enl Summer School 102.79 Emergency Ed Associates Cpr Training 2,100.00 Fbla-Pbl Nlc Registrations 100.00 Fed Ex Freight 14.56 Foreman Student Transportation 49,453.32 Gopher Sport Program Supplies 700.51 Hart, Karisa Accompanist 240.00 Hauff Mid America Sports Track Supplies 520.00 Heeren, Anna Choir Festival 49.60 Herc U Lift Forklift Repairs 168.27 Hillyard/Sioux Falls Custodial Supplies 5,756.88 Human Relations Media Reference Materials 335.89 Interstate All Battery Center Batteries 57.00 Johnson Controls Service Calls/Ms 2,716.97 Jones Supplies Custodial Supplies 4,094.17 Jostens Diplomas,Tassels,Gown 325.21 Kelly-Christensen, Tracy Program Supplies 50.00 Kirby Of Mitchell Vacuum Bags 62.00 Klein, Ronae Course Fees 70.00 Kokesh, David Softball Umpire 218.64 Kone Chicago Elevator Maintenance 2,405.04 Krell, Mary Card Stock 11.68 Lakeshore Learning Materials Classroom Supplies 68.98 Mackin Ed Resources Library Books 1,328.10 Mcleods Office Supply Printed Material & Supplies 72.90 Mega Wash Vehicle Washes 34.00 Menards O/M,Program Supplies 18.98 Midco Business Long Distance Service 53.44 Miedema Sanitation Trash Removal 3,179.00 Miller, Cheryl Subscription 29.88 Mitchell Music Boosters Drum Heads,Music 639.71 Mitchell Republic Subscription 66.00 Mitchell Tech Culinary Meals 194.46 Moore, Clayton Softball Umpire 149.56 Morgan, Steve Program Supplies 26.25 Morgan, Teresa Classroom Supplies 34.41 Musser, Jeff Zipper Repair 15.98 Muth Electric Electrical Service,Supplies 3,092.58 Nasp Program Supplies 115.00 Nassp Nat’l Affiliation Fees 385.00 Nepstads Flower Shop Flowers 222.00 O’gorman High School Track Entry Fee 150.00 Odp Business Solutions Program Supplies 114.26 Office Advantage Staples 269.98 Other World Computing Computer Supplies 174.82 Pepper Music 209.75 Performance Foodservice Food Supplies/Ffvp Grant 8,716.40 Popplers Music Store Music Supplies 127.00 Premier Pest Control Pest Control 675.00 Puetz Design + Build Pac Siding Damage/Pd Ins 61,469.00 Qualified Presort Service Postage 956.75 Ramkota Hotel Lodging 342.18 Riverside Technologies Managed Services 205.00 S & M Printing Printing 263.00 Sargent Welch Science Supplies 51.14 Schmitt Music Sheet Music 49.98 Schulte, Barb Baked Goods 45.50 Scott Supply Co Repair Parts 592.30 Sherwin Williams O/M Supplies 293.57 Sioux Falls Jefferson Gymnastics Entry Fee 60.00 Stg Travel National Fbla 986.00 Sun Gold Sports Program Supplies 1,434.34 Thill, Shane Meals 99.74 Thunes True Value O/M Supplies 293.83 Triotel Communications Telephone/Colonies 86.33 Us Bank Pay Agent Fee 600.00 Vanoverschelde, Kent Softball Supplies 86.98 Wendelgass, Mark Track Official 215.40 Wholesale Electronics Program Supplies 12.00 Total General Fund 191,253.18 Capital Outlay Dakota Wesleyan University Annual Land Lease/Lbw 33,644.00 Office Advantage Printing Contract 2,082.36 Rockport Colony School Building Pymt 100,000.00 Xerox Financial Services Copiers Lease 1,045.96 Total Capital Outlay Fund 136,862.74 Special Education Autism-Products.Com Sped Supplies 647.00 Career Connections Contracted Services 1,867.16 Isi Interpreter Services 7,324.60 James Valley Ed Coop Services 202,764.00 Lakeshore Learning Materials Program Supplies 392.69 Larson, Karin Professional Services 3,175.00 Life Quest Tuition 3,111.80 Mitchell Tech Corp Ed Slp Day 358.00 Sd Dept Of Human Services Tuition 674.05 Speech Corner Program Supplies 102.94 Total Special Education Fund 220,417.24 Post-Secondary 44 Interactive Advertising 46,997.22 A & G Diesel Oil 22.00 A Ox Welding Supply Culinary – Refrigerated Nitro 3,159.24 Al’s Engraving Name Badges 18.40 American Garage Door Reset Down Limits On Big Door 233.47 Aspire Technology Partners 2023 Smart New Renewable 3 Yrs 7,295.04 Avera Queen Of Peace Saline Fusion Box, 20g 110.72 Bailey Metal Fabricators Diesel Power - Hot Roll Sheets 206.90 Basin Electric Power Coop Monthly – Lease,Materials 3,058.80 Best Western Ramkota Hotel Lodging 338.00 Big E Auto Service Mti 64 - 2011 Chevrolet Impala 125.08 Blarney’s Staff Gathering 1,590.47 Brett’s Tractor Repair Student Demonstrations 210.00 Brookings Area Cpr Ctc Cpr Card 879.00 Brooks Oil Company Butler Building - Furnace Oil 1,452.00 Buhl’s Dry cleaning Culinary Linens 127.25 Builders First Source Morton/Home guard House wrap 132.00 C & B Operations Ball Stud 2,121.66 Caahep 2023-2024 Accreditation Fee 600.00 Cambria Suites Rapid City Clinical Visit 101.00 Capture Your Style Marketing Photos, Edits, Travel 1,750.00 Carquest Auto Parts Oil Filter, U Joint 47.18 Cash-Wa Distributing Program Supplies 863.09 Cintas Corp Rugs 2,502.88 City Of Mitchell Trees 33.44 Clover Learning 12 Month Rtbc Academic License 2,280.00 Cole Papers Main Brush, Side Broom 963.35 County Fair Adbc Advisory 4,392.11 Crazy Lady Consulting Consulting Services – April 3,528.86 Dakota Pro Striping Snow Removal 475.00 Dakota Supply Group Ecm Lab 49.73 Digital Compliance Hipaa Compliance Training 99.90 Domino’s/Mitchell Meals 154.84 Echo Group Ecm – Wire 3,012.87 Epic Outdoor Advertising Vinyl Billboard Production 8,700.00 Estes Sr, Jeshua Eagle Feather Ceremony Speaker 500.00 Experian Credit Bureau Services – April 22.00 Farmers Alliance Forklift Fuel 1,278.83 Fiber Instrument Sales Scada - Blue Dye 203.37 Goldammer, Tim Culinary Trip 152.96 Golden West Technologies Camera Connection Professional 1,107.46 Groebner Copper Sulfate Container Part 349.23 Hampton Inn Rad Therapy Accreditation 510.00 Heritage Crystal Clean Antifreeze Disposal 17.96 Hometown Plumbing & Heating Repair Sprinkler Line 1,476.66 Innovative Nonprofit Consulting Services 8,812.50 Interstate All Battery Center Leoch 12 V 2,142.84 Interstate Tire & Auto Battery 198.95 James Valley Landscape Sprinkler Activation Repair 581.79 Jenzabar Anthology Inc Courseval 7,283.00 Jimmy Johns Wifi/Broadband Advisory 202.30 Johnstone Supply Thermostat Trainer 1,789.54 Jones Supplies Custodial Supplies 2,613.16 Krcil, Amber Spearfish Clinical 81.00 Life Equipment Rental Morton Building – Scissor Lift 750.00 Logan Luxury Theatres Corp Screen Advertising 2,115.00 Matheson Tri-Gas Brush 3,924.24 Mckesson Medical-Surgical Counter, Tally, Hand 201.70 Menards Natural Gas Supplies 3,705.74 Mettler Implement Powerline Maintenance 1,923.69 Miedema Sanitation Trash Removal 926.00 Motor Market Advertising 650.00 Nedved Media Advertising 924.84 North Central Seed Gold Star Tough Turf Mix 425.00 O’reilly Auto Parts Lt Socket 180.85 Obligation Recovery Center Payment/Dh 200.00 Office Advantage Printing Contract 1,190.69 Ponderosa Rentals Storage Unit Rent – May 160.00 Pro Contracting 3rd Party Testing 2,700.00 Proctor free Hosting Fee Monthly/Proctored exams 1,023.00 Productivity Welding Repairs 682.50 Qualified Presort Service Postage 4,516.62 Runnings Supply Fuel Hose, Duct Tape 1,499.36 Saga Communications Sd Advertising 176.00 Saga Communications, Inc Advertising 600.00 Scasd Conference Reg 80.00 Schoenfelder Portables Portable Toilets 110.00 Sd Federal Property Agency Diesel Power - Toolbox, Socket 322.00 Sd Rehabaction Membership Dues 35.00 Sd Teacher Placement Center July 2022 - June 2023 435.00 Sdacte Sdacte Conference 255.00 Sherwin Williams Adbc Supplies 1,260.99 Shi International Corp Intune Licensing - End Point 1,107.80 Snap-On Industrial Meat Shredders, Slide Cutter 159.35 Sun Gold Sports Engraved Plates 562.00 Swett, Amya State Ffa Convention 32.00 Unisa Payment Center/Perkins Loan 466.90 United Laboratories Weed Laser Vegetation Killer 634.36 Us Bank St Paul Interest Payment - Wind Tower 47,437.50 Van Diest Supply Company Milestone 8,870.37 Voyager Fleet Systems Fuel 6,064.31 Wheelco Truck & Trailer Parts Pole Banners 34.88 Wright, Barbara Spearfish Clinical, Sdsrt 81.00 Xerox Financial Services Copiers Lease 502.24 Yamaha Motor Corporation Universal Puller 644.88 Total Post-Secondary Fund 224,525.86 MTC Enterprise Fund Arctic Refrigeration Walk In Freezer Repairs 529.60 Big Dog Concrete House 110 – Foundation 960.00 Buhl’s Dry cleaning Cafe Supplies 81.35 Builders First Source House 110 - Resisto Icf membrane 9,898.17 Cash-Wa Distributing Cafe Supplies 3,904.99 Centennial Carpet House 109 – Carpet 2,271.50 Chesterman Company Cafe Supplies 1,251.48 Cintas Corp Culinary Laundry 775.60 County Fair Wingapalooza – Café 606.05 Dakota Icf House 110 9,642.57 Dakota Supply Group House 109 – Ecm 139.74 Johnstone Supply House 109 – Hct 187.31 Jones Supplies Cafe Supplies 717.53 Menards House 110 – Cabinets 1,680.25 Miedema Sanitation Trash Removal 70.00 Mitchell Concrete House 110 – Concrete 9,742.96 Mitchell Plumbing & Heating House 109 7,932.24 Mitchell Republic House Advertisement 1,179.00 Northwestern Energy House 109 205.51 Olinger Carpet Service House 109 - Carpet Install 599.00 Schoenfelder Portables Portable Toilets 110.00 Sd Electrical Commission Electrical Inspections 320.00 Sherwin Williams House 109 Paint 329.17 Total MTC Enterprise Fund 53,134.02 MTCEA Academy Advance Auto Parts Program Supplies 126.70 Builders First Source Program Supplies 659.72 Total MCTEA Academy Fund 786.42 MTC Corporate Training A Ox Welding Supply Corp Ed - Industry Training 13.27 Brookings School District Slp Day Refund 34.00 County Fair East River Scholar Of The Year Banquet 3,131.77 Hampton Inn Slp Day 102.50 Meaux, Ashley Slp Day 2,014.76 Pepsi Mitchell Vending/Water 801.92 Peterson, Travis Riverside Welding Training 60.00 Southeast Education Cooperative Slp Day Refund 34.00 Voyager Fleet Systems Fuel 50.89 Total MTC Corporate Training Fund 6,243.11 Capital Projects-New Senior High School Puetz Design + Build Progress Billing/Sh Bldg Project 543,401.95 Food Service Aramark Laundry Service 478.20 Carmody, Leann Food Buy Group Meeting 78.02 Chesterman Company Food Supplies 1,207.00 Cubby’s Fuel/Program Supplies 65.87 Darrington Water Conditioning Water Conditioning 336.55 East Side Jersey Dairy Food Supplies 6,162.48 Hohn, Carla Lunch Refund 50.05 Jones Supplies Food Supplies 518.34 Muth Electric Electrical Service,Supplies 2,353.14 Pepsi Mitchell Vending/Water 842.03 Performance Foodservice Food Supplies 70,161.51 Total Food Service Fund 82,253.19 MTC Campus Store Akademos Books 625.66 Branded Custom Sportswear Campus Store Spirit Items 1,681.20 Buckingham Mfg. Chin Strap, Pole Gaff, Hand line 145.62 Cash-Wa Distributing Cafe Supplies 125.44 Dakota’s Best Distributing Campus Store Snacks 598.50 Johnstone Supply Pliers 96.90 Pepsi Mitchell Vending/Water 275.04 Snap-On Industrial Seal Rem Set 28.82 Spirit Products Ltd Hoodies 464.40 Sun Gold Sports Mtc Richardson Hats 1,200.00 United Parcel Service Freight 449.04 Total MY+TC Campus Store 5,690.62 MTC Farm Resale Fund Farmers Alliance Dekalb Corn 6,276.36 Published once at the total approximate cost of $166.90 and may be viewed free of charge at (May 24, 2023) 225933