MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING MITCHELL SCHOOL DISTRICT 17-2 April 10, 2023 The regular meeting of the Board of Education was called to order by President Deb Olson at 5:30 PM at the Mitchell Career Technical Education Academy 821 North Capital Street, Mitchell South Dakota, Davison County. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Roll call of members present: Deb Olson, Matthew Christiansen, Shawn Ruml, Terry Aslesen and Brittni Flood. Absent: None. Others present: Dr. Joe Childs, Interim Superintendent, Steve Culhane, Business Manager, and Student representative Claire Hegg. Motion #355244 Motion by Flood, seconded by Aslesen to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried. Motion #355245 Motion by Ruml, seconded by Christiansen to approve the consent agenda items of the claims, personnel items, and the minutes of the March 13, 2023 meeting. These minutes had been sent to the Daily Republic in unapproved form all in accordance as per SDCL 13-8-35. New Certified Hires: Megan McManus, Elementary Teacher/GBR, $53,003, effective 2023-24 school year. Katelyn Albertz, 5th Grade Elementary Teacher/LBW, $47,000, effective 2023-24 school year. Ronae Klein, Assistant Girls Golf Coach, $2,236, effective 2022-23 school year. New Classified Hires: Rebecca Genzlinger, Administrative Assistant/GBR, $17/hr., 8/hrs./daily, effective April 11, 2023. Transfers: Audra Bormann, 4th Grade Teacher/GBR to 2nd Grade Teacher/GBR, effective 2023-24 school year. Victoria Erwin, 6th Grade Science/ELA Teacher/MS to 7th/8th ELA Teacher/MS, effective 2023-24 school year. Retirements: Craig Mock, Vice Principal/SH, effective end of 2022-23 school year. Resignations: Kelsey Berletic, Middle School Teacher, resigning from a year of absence, effective end of 2022-23 school year. Kindra Clark, 7th Girls Basketball Coach, effective end of 2022-23 school year, pending suitable replacement. Mary Fouss-Dickston, Salad Bar Attendant/LBW, effective March 20, 2023. Judy Miiller, Administrative Assistant/GBR, effective June 13, 2022-23. Conner DeRouchey, CCC/Computer Aide/GBR, effective end of 2022-23 school year. Amber Scheele, GATE Instructor, effective April 17th, 2023. Danieka Heckenlaible, Kindergarten Teacher/LO and 21st Century Grant Director, effective April 17, 2023. MTC Spring 2023 Adjunct Instructors: Dale Mesman, Adjunct Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Instructor, $35/hr., effective March 22, 2023. Roxane Hunt, Adjunct Registered Nursing (RN) Clinical Instructor, $6,300, effective January 9, 2023. Motion carried. During Public Commentary, Steve Sibson, Dwight Stadler, Sonja Van Erdewyk, & Tara Volesky shared their feelings and frustrations on the Daily Republic editorial that appeared in March 31st edition of the paper. Sara Shawd asked for more student involvement in Senior High building project and Van Erdewyk thanked Dr. Childs and John Tyler for their diligence on the list of library books she sent to them to look and see if they were appropriate in school libraries. Motion #355246 Motion by Aslesen seconded by Flood to move into executive session at 5:53 p.m. for the purpose of discussing the qualifications, competence, performance, character or fitness of any public office or employee or prospective public officer of employee as per SDCL 1-25-2 (1). Motion carried President Olson declared the meeting back in open session at 6:34 p.m. Motion #355247 Motion by Christiansen, seconded by Flood to approve the contract of Dr. Joe Childs as Superintendent of Schools and move forward all accrued leaves for Childs. Motion carried. Motion #355248 Motion by Ruml, seconded by Christiansen to revise the 2023-2024 school calendar by moving the professional development day from March 18, 2024 to April 15, 2024. There will now be school on the 18th. Motion carried. Motion #355249 Motion by Aslesen, seconded by Flood to approve the MCEA Memorandum of Understanding for the 2023-2024 school year for all hourly K-12 employees. The only change agreed upon will read as follows: The MCEA Food Service employee group agree to an increase of wages whereas the minimum raise will be 75 cents and the maximum raise will be $2.75 per hour effective for 2023-2024 school year. All other parties, represented in MCEA agreement that were hired prior to January 1, 2023, (custodial, maintenance, clerical & para-educators) will agree to increase the wages of the employee groups by $2.25 per hour, effective for 2023-2024 school year. All employees hired after January 1, 2023 will negotiate individually with the interim Superintendent of Schools. This MOU shall not alter, amend or modify any other terms or provisions of the CBA, except as specifically provided herein. Motion carried. Motion #355250 Motion by Flood, seconded by Christiansen to increase salaries for all teachers under the MEA agreement by an across the board 8% increase for each employee. Motion carried. Motion #355251 Motion by Aslesen, seconded by Ruml to approve the resolution authorizing membership in the South Dakota High School Activities Association for the 2023-2024 school year. Roll call; Aslesen, yes; Ruml, yes; Christiansen, yes; Flood, yes; and Olson, yes. Motion carries. Motion #355252 Motion by Aslesen, seconded by Christiansen to approve the renewal motion & participation agreement with ASBSD for the Workman’s Compensation pool group for the 2023-2024 school year. Motion carried. Motion #355253 Motion by Aslesen, seconded by Flood to approve the renewal motion & participation agreement with ASBSD Protective Trust for the South Dakota School District Benefits Fund (Health Insurance pool group) for the 2023-2024 school year. Motion carried. Motion #355254 Motion by Aslesen, seconded by Ruml to have Dr. Childs bring forth on first reading a revision to Board Policy 222-open meetings to use the ASBSD Sample policy with the addition of adding a school email for all board members when the board policies are brought to the board for review. Motion carried. Motion #355255 Motion by Flood, seconded by Christiansen to approve Dr. Joe Childs as an authorized signer for all documents for the Mitchell School District. Motion carried. School Board members reported on the meetings they had attended since the last meeting. Interim Superintendent Dr. Childs informed the school board that the new Senior High Building project has started. The building directly north of MCTEA is being torn down, and on April 17th, the main east entrance will no longer be available. All students and employees will now use the south doors as the main entrance to the building. Motion #355256 There being no new business brought forward, Motion by Flood, seconded by Christiansen to adjourn the meeting at 7:38 p.m. Motion carried. Cash Balance as of March 31, 2023 Beginning Balance, $21,942,206 General Fund Balance $7,920,636, Capital Outlay Balance $5,074,017, Special Education Balance $1,210,551, Mitchell Tech Balance $3,170,122, Food Service Balance $1,535,123, Driver’s Ed Balance ($-2,180), T/A Balance $3,344,241, James Valley Coop Balance $(37,164), Capital Projects Fund Balance ($273,139) Total Revenue, $5,437,878 General Fund $1,112,449, Capital Outlay $119,758, Special Education $215,492, Mitchell Tech $2,995,102, Food Service $235,922, Driver’s Ed $-0-, T/A $759,155, James Valley Coop $-0-, Capital Projects Fund $-0- Total Expenditures, $4,450,075 General Fund $1,758,083, Capital Outlay $80,162, Special Education $518,643, Mitchell Tech $1,386,205, Food Service $162,393, Driver’s Ed $-0-, T/A $493,279, James Valley Coop $51,310, Capital Projects Fund $-0- Ending Balance, $22,930,009 General Fund $7,275,002, Capital Outlay $5,113,613, Special Education $907,400, Mitchell Tech $4,779,019, Food Service $1,608,652, Driver’s Ed $(2,180), T/A $3,610,117, James Valley Coop $(88,474), Capital Projects Fund $(273,139) General Fund A Ox Welding Supply Welding Supplies 401.46 A T & T Mobility/First Net Cell Phone Usage 513.80 Abbott House Fy23 Share/State Aid 7,393.26 Acp Direct Classroom Supplies 640.40 Advance Auto Parts Program Supplies 34.29 Advantage Auto Glass Mirrors 60.96 Al’s Engraving Signs 10.00 American Garage Door Repair 854.59 Arctic Refrigeration Equipment Repairs 393.08 Auto Body Specialties Repair Parts 23.36 Automatic Building Controls Annual Inspection 9,385.00 Becker, Sherri PD Meeting Expense 97.11 Bender’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning 415.00 Best Western Ramkota Hotel Lodging 5,427.41 Big E Auto Service Vehicle Service 366.32 Brad’s Instrument Repair Instrument Maintenance 50.00 Brookings High School Berseth Indoor Track Meet 522.00 C & B Operations Parts, Equipment Repairs 2,393.36 C & B Operations Equipment Repairs 1,363.86 Carlson, Heather Testing Snacks 244.23 Carolina Biological Supply Co Classroom Supplies 348.03 City Of Mitchell Water/Sewer 5,488.62 Ck Bicycles & Locks Key Blanks 18.00 Corona Village/Israel Espinosa Meal 292.35 County Fair Food Supplies 468.80 Cubby’s Fuel 2,287.87 Dakota Data Shred Document Shredding 149.97 Dakota Education Consulting Fees 5,717.55 Dakota Pump Service Call/Longfellow 2,888.86 Decker Equipment O/M Supplies 760.44 Desmond, Erin Piano Accompanist 172.50 Ed’s Pet World Program Supplies 31.96 Edvotek Classroom Supplies 233.98 Ellingson, Donna Baccalaureate Covers 21.26 Elo Prof Progress Billing 37,000.00 Farmers Alliance Fuel 985.89 First Nat’l Bank Omaha Travel,Program Expenses 5,538.28 Foreman Student Transportation 76,697.97 Fox Paint And Blinds Brush 6.79 Gerlach, Tarilynn Books 250.81 Gopher Sport Program Supplies 458.75 Grabenstein, Heather Staff Gathering 56.83 Graham Tire Company Vehicle Repair 109.81 Grainger O/M Supplies 466.26 Grandstay Residential Suites Lodging 268.00 Gubbrud, Chris Office Supplies 51.00 Hauff Mid America Sports Medals 81.90 Hillyard/Sioux Falls Custodial Supplies 280.43 Independent Viking Glass Door Repair 314.69 Innovative Office Solutions Program & Office Supplies 426.12 Instrumentalist Awards Music 362.00 Interactive Health Technologies Monitors 1,140.00 J & P Roofing Systems Roof Repairs 2,917.35 Jimmy Johns Meals 254.43 Jira, Jacey Mentor Mileage 87.08 Jones Supplies Custodial Supplies 4,738.77 Jostens Diplomas 897.87 Kirby Of Mitchell Belts 12.00 Krohmer Plumbing Service Calls 562.10 Kully Supply O/M Supplies 1,446.00 Lakeview Golf Course Golf Balls 528.00 Larry’s I-90 Service Plow Supplies 1,781.77 Lewis, Grace Vocal Judge 50.00 Mc Entee, Tyler Course Fee 35.00 Mcleods Office Supply Printed Material & Supplies 582.56 Menards O/M,Program Supplies 3,231.47 Mertens, Mckenzie Meals 37.07 Meyerink, Jeff Course Fee 385.00 Midco Business Long Distance Service 267.65 Miedema Sanitation Trash Removal 3,474.00 Miller, Madison-Ainsley Victory Briefs 30.00 Mitchell Tech Corp Ed AD Meeting 610.34 Morgan, Teresa Certificates, Wl Supplies 194.50 Muth Electric Electrical Service,Supplies 3,011.19 Napa Central Program,O/M Supplies 436.29 Nasco Classroom Supplies 263.32 Nebraska Air Filter Air Filters 370.04 Office Advantage Staples 134.99 On Sight Repairs/Access Control Door 1,836.74 Pepper Music 698.89 Performance Foodservice Ffvp 8,378.12 Popplers Music Store Music Supplies 40.00 Porchlight Books 4,251.81 Premier Pest Control Pest Control 675.00 Prunty, John Fuel/Show Choir Nashville 38.32 Push Pedal Pull Equipment Repair 964.76 Qualified Presort Service Postage 760.99 Riverside Technologies Managed Services 205.00 Runnings Supply O&M/Program Supplies 90.49 S & M Printing Printing 119.00 Schmitt Music Repairs 386.97 Scholastic Library Books 221.00 School Specialty Classroom Supplies 3,402.87 Sd Honors Choir Audition Fees 60.00 Sherwin Williams Paint Supplies 182.79 Skinner, Suzanne Fcs, Fccla Supplies 400.73 Spectacular Quilting Fabric 1,339.75 Spectrum Techniques Classroom Supplies 1,570.00 Stanley Convergent Security Maintenence/Monitoring 2,732.04 State Supply Co O/M Supplies 1,810.20 Subway Meals 178.71 Summit Fire Protection Service Fire System 420.00 Sun Gold Sports Program Supplies 521.52 Super 8 By Wyndham Lodging 629.93 Tessier’s Service Call/Mctea 2,465.69 Tessman Company, The Grounds Supplies 6,000.00 Triotel Communications Telephone/Colonies 86.21 Us Bank Pay Agent Fee 600.00 Vander Wilt, Jeff Fuel/Show Choir Nashville 936.84 Walmart Program Supplies 453.74 Williams Repair Instrument Maintenance 110.00 Total General Fund 242,872.11 Capital Outlay Demco Book Repair Machine 2,147.73 First Nat’l Bank Omaha Travel,Program Expenses 2,290.00 Office Advantage Printing Contract 1,729.69 School Specialty Chairs, Tables 3,309.31 Xerox Financial Services Copier Contract 1,045.96 Total Capital Outlay Fund 10,522.69 Special Education Abbott House Ft23 Share Of State Aid 23,862.24 Bhssc Let’s Talk Work 40.00 Bialas, Gina Fuel Reimbursement 122.53 Children’s Care Hospital Tuition 9,750.00 Collaborative Solutions Professional Services 8,922.50 Crisis Prevention Institute Registration 2,216.35 Division Of Rehab Services Pact Grant Match 3,400.89 First Nat’l Bank Omaha Travel,Program Expenses 457.31 Hampton Inn Meeting Expenses 154.98 Hieb, Samantha Mileage 93.33 Innovative Office Solutions Program & Office Supplies 360.20 Isi Interpreter Services 9,296.40 Sped Recipient Parent Mileage 57.12 Laminator.Com Laminating Supplies 64.48 Larson, Karin Professional Services 3,312.50 Mcleods Office Supply Printed Material & Supplies 59.00 Palace Transit Student Transportation 3,555.98 School Specialty Classroom Supplies 250.35 Sd Dept Of Human Services Tuition 13,623.06 Smith, Kelsey Asha Conference 45.00 Total Special Education Fund 79,644.22 Post Secondary 44 Interactive Advertising 35,135.36 A Ox Welding Supply Powersports/Cylinders 486.23 A To Z Promotions Foundation Lapen Pins 425.41 Aama Certification Test Fees 1,000.00 Aapc Membership 205.00 Advance Auto Parts Wipers 46.23 Al’s Engraving Decals For Planter 69.90 American Garage Door Replaced Belt In Powerline Bldg 334.19 Appletoft, Donna Annual Convention 121.90 Bailey Metal Fabricators Square Tube 842.86 Big E Auto Service Vehicle repair 865.91 Border States Electric Swanate, Brenau 5,703.64 Brookings Area Cpr Ctc Cards 342.00 Brooks Oil Company Butler Building/Furnace Oil 3,017.24 Buhl’s Drycleaning Culinary Linens 25.86 Butler Machinery Co. Diesel Power/Absorb Rl 199.50 C & B Operations Bracket Kit 671.99 Carquest Auto Parts Spark Plugs 164.47 Cash-Wa Distributing Cafe Supplies 150.00 Cassling Diagnostic Imaging Service Agreement 3,321.00 Chief Architect Software Chief Architect 1 Year Renewal 135.00 Cintas Corp Rugs 297.95 City Of Mitchell Water,Sewer 1,609.39 City Of Mitchell Muni Solid Waste 63.84 Cole Papers Squeegee Blades, Aquamizer Blades 469.50 College Avenue Student Loans Principal Pmt 4,748.00 Concordance Health Solutions Blood Pressure Cuff 24.67 County Fair Exploration Day 591.95 Crazy Lady Consulting Additional Services/March 6,050.00 Dakota Pro Striping Snow Removal 1,050.00 Dakota Supply Group Substation/Spool 378.44 Darrington Water Conditioning Salt 21.10 Davison County Reg/Deeds Rodney Tuttle Real Estate Tax 2,007.06 Davison County Treasurer Deposit Career Expo Event 575.00 Degen, Chris Memorial 50.00 Digital Compliance Hipaa/Osha Bloodborne Training 324.77 Domino’s Exploration Day 1,160.19 Echo Group Large Utility Cart 298.30 Ehlke, Jerry Picture Frames 425.00 Elo Prof Annual Audit 13,000.00 Epic Outdoor Advertising Vinyl Proofs 600.00 Farmers Alliance Forklift Fuel 406.41 Fastenal Company Orange Cones 297.01 Fiber Instrument Sales Scada Kits 95.00 Golden West Technologies Tele Answering Services 420.55 Graybar Fiber Workshop 371.72 Grode-Hanks, Carol Pizza For Tax Service Students 45.00 Guindon, Rayne Retain Mercury Certification 111.00 Harvey, Rebecca Slpa Labs 296.10 Hofer, Jared Student Success Gift card 100.00 Innovative Nonprofit Reimbursement Custom Banner 560.94 Innovative Office Solutions Ink cart 86.14 Interstate Tire & Auto New Tires 821.85 Jcl Solutions Clean By Peroxy 369.72 Jenzabar 2023 Renewal 49,591.00 Johnstone Supply Hard Start, Relay 62.01 Jones Supplies Custodial Supplies 1,763.30 Konecranes October 2022 Inspection 555.00 Konrad, Sara Breakdown Rn Patient Decks 119.00 L & J Kreations Gift/Décor Adjunct Cdl Instructor 2,450.00 Lamar Companies Advertising 550.00 Larry’s I-90 Service Engine Oil Pan 2,547.45 Matheson Tri-Gas Nozzle 449.19 Mckesson Medical-Surgical Cell Chex Ctl 1,018.78 Menards Fuse, Flat 2,132.30 Metropolitan Community College Powerline Rodeo Registration Fee 540.00 Mettler Implement Plug Socket 56.98 Motor Market Advertising 650.00 Napa Central Cleaner 127.53 O’reilly Auto Parts Carb Cl 729.33 Office Advantage Printing Contract 1,546.15 Performance Foodservice Foundation Gala 97.16 Petrik Sanitation Card Board Service 120.00 Petty Cash/Mtc Replenish Petty Cash 10.54 Ponderosa Rentals Storage Unit Rent/April 160.00 Premier Pest Control Pest Control 675.00 Pro Contracting 3rd Party Testing 1,620.00 Proctorfree Hosting Fee Monthly/Proctored Exams 759.00 Prostrollo Motor Sales Oil Change 83.45 Puetz Design + Build Diesel Architecture Fees 23,500.00 Qualified Presort Service Postage 1,150.98 Runnings Supply Spray Paint 597.63 S & M Printing Ground Breaking Invites 285.00 Schultz, Jennifer Sped Conference Deadwood 41.00 Sd Dept Of Labor/Regulation Wage Data Agreement 56.81 Sdasfaa 2023 Spring Conference 120.00 Sdcte Membership/Registration 260.00 Shi International Corp Az Backup 782.62 Singlewire Software Informacast Fusion/3 Yr Sub 23,603.00 Sisson Printing Foundation Invites 1,212.65 Smith, Marla Hlc Conference/Chicago 90.00 Unisa Payment Center/Perkins Loan 466.90 Voyager Fleet Systems Fuel 4,204.74 Walmart Program Supplies 404.42 Whiskey Creek Woodfire Grill Leadership 840.90 Wholesale Electronics Socket/Relay 44.66 Xerox Financial Services Copier Contract 502.24 Yamaha Motor Corporation Gasket 4.65 Total Post Secondary Fund 217,571.66 MTC Enterprise Fund A Ox Welding Supply Nitrogen Refrigerated Liquid 101.23 Arctic Refrigeration Ice Machine Repairs 287.85 Buhl’s Drycleaning Culinary Linens 25.86 Cash-Wa Distributing Cafe Supplies 5,924.36 Chesterman Company Cafe Supplies 204.90 Cintas Corp Culinary Laundry 96.95 County Fair Café Supplies 190.68 Dakota Supply Group House 109/Hct 248.36 Duane’s Carpet Outlet House 109/ Flooring 135.00 Grainger House 110/Cabinets 187.04 Holdahl Company House 110 Cabinets 1,229.60 Johnson Hardwood Company House 110/Cabinets 2,400.50 Johnstone Supply House 109/Hct 290.10 Jones Supplies Culinary Supplies 1,066.63 Menards House 110/Cabinets 1,478.76 Northwestern Energy House 109 876.60 Performance Foodservice Cafe Supplies 4,358.24 Sherwin Williams House 110/Cabinets 600.61 Walmart Program Supplies 283.17 Total MTC Enterprise Fund 19,686.44 MCTEA Academy A Ox Welding Supply Welding Supplies 677.78 Builders First Source Program Supplies 716.20 First Nat’l Bank Omaha Travel,Program Expenses 141.52 Lincoln Electric Co Welding Supplies 334.62 Menards O/M,Program Supplies 1,468.74 Napa Central Program,O/M Supplies 579.35 Runnings Supply O&M/Program Supplies 98.97 Total MCTEA Academy Fund 4,017.18 MTC Corporate Training A Ox Welding Supply Corp Ed/Industry Training 12.55 County Fair Conerstone Meeting 1,086.92 Jimmy Johns Superintendent Interviews 472.03 Pepsi Mitchell Vending/Water 693.48 Peterson, Travis Riverside/Trussbilt 28.00 Whiskey Creek Woodfire Grill Ag Commodities Seminar 1,883.00 Total MTC Corporate Training Fund 4,175.98 Food Service Chesterman Company Vending/Water 577.50 County Fair Food Items 9.99 East Side Jersey Dairy Food Supplies 7,173.82 Hobart Sales And Service Equipment Repairs 1,155.77 Menards O/M,Program Supplies 471.85 Pepsi Mitchell Vending/Water 755.90 Performance Foodservice Food Supplies 73,545.36 Total Food Service Fund 83,690.19 M MTC Campus Store Fiber Instrument Sales Scada Kits 1,558.76 Johnstone Supply Battery 65.67 Pepsi Mitchell Vending/Water 137.08 Snap-On Industrial Tools 7,168.54 United Parcel Service Freight 203.72 Walmart Program Supplies 50.22 Total MTC Campus Store 9,183.99 MTC Farm Resale C & B Operations Tire Repair 4,162.79 Published 1 times at the total approximate cost of $193.98 and may be viewed free of charge at (April 19, 2023) 213834