MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING MITCHELL SCHOOL DISTRICT 17-2 February 13, 2023 The regular meeting of the Board of Education was called to order by President Deb Olson at 5:30 PM at the Mitchell Career Technical Education Academy 821 North Capital Street, Mitchell South Dakota, Davison County. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Roll call of members present: Deb Olson, Matthew Christiansen, Shawn Ruml (via telephone), Terry Aslesen and Brittni Flood. Absent: None. Others present: Dr. Joe Childs, Interim Superintendent, Steve Culhane, Business Manager, and Student representative Claire Hegg & Dawson Schroeder. At this time, the School Board recognized the State Champion Mitchell Kernels Gymnastic Team. The players were introduced along with the Coaches. This was Head Coach Audra Rew’s 8th State Championship as coach of the Kernels. Since Board member Ruml is attending the meeting by telephone all motions are done by roll call vote. If otherwise noted, all motions will be passed by a unanimous vote. Motion #355223 Motion by Christiansen, seconded by Flood to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried. Motion #355224 Motion by Flood, seconded by Ruml to approve the consent agenda items of the claims, personnel items, one open enrollment request and the minutes of the January 9, 2023 meeting and the Special meetings of January 12, 2023 and January 31, 2023 board meetings. These minutes had been sent to the Daily Republic in unapproved form all in accordance as per SDCL 13-8-35. New Classified Hire: Scott Mullenmeister, Head Girls Soccer Coach, $3,494, effective 2023-24 school year. Transfers: Kim Brenden, 5th Grade Teacher/LBW to 3rd/4th Teacher/LBW, effective 2023-24 school year. Susan Dodd, Kindergarten/1st Grade Looping Classroom/GBR to Begindergarten/Title/GBR, effective 2023-24 school year. Katelynn Clement, 2nd Grade Teacher/GBR to K/1st Grade Teacher/GBR, effective 2023-24 school year. Resignation/Retirements: Stacey Morgan,3rd/4th Grade Teacher/LBW, effective end of 2022-23 school year. Donna Ellingson, Administration Assistant/SH, effective August 1, 2023. Mary Pranger, Special Education ParaEducator/LBW, effective May 2023. Resignations: Tom Berg, Robotics Advisor, effective end of 2022-23 school year. Sherri Becker, Curriculum Director, effective June 7, 2023. Kent VanOverschelde, Head Football Coach, pending suitable replacement. MTC New Hire: Jerry Brink, Adjunct Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Instructor, $35/hr., effective January 9, 2023. MTC Resignations: Joe Brtna, Diesel Power Technology Instructor, effective May 30, 2023. Carmen Neugebauer, Financial Aid Assistant Director, effective June 30, 2023. Motion carried. At this time, the school board heard an update of events brought forward by Geri Beck, Director of the Chamber of Commerce. Motion #355225 Motion by Aslesen, seconded by Flood to approve the membership agreement in the ESD Food Buying Group which includes the School Districts of Mitchell, Brandon Valley, Yankton and Brookings. This is year 6 of this agreement and the purpose is to pool all of the purchasing of food products/supplies to reduce overall cost between the schools. Motion carried. Motion #355226 Motion by Aslesen, seconded by Christiansen to approve the purchase of the MTC student built house #111 for $47,250. The lot purchased legal description is Lot 12, Tract 1, Wild Oak Golf Club Addition to the City of Mitchell, Davison County, South Dakota. Motion carried. Motion #355227 Motion by Flood, seconded by Ruml to declare MTC Site House as surplus property so that it may be sold by sealed bid. The house is located at 405 Doris Drive, Mitchell SD, with legal description of Lot 13, Tract 1, Wild Oak Golf Club Addition to the City of Mitchell, Davison County, South Dakota. Motion carried. Motion #355228 Motion by Christiansen, seconded by Flood to approve the following quit claim deed so that the property reverts back to the grantees. Original intent was to keep the land in the school district name as long as property was being used as a school house. Motion carried. QUITCLAIM DEED Mitchell School District No. 17-2, Grantor, of Davison County, State of South Dakota, for and in consideration of One Dollar and other good and valuable consideration, CONVEYS AND QUITCLAIMS to: Darwin J. Miller, a married person, of P.O. Box 413, Salem, South Dakota 57058; Shirley A. Hendrix, a single person, of 817 West 6th Avenue, Mitchell, South Dakota 57301; Julie Miiller, a single person, of P.O. Box 305, Mitchell, South Dakota 57301; and Cheryl F. Miiller, formerly known as Cheryl F. Bealsey, a single person, of P.O. Box 413, Salem, South Dakota 57058, All as tenants in common, Grantees, the following described real estate in the County of Davison in the State of South Dakota: Commencing at the Northwest corner of the Northwest Quarter (NW1/4) thence East 12 Rods, thence, South 13.3 Rods, thence West 12 Rods, thence North 13.3 Rods to the place of beginning, all in Section Thirty-Two (32), Township One Hundred Three (103) North, Range Sixty (60), West of the 5th P.M., Davison County, South Dakota, subject to easements, reservations and restrictions of record. Grantor does further grant and convey to Grantees any and all after-acquired title of the Grantor in and to the above described real property. Grantor hereby affirmatively states that the above described real property is no longer used for school purposes. Attached to this quit claim deed, as Exhibit A, is the approved school board resolution for the conveyance of this property. EXEMPT FROM TRANSFER FEE: SDCL 43-4-22(2) Dated this 13th day of February, 2023 MITCHELL SCHOOL DISTRICT 17-2 By Steve Culhane, Business Manager By Deb Olson, School Board President. Motion #355229 Motion by Flood, seconded by Christiansen to approve signing a petition to give to the City of Mitchell City Council that as owner of the following property, Lot X, a Subdivision of Square Eight (8), Weaver’s Squares Addition to the City of Mitchell, Davison County, South Dakota does hereby consent in writing and petition to the City Council to vacate the 16 foot alley running north and south in the aforesaid Square 8 as shown by Exhibit A, which runs between Lot X on the west side thereof and Lots 1 through 6 on the east. Dated this 13th of February, 2023 MITCHELL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 17-2 By Deb Olson, School board President Motion carried. Motion #355230 Motion by Christiansen, seconded by Flood to approve the 2023-2024 school calendar. First day of school will be Wednesday August 16, 2023. Motion carried. Motion #355231 Motion by Aslesen, seconded by Flood to approve the lone bid from A-Ox Welding of Mitchell, SD for the purchase of two (2) Lincoln Welders for $92,500 each for a total of $185,000. This bid came in within the parameters set by the SD Workforce Grant that was approved in the amount of $232,868 which will pay for this equipment. Motion carried. At this time, the school board discussed the possibility of having an election to try and pass a bond issue to complete the athletic portion of the new High School project. Conversation was held with those also in attendance at the meeting. The general consensus of the School board is to hold the election in conjunction with the joint city/school board election on Tuesday June 6, 2023. At the next school board meeting in March, a resolution will be brought forward with the amount to be asked for by voters to approve. This amount will be in the range of 17 to 20 million dollars. School Board members reported on the meetings they had attended since the last meeting. Interim Superintendent Dr. Childs informed the school board that he had presented at the State of the School Report out at Dakota Wesleyan along with representatives of DWU and Mitchell Tech. Motion #355232 Motion by Flood, seconded by Christiansen to move into executive session at 7:04 pm for the purpose of discussing the qualifications, competence, performance, character or fitness of any Public officer or employee or prospective public officer of employee as per SDCL 1-25-2. (1) Motion carried. The school board moved out of executive session at 8:08 pm and back into the regular portion of the meeting. Motion #355233 Motion by Christiansen, seconded by Flood to adjourn the meeting at 8:08 P.M. Motion carried. Cash Balance as of January 31, 2023 Beginning Balance, $22,561,067 General Fund Balance $8,632,244 Capital Outlay Balance $5,442,315, Special Education Balance $1,288,496, Mitchell Tech Balance $4,582,644, Food Service Balance $1,493,467, Driver’s Ed Balance ($-2,180), T/A Balance $2,688,162, James Valley Coop Balance $35,635, Capital Projects Fund Balance ($-1,599,716) Total Revenue, $4,758,289 General Fund $1,001,142, Capital Outlay $27,907, Special Education $193,326, Mitchell Tech $2,483,525, Food Service $116,778, Driver’s Ed $-0-, T/A $916,498, James Valley Coop $19,113, Capital Projects Fund $-0- Total Expenditures, $5,524,583 General Fund $1,660,126, Capital Outlay $551,166, Special Education $355,928, Mitchell Tech $2,391,730, Food Service $98,288, Driver’s Ed $-0-, T/A $423,123, James Valley Coop $44,222, Capital Projects Fund $-0- Ending Balance, $21,794,773 General Fund $7,973,260, Capital Outlay $4,919,056, Special Education $1,125,894, Mitchell Tech $4,674,439, Food Service $1,511,957, Driver’s Ed $(2,180), T/A $3,181,537, James Valley Coop $10,526, Capital Projects Fund $(1,599,716) General Fund 4 Imprint Post It Notes 254.85 A Ox Welding Supply Cobot Welding Equipment/Grant 230,227.24 A T & T Mobility/First Net Cell Phone Usage 1,775.83 Aatsp National Office Membership Fee 65.00 Abbott House November Tuition 8,039.14 Andersen, Maddie Debate Judge 150.00 Arctic Refrigeration Equipment Repairs 2,770.42 Augustana University Entry Fee 825.00 Bartscher, Debra Library Supplies 55.08 Bates, Trish Gymnastics Worker 320.00 Baysinger, Denise Cleaner 5.31 Beers, Jerry Bb Official 565.20 Berg, Darin Bb Official 138.64 Berg, Thomas Fuel 27.09 Bialas, Myles Wrestling Official 347.95 Big E Auto Vehicle Service 2,238.44 Biggerstaff, Stacie Program Supplies 39.25 Bishop Heelan Vocal Music Entry Fee 500.00 Borch’s Sporting Goods Athletic Supplies 7,735.00 Brad’s Instrument Repair Instrument Maintenance 154.00 Break Time Portables Portable Toilet Rental 225.00 Brookings Optimist Jazz Fest Entry Fee 400.00 C & B Operations Equipment Repairs 1,052.05 Cadwell, Matt Bb Official 397.88 Carquest Auto Parts Auto Supplies 69.94 Chada, Dodie Gymnastics Judge 126.92 Cherrybee’s Flowers 32.48 Christian, Jenny Gymnastics Judge 0.00 Christopherson, Ryleigh Debate Judge 50.00 City Of Mitchell Water, Sewer 3 Months 17,429.41 City Of Mitchell Landfill Fees 35.52 Ck Bicycles & Locks Key Blanks 37.00 Climate Systems Service Call/Gbr 120.00 Colliers Securities Disclosure Services 700.00 County Fair Food Supplies 461.90 Cubby’s Fuel 1,673.68 Dacotah Prairie Museum Registration Fee 75.00 Dakota Education Consulting Superintendent Consulting Fees 5,000.00 Dakota Potters Supply Kiln Repair 1,069.50 Dakota Pump Service Calls 1,227.86 Darrington Water Conditioning Water Conditioning 111.50 Daylight Donuts Baked Goods 538.48 De Jong, Chad Bb Official 131.36 Decker Equipment O/M Supplies 109.35 Demco Library Supplies 116.60 Desmond, Erin Piano Accompanist 150.00 Division Of Motor Vehicles License Plate Fees 24.20 Domino’s/Mitchell Pizza 176.89 Dramatic Publishing Script 128.89 E Rate And Ed Services Professional Services 4,531.52 Ed’s Pet World Program Supplies 27.96 Ehlke, Courtney Gift Card 185.52 Ehs Show Choir Registration Fee/Ms 700.00 Einstein’s Costumes Costumes 873.00 Erdmann, Danielle Gift Cards 30.00 Farmers Alliance Fuel 1,031.59 First Nat’l Bank Omaha Travel,Program Supplies 6,108.39 Flinn Scientific Classroom Supplies 404.34 Foreman Student Transportation 51,248.84 Forestrom, Daniel Bb Official 138.64 Fowkes, Erin Gift Cards 100.00 Gerlach, Tarilynn Books 78.21 Gerry, Brian Bb Official 170.38 Grady, Jeremy Bb Official 238.08 Grainger O/M Supplies 3,219.92 Grocott, Eric Bb Official 248.16 Gross, Andrew Bb Official 277.28 Gubbrud, Chris Office Supplies 239.83 Haenfler, Jeff Bb Official 152.02 Hall, Le Ann Bb Official 157.12 Harve’s Sport Shop Athletics Supplies 1,357.88 Haskamp, Jim Bb Official 114.28 Heeren, Anna Food Supplies 129.34 Hill, Jason Wrestling Official 452.50 Hillyard/Sioux Falls Custodial Supplies 11,215.89 Honeywell Automation Service 9,795.67 Innovative Office Solutions Program & Office Supplies 1,404.50 Interstate All Battery Center Batteries 108.40 Janisch, Chris Bb Official 170.38 Jastram, Terry Bb Official 138.64 Jaymar Business Forms W-2 Mailers,1099 Forms 630.21 Jira, Jacey Leap Supplies 20.26 Johnson Controls Service Calls/Ms 8,002.91 Johnson, Lee Bb Official 151.00 Jones Supplies Custodial Supplies 2,975.74 Jorgensen, Stephanie Gymnastics Judge 147.32 Kayser, Donnie Bb Official 107.84 Keith, Rusty Bb Official 177.52 Kone Chicago Elevator Maintenance 2,405.04 Kono, Jason Bb Official 419.84 Korzan, Mathias Debate Judge 100.00 Krause, Pat Wrestling Official 395.00 Krohmer Plumbing Repairs,New Piping/Mhs Water Heater 9,446.50 Larry’s I-90 Service Plow Supplies 473.18 Larson, Chad Course Fee 35.00 Leonard’s Custom Sharpening Chains, Sharpening 271.26 Life Church Shure Wireless Transmitter 200.00 Logan Luxury Theatres Corp Gift Cards 170.00 Loudenburg, Luke Wrestling Official 235.00 Lynch, Amanda Classroom Supplies 171.97 Macgill & Co Nurses’ Supplies 40.31 Malloy, Bob Bb Official 112.32 Mark’s Photographic Images Sales Tax Deducted 97.80 Matthiesen, Keith Bb Official 262.72 Mc Cook Central/Montrose 10/30 Wrestling Entry Fees 75.00 Mcleods Office Supply Printed Material & Supplies 632.60 Menards O/M,Program Supplies 14.99 Mettler, Zach Wrestling Official 197.12 Mid Dakota Equipment Washer Repair 738.76 Midco Business Long Distance Service 2,136.85 Miller, Madison-Ainsley Postage 46.13 Mitchell Concrete Gravel 911.00 Mitchell Iron & Supply O/M Supplies,Repairs 236.62 Mitchell Music Boosters Palace City Jazz Fest 750.00 Mitchell Republic Minutes, Advertising 232.83 Mitchell Republic Subscriptions 66.00 Mitchell School District Petty Cash 97.87 Mitchell Tech Corp ESD AD Meeting 10.00 Morgan, Teresa Subscription 96.00 Morris, Max Bb Official 206.08 Murphy, Kathryn Classroom Supplies 37.27 Musser, Jeff Program Supplies 29.78 Muth Electric Electrical Service,Supplies 8,706.08 Neises, Bailey Wrestling Official 371.92 Nepstads Flower Shop Flowers 158.00 Northeast Area Jazz Ensemble Jazz Festival Entry Fee 300.00 Nsu Jazz Festival Entry Fee 350.00 Odp Business Solutions Program Supplies 227.01 Office Advantage Staples 1,676.90 Office Of Weights & Measures Inspection 28.00 On Sight Key Fobs 210.00 Ortmeier, Adam Debate Judge 250.00 Paulson Air O/M Supplies 131.25 Pepper Music 763.00 Performance Foodservice Ffvp 4,759.54 Perma – Bound Library Books 2,407.21 Petersen, Angela Mileage/Colony 12.24 Plaza Cleaners Dry Cleaning 104.37 Poppema, Mike Bb Official 170.38 Popplers Music Store Music Supplies 412.05 Premier Pest Control Pest Control 675.00 Prewett, Evelyn Debate Judge 100.00 Pudwill, Noah Weightlifting Attendance Award 50.00 Qualified Presort Service Postage 954.65 Rapid City Central Hs Wrestling Tourney 500.00 Region Iii Fccla Registrations 169.40 Reisdorfer, Jason Bb Official 170.38 Riverside Technologies Managed Services 205.00 Rook, Brian Bb Official 170.12 Roudabush, Karen Lodging 75.00 Ruth, Mike Bb Official 149.18 Sanchez, Caleigh Debate Judge 200.00 Sasd Naesp Membership 347.00 Schelske, Presten Weightlifting Attendance Award 50.00 Scholastic Books 224.72 Schroeder, Lisa Gymnastics Judge 95.30 Scott Supply Co Repair Parts 704.03 Sdaccc Teacher Career Fair 300.00 Sdctm/Sdsta Jpdc Registrations 340.00 Sdmea All State Band 45.00 Selchert, Jason Bb Official 190.78 Sherwin Williams Paint Supplies 613.08 Sioux Falls Lincoln High Debate Lincoln Silver Bowl Debate 118.00 Sioux Falls Washington Hs 2022 Warrior Wrestling 75.00 Snoozy, Marlett In District Mileage 72.42 Sonne, Scott Bb Official 124.48 Spectrum Techniques Science Supplies 288.00 State Supply Co O/M Supplies 123.01 Stemper, Sid Professional Service 475.00 Sun Gold Sports Program Supplies 2,124.25 Taylor, Lee Bb Official 170.38 Tessier’s Service Call/Mctea 3,377.96 Tessman Company Grounds Supplies 1,800.00 Thunes True Value O/M Supplies 409.87 Triotel Communications Telephone/Colonies 87.09 United Parcel Service Shipping 400.00 Usborne Books Library Books 366.93 Vanoverschelde, Kelsey 21st Century Supplies 37.01 Vatter-Miller, Melissa Play Scripts 19.50 Vex Robotics Equipment/Perkins Grant 2,371.39 Voneye, Emily Gift Cards 30.00 Vossekuil, Chad Bb Official 140.88 Voyager Fleet Systems Fuel 868.09 Walmart Program Supplies 20.73 Wards Science Classroom Supplies 690.73 Warne, Lori Gymnastics Judge 98.48 Washington H S Chorus Registrations/Ms 400.00 Whetham, Brian Bb Official 179.56 Wilson, Traci Cookies 85.46 Yourmembership.Com Job Posting 559.00 General Fund total 459,396.58 Capital Outlay Direct Digital Controls Smoke Damper Upgrade/Lbw 6,950.00 Innovative Office Solutions Benches 1,900.02 Interstate All Battery Center Batteries 420.00 Nasco Art Supplies/Curriculum 74.36 Office Advantage Printing Contract 1,618.26 Us Bank St Paul Debt Service 662,406.89 Total Capital Outlay Fund 673,369.53 Special Education Abbott House November Tuition 855.00 Sped Recipient Mileage 146.88 Career Connections Contracted Services 808.35 Children’s Care Hospital Tuition 22,100.00 Collaborative Solutions Professional Services 1,687.50 Crisis Prevention Institute Membership Dues 400.00 First Nat’l Bank Omaha Program Supplies 145.00 Innovative Office Solutions Program & Office Supplies 428.04 Isi Interpreter Services 6,875.40 Life Quest Tuition 3,600.00 Pearson Education Test Materials 453.75 Sd Dept Of Human Services Tuition 30,416.92 Western Psychological Services Test Materials 58.30 Total Special Education Fund 67,975.14 Post Secondary 44 Interactive Advertising 33,400.00 A & G Diesel 2012 Ptrbelt Repairs 3,123.69 A Ox Welding Supply Accumove Controller 5,744.42 Abe Of Mitchell Paint Touchups 102.04 Advance Auto Parts Button Plug 45.85 Al’s Engraving Name Badge/ Name Plate 17.15 American Garage Door Maintenance Shop Door 574.10 Aramark Rugs - Campus Center 538.71 Audio Video Integrations Fixed Volume 2,075.44 Auto Body Specialties Mark Remover 58.87 Automatic Building Controls Annual Checkout Of Fire Alarms 5,653.00 Avera Queen Of Peace Tubersol 168.08 Bailey Metal Fabricators Welding - Full Bars, Rolled, Round 896.62 Balfour Diploma Covers 2,916.61 Bank Of North Dakota Return Loan 1,266.00 Barney,Carson 6,995.50 Basin Electric Power Coop Monthly Lease,Charges 8,070.32 Big E Auto Service 2016 F450 Super Duty 518.43 Borns Group Postcards 2,838.10 Brookings Area Cpr Ctc Cpr Cards 130.00 Brooks Oil Company Propane - Cdl Training Center 4,284.32 Buhl’s Drycleaning Foundation Donor Reception 488.20 Butler Machinery Co. Oil Filler Cap Return 522.79 C & B Operations Salt Spreader Harness 2,514.36 Carquest Auto Parts Program Supplies 1,534.92 Charlie’s Shoe Repair Added Groments To End 17.50 Cherrybee’s Donor Reception Pointsettias 538.00 City Of Mitchell Water, Sewer 3 Months 2,968.44 City Of Mitchell Muni Solid Waste 121.92 Ck Bicycles & Locks Keys 152.00 Cole Papers Aquamizer Blades 271.86 College Avenue Student Loans Return Loan 5,800.00 Concordance Health Solutions Med Assist - Electrode, Gloves 85.20 Core Laboratory Supplies Diluent 236.08 County Fair Exploration Day 746.87 Crazy Lady Consulting Additional Work Above Contract 4,910.00 Dakota Horsepower Water Pump Rebuild 45.50 Dakota Pro Striping Snow Removal 7,850.01 Dakota Supply Group Sheet metal 128.56 Darrington Water Conditioning Salt 52.75 Degen, Chris Harley Davidson Trip 114.00 Domino’s/Mitchell Exploration Day 463.48 Drifters Bar & Grille Mtc Share – Reception 666.50 Elite Unmanned Uas Day Training 425.00 Elo Prof Foundation Qbo Fees 138.00 Experian Credit Bureau Services 22.00 Farmers Alliance Forklift Fuel 874.41 Foreman Animal Science To Convention Ctr 2,625.00 Freeman, Paula Clinical Visit – Iowa 80.00 Frontier Precision Precision Ag Subscription 1,650.00 Fs3 Cpe Money 71.49 Golden West Technologies Tele Answering Services 25.00 Graham Tire Company Tire & Battery Repair 30.19 Grode-Hanks, Carol Hlc Trip 345.60 Gruenstein, Logan Note Taking For Student 42.00 Guindon, Rayne Lund Boat Tour 71.00 Hart-Schutte, Julie Pierre Career Fair 32.00 Hi Media Advertising 1,667.00 Hillyard/Sioux Falls Custodial Supplies 2,554.70 Hometown Plumbing & Heating Repaired Leak In Kitchen 3,466.04 Innovative Nonprofit Consulting Services 6,250.00 Innovative Office Solutions Tech Center Lounge Furniture 33,056.72 Interstate Glass & Door Fire Lite Installed – Wifi 21,502.00 Interstate Tire & Auto Ctr Tire Repair 185.95 Isi Interpreter - Campus Visit 120.00 J H Larson Light Bulbs 652.50 Jarding, Carena Pierre & Sturgis Career Fair 64.00 Jimmy Johns Sd Leadership Academy 202.30 Johnson Controls Repaired Vfd And Rtu 43,756.40 Johnstone Supply Trainer & Supplies 450.68 Jones Supplies Custodial Supplies 1,507.56 Jrcert Substantive Change Request 250.00 Lamar Companies Advertising 550.00 Make It Mine Design Sd/Mtc Decals 247.17 Mckesson Medical-Surgical Plain Slides 2,819.99 Mcleods Office Supply Notecards 269.80 Menards Hct-Candy-Career Fair 2,019.35 Midwest Fire & Safety First Aid Restock 1,623.31 Miedema Sanitation Trash Removal 923.00 Mirion Technologies Rad Therapy-Instadose, Badge 5,668.85 Mitchell Kiwanis Club Theatre Production Sponsorship 500.00 Muth Electric Replaced Switches 4,997.10 Nedved Media Advertising 4,263.64 Nelson, Brandon Note Taking For Student 84.00 Norfolk Daily News Advertising 514.00 Office Advantage Printing Contract 1,290.89 Otis Elevator Company Fuel Fee 125.00 Petrik Sanitation Cardboard Service 120.00 Plooster, Michael Riggs Career Fair 32.00 Plumbing And Heating Wholesale Tech Center Maintenance 172.72 Ponderosa Rentals Storage Unit Rent – February 160.00 Postmaster 2023 Brm Permit Fee 290.00 Premier Pest Control Pest Control 675.00 Pro Contracting 3rd Party Testing 1,440.00 Proctorfree Hosting Fee Monthly/Proctored Exams 327.00 Prostrollo Motor Sales Impala-Headlamp 172.77 Puetz Design + Build Diesel Architecture Fees 79,472.00 Qualified Presort Service Postage 3,475.24 Riverside Technologies Instructor Laptop 645.00 Runnings Supply Hardware 2,794.70 Russell-Manke, Annika Pierre Career Fair 32.00 S & M Printing Banners 252.00 Saga Communications Sd Advertising 583.00 Schoenfelder Portables Portable Toilets 220.00 Scott Supply Co Glass, Edge Cut 745.00 Sd Board Of Nursing Refund Scholarships 800.00 Sd Fccla College Fair Booth 100.00 Sdhsra National Sponsor 1,000.00 Sdsrt Instructor Membership 40.00 Sdvma Dues 150.00 Service First Fire Sprinkler Fire Pump Replacement 7,418.41 Shi International Corp Az Backup 1,396.07 Simmermon, Nichole Pierre Career Fair 32.00 Sisson Printing Business Cards-Daryl Bird 2,183.68 Small Town Tire & Repair Welding supplies 500.00 Snap-On Industrial Multimeter 259.84 South Dakota Magazine Advertising 895.00 South Dakota Newspaper Assn Ent, Leadership Advertisement 6,700.00 Stan Houston Equipment Laser Repairs 380.00 State Steel Of South Dakota Welding, House 109 Supplies 511.87 Sturdevant’s Auto Parts Blk Nyln Push Retain 6.49 Sutton Rodeo Table At College Fair 50.00 Swanny’s Engines & Machine Cylinder Engine 45.00 Swenson Bros. Marine 2023 Lund 1775 Impact 39,730.00 Trajecsys Corporation Slpa Reporting System 225.00 Unisa Payment Center/Perkins Loan 466.90 United Laboratories Black Knight Dry Moly 1,188.12 Us Bank Operations Center January Facility Fees 503,645.69 Voyager Fleet Systems Fuel 2,436.79 Walmart Program Supplies 72.68 Wheelco Truck & Trailer Parts Wiper Blades 164.21 Wholesale Electronics Fuses 15.10 Total Post Secondary Fund 942,176.91 MTC Enterprise Fund A Ox Welding Supply Culinary – Nitrogen 57.81 Aramark Culinary Uniforms 1,126.20 Buhl’s Dry Cleaning Linens 58.60 Builder’s Millwork & Window House 109-Millwork 14,743.15 Builders First Source House 110-Gyp Reg, Mill Prest 42,685.26 Cash-Wa Distributing Cafe Return 6,141.69 Chesterman Company Cafe Return 1,689.12 County Fair Oak Room Supplies 476.49 Dakota Supply Group House 110-Heating/Cooling 1,263.77 Duane’s Carpet Outlet House 109-Carpet/Tile 3,620.00 Jd Concrete Products House 109-Footing,Foundation 382.50 Johnson Hardwood Company House 109-Poplar Fif 1,100.00 Johnstone Supply House 109-Gas Piping 304.93 Jones Supplies Cafe Supplies 911.96 Karl’s House 109-Vent A Hood 944.96 Menards House 109-Electrical 10,251.77 Miedema Sanitation Trash Removal 210.00 Morgan Theeler Llp Lot For House 111 48,918.39 Northwestern Energy House 109 Utilities 309.09 Oh My Carpet House 109-Tile 1,423.75 Performance Foodservice Cafe/Oak Room Supplies 7,990.51 Plambeck Painting House 109-Sand, Stain 5,705.16 Schoenfelder Portables Portable Toilets 220.00 Sherwin Williams House 109-Paint 3,304.31 State Steel Of South Dakota Welding, House 109 Supplies 39.05 Superior Spray Foam Insulation House 109-Spray Foam House 3,000.00 Total MTC Enterprise Fund 156,878.47 MCTEA Academy A Ox Welding Supply Welding Supplies 944.47 Builders First Source Program Supplies 756.21 First Nat’l Bank Omaha Travel,Program Supplies 74.20 Lincoln Electric Co Welding Supplies 481.16 Menards O/M,Program Supplies 273.30 Napa Central Program,O/M Supplies 59.57 Sturdevant’s Auto Parts Program Supplies 8.99 Total MCTEA Fund 2,597.90 MTC Corporate Training A Ox Welding Supply Corp Ed-Industry Training 13.27 County Fair Corp Ed-Sasd Event 62.30 Domino’s/Mitchell Corp Ed-Welding Poet Training 33.45 Elo Prof Corp Ed Qbo Fees 75.00 Jimmy Johns Corp Ed-Poet Training 102.40 Pac Software Workshop Wizard Software–Sdsu Ext 1,800.00 Pepsi Mitchell Vending/Water 297.64 State Steel Of South Dakota Welding House 109 Supplies 102.38 Voyager Fleet Systems Fuel 47.26 Total MTC Corporate Training Fund 2,533.70 Capital Projects-New Senior High School Schemmer Associates Professional Services 273,139.51 Food Service Aramark Laundry Service 1,265.66 Carmody, Leann Mileage 76.50 Chesterman Company Food Supplies 645.46 Cubby’s Fuel/Program Supplies 78.29 Darrington Water Conditioning Water Conditioning 294.25 East Side Jersey Dairy Food Supplies 11,443.42 Hobart Sales And Service Dishwasher Repair 1,070.38 Mitchell School District Petty Cash 21.30 Pepsi Mitchell Food Supplies 865.93 Performance Foodservice Food Supplies 43,670.71 Total Food Service Fund 59,431.90 MTC Campus Store Akademos Books 44,482.22 Ascendant Electronic Controls Temp 651.79 Buckingham Mfg 5 Pocket Pouch Black 60.59 Dell Marketing L P Student Laptops 3,436.92 Innovative Office Solutions Pencils, Calculators, Pens 599.05 Mv Sport Campus Store Spirit Items 625.50 Pepsi Mitchell Vending/Water 359.81 Stitch-N-Time Ag Program Shirts 273.00 Sun Gold Sports Welding Polo 149.00 United Parcel Service Freight 659.98 Walmart Program Supplies 51.80 Total MTC Campus Store Fund 51,349.66 Published once at the total approximate cost of $266.49 and may be viewed free of charge at (Feb. 18, 2023) 195150